Chapter 146: Armistice (3)

In the end, what Princess Violet needed was a backer. A backer strong enough for her to be able to protect her people even if she went back to the Florence Principality. That’s why she had decided she needed to become Milton’s woman. 

Since she had no support from the royal family, it wasn’t like a suitable marriage would’ve been arranged for her anyway. Princess Violet came to the conclusion that since she’ll eventually have to marry, she should marry Milton Forrest. However, from the moment she was born, she had never tried to seduce a man and didn’t know how to do it now. She had no idea what to do and could only mentally groan.

Truthfully, her worries were useless. As long as she smiled, her beauty would take care of everything else. Regardless of what she was actually like, she was a very beautiful woman and had the status of a princess as well. With the way she was, even if she didn’t try to seduce someone, she would be able to pick up any decent man from the street like picking up pebbles. The only thing was, she had never been in a relationship before in her life and was not aware of her own beauty. This situation was like a spider saying it didn’t know how to spin a web. 

Plus, she had another reason for hesitating. Her future had gotten even darker before her eyes once she had learned that Milton already had women he was promised to.

‘What should I do?’

While she had been struggling, time had been passing and Princess Violet’s anxiety reached its peak. Just then…

“Princess Violet.”

One of the attendants approached her.

“What is it?”

“Queen Leila would like to meet with you in secret.”

“Her Majesty the Queen? Why?”

“I don’t know the reason, Your Highness. I’m just delivering the message.”

Looking at the professional attitude of the attendant, Princess Violet thought about it for a moment before answering.

“Alright, I’ll meet with her.”

Princess Violet was guided to the carriage that Queen Leila was riding in.

“Come in, I was waiting for you.”

Queen Leila was waiting for Princess Violet with a prepared tea table.

“Thank you for inviting me, Your Majesty.”

Princess Violet greeted the queen as benefiting her status before entering the carriage. Once inside, she thought to herself. 

‘Marquis Forrest isn’t here.’

Queen Leila smiled as she looked at her.

“I sent him out for a bit. He said he’d come back after reviewing the military ranks, so it’ll take him a while.”

“Your Majesty?”

Princess Violet looked surprised.

‘Did she read my mind?’

Queen Leila spoke to her with a big smile.

“I didn’t read your mind.”

“Ah… yes…”

Flustered and sweating a bit, Princess Violet thought to herself.

‘This woman is scary.’

“Don’t be scared of me.”


She just wanted to run away now.


Watching Princess Violet sweating in front of her, Queen Leila only had one thought in her mind.

‘How naive.’

Princess Violet couldn’t hide her emotions on her face and Queen Leila had taken a stab based on that, but it seemed like Princess Violet had fallen for it. While reading a person’s face was as easy of breathing for Queen Leila, in the case of Princess Violet, she was even easier to read, perhaps it was because she was so naive. 

Maybe that was the reason but Queen Leila knew exactly why Princess Violet had been hovering around Milton. That’s why she had invited Princess Violet.

Why might she have invited her? He’s my man, so go jump off a cliff, you bitch! Perhaps to say some cliched line like that? Queen Leila wasn’t someone who followed a typical woman template. Instead, she was thinking the complete opposite.

‘That’s not a bad idea.’

Keeping her bright smile, Queen Leila spoke to Princess Violet.

“First of all, thank you. I heard you saved my dear’s life during the war?”

“Ah… yes, Your Majesty.”

Princess Violet had played a decisive role in helping Milton escape from the Siege of Litinque Castle. Having started her conversation with gratitude, Queen Leila began to slowly work on Princess Violet. 

“I didn’t know there would be someone this talented in the Florence Principality. To think you’d be able to lead your knights in the battlefield, that’s only something that princesses of a royal family might dream of in their sleep once in their lifetime.”

“Ah, no, Your Majesty. It’s not like that.”

“I’m not just saying empty words. It’s great to have reached the level of an Expert with a woman’s body, but I think it’s even more admirable that you were born in a royal family and refused to be pampered and trained yourself up to that point.”

Princess Violet blushed at those words.

“You’re more incredible than I am, Your Majesty. There isn’t much of an age difference between me and you, but you’re already a monarch of a country… and you’re ruling very well?”

Even if you wanted to compliment someone, if