Chapter 17: Underground Palace

GOR Chapter 17: Underground Palace

After having chosen to go down the passageway of Death, the Wind Slasher Guild no longer hesitated and began moving out.

At the very moment, some of the other players who were still around saw the choice made by the Wind Slasher Guild. They too decided to follow along. As for the Wind Slasher Guild, they paid those followers no heed. Damon, coldly smiled. “Heng, that is not a bad thing. We have more fodder to use. When the time comes, we can use them to open up a path.”

As they moved onwards along the ‘passageway of Death’, the air around became increasingly suffocating. The appearance of the passageway remained the same, resembling the works of human hands.

Suddenly, the tactical flashlight in the hands of Newton who was walking at the very front went out.

“Damn it, it seems that the deeper we go, the higher the restriction placed onto equipment of the technological type,” Newton turned around and gave the other team members a glance, shouting. “Turn off the flashlights… do not use illumination equipment of the magical type. Who knows when we may have to fight, so don’t waste your strength. Use the Firefly Frogs.”

Everyone quickly moved to the east and smeared the Firefly Frog secretions onto the surface of their equipment. It was not long before each of them turned into something akin to humanoid fireflies. Within this pitch-black passageway, they were particularly eye-catching. In addition, they also lit up the passageway.

Han Bi secretly observed Chen Xiaolian’s actions and found that while Chen Xiaolian did smear the Firefly Frog secretions onto his protective suit… he had done so with caution. None of them came in contact with his sleeves or his clothes!

Han Bi realized something and followed suit. Chen Xiaolian watched Han Bi’s actions and gave him a wink when no one was watching. Both of them exchanged a look.

“Xiao Lian (face)!”

Newton suddenly shouted out for Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian thus moved to Newton’s side.

Newton looked at him and suddenly stuffed an item into Chen Xiaolian’s hand.

“As I have said earlier, if what you spoke of is of worth, then I will reward you. As a Team Leader, I meant what I said. I saw that the weapon that you are using is still the light sabre from the Beginner’s Package; the damage of that item is too low. This weapon was acquired from somewhere else and I cannot use it. But, for a newbie like you it will be very useful. I will gift this to you as a reward.”

Chen Xiaolian lowered his head to inspect the item. In his hand was a compact looking short sword – it was shaped like a Western styled cross-shaped holy sword. However, it was too small to the point where one could just wear it across the neck as a chain…

Upon the sword was a very, very small purple coloured gem.

Seeing the pale purple gem, the few newbies at the side seemingly had their eyes bulged out. Even Damon who wields the gigantic door like sword had subconsciously looked at it again another two times. He frowned.

“First bind it with your Personal System. When you are not using it, you can place it in the Item Box or wear it on your body as an accessory. When in battle, place it in your hand and grip it tightly; it will transform into its War Form. Remember, in War Form it becomes very sharp and provides bonus power. However, there is a limit to the amount of time that it can be used as it will drain your Endurance. Once your Endurance is exhausted, it will return to this current state.”

“…Thank you,” Chen Xiaolian himself was uncertain how he was feeling at the moment and had subconsciously uttered those words.

“All right, as for the others…” Newton gave a “heng” as he looked at the other newbies. “I am someone who knows how to differentiate between the time to reward and punish. Whoever you are, if you contribute to the team, I will reward you! Now, keep moving forward! Xiaolian, you follow beside me!”

Chen Xiaolian could not refuse and could only follow beside Newton as he walked in the vanguard position.

“It seems that Newton really values this kid,” Du Ya moved beside Sara and sneered in a low tone.

“It has been a long time since he saw a newbie with potential. This Xiaolian (face) is a silent one, but he is somewhat intelligent,” Sara closed her mouth and smiled tenderly. “Seeing someone who has potential, it is only natural that we recruit him. I am quite fond of him myself, only I wonder… how will he taste like.”

Du Ya gave Sara a glance, his heart secretly cursing **. He then moved to the side and slapped heavily onto Takashimoto Shizuka’s buttocks, laughing as he shouted. “Faster, babe! Do not dawdle!”

Chen Xiaolian who was at the front heard Seidaikono Shizuka’s sobbing sounds, but fought the urge to look back.

Finally, the passageway seemingly came to an end and a circular shaped cavern door appeared before them.

Entering through it, everyone found that they were in another wide-open space!

This time around, the wide-open space seemed to be a huge underground palace. Looking upward, they found that the length between the stone ceiling and the ground was several tens of metres! Looking around, this wide-open space that was as big as a football stadium was dark and empty!

It was only at the very distant end that one could spot something resembling a door. Behind the door was a glimmering light – this made it particularly striking amidst the darkness.

Everywhere within this large hall area was densely covered with pillars.

Judging by its appearance, these pillars had been around for years. As for its location, there was no pattern to its placement, seemingly having one in the east and another in the west. There was no symmetry in them. In addition, some were intact while others had already deteriorated away and were partially collapsed.

Chen Xiaolian sniffed about with his nose and felt that the air here was filled with an indescribable odour of decay that caused him to become uncomfortable.

“There is something wrong here! Everyone be careful!”

Under Newton’s directive, the Wind Slasher Guild slowed down their movement speed.

The other players who were lazing about at the back also gradually caught up to them.

There were also others who were of greater courage. These people tried moving before the Wind Slasher Guild from the side. Seeing that the Wind Slasher Guild did not attempt to obstruct them, they quickened their pace.

“A bunch of fools, I love these type of idiotic voluntary scouts the most,” Sara sneered.

“Du Ya!” Newton shouted. Du Ya instantly understood Newton’s intention and summoned out his pet.

An entirely black-coloured crow, with a body mass equivalent to that of a small animal, claws curved like a hook and its pair of eyes bloody red in colour came to perch down on Du Ya’s arm.

Du Ya nudged his arms and the crow flew off. It circled around in the air at a low altitude before moving off and disappearing amidst the dense stone pillars.

A moment later, Du Ya called out in a low voice. “Newton! There is a situation!”

It was unknown what method Du Ya had utilized, but he managed to project out his personal system’s radar screen. Before the surrounding crowd, a clear three-dimensional projection appeared. Upon the computer sized radar screen, the Wind Slasher Guild was the central point with ten green dots and two yellow dots, the Japanese flight attendant and Soo Soo.

In the distance…

In their surroundings, a dense cluster of red dots appeared upon the radar screen! The red dots were so numerous it had become connected with one another to the point where the singular dots could no longer be differentiated!

“Prepare for battle!”

Newton tensed up and cried out in a low voice. Following that, the members of the team began tensing up as well.

Damon gripped onto door like gigantic sword with both hands, Sara retrieved her compound bow, nocking five arrows at the same time. As for Du Ya, he produced in each hands a… gun?

As for Pattern Man, he narrowed his eyes, both his hands gripping onto a crescent shaped scimitar each.

Amongst the group of newbies, Mediterranean produced a shield. However, the edges of the shield was obviously lined with sharp steel – who knows where this newbie managed to get his hands on this type of strange weapon.

Skinny Female and Han Bi gripped onto the same type of light sabre that Chen Xiaolian had formerly used.

What was most fascinating was the Tribal Warrior. As an European male with bear like stature… the weapon he was holding turned out to be a long and narrow katana?

“Be careful! The speed of those things are fast! Three hundred more metres! Anticipated time of contact, 20 seconds!”

Du Ya immediately announced in a loud voice.

Clearly, the crow was his War Pet. In addition, this War Pet must have been equipped with a certain ability for reconnaissance and shared vision with its owner.

At this moment, sounds of shock and misery came out from before them!

The unknown team that had ventured off before the Wind Slasher Guild had become the first to receive the incoming attacks!

The veteran members of Wind Slasher Guild instantly showed a tacit understanding of one another and formed a circular formation with their backs against one another… however, this action brought forth an unexpected result. It seemed they had subconsciously abandoned the group of newbies.

The group of newbies did not have the veterans’ level of tacit understanding. After the circular formation was formed, Chen Xiaolian found that the others had ended up on the outside of the circular formation. He was the only exception.

In his case, he had been following Newton all this time. Thus, when the formation was complete, he just happen to be placed behind Newton.

Unexpectedly, Takashimoto Shizuka and Soo Soo were also there together with Chen Xiaolian.

At this moment, Du Ya seemingly found something through his War Pet. His face suddenly changed and he shouted out loudly. “Be careful! The monsters are Demon Soldiers! Lots and lots of them!”

Du Ya shared out a three-dimensional projection, this was clearly his pet crow’s field of vision.

Upon the screen, groups of monsters with short stature, wearing tattered armour and holding onto various types of weapons swarmed forward. Tusks protruded from each of their faces, painting a terrifying and violent image of beasts. Their movements were violent and agile, jumping even as they ran. With an apelike manner, they would jump back and forth upon the pillars within the hall!

The most critical part was that… upon the screen, their numbers… were simply outrageously high!

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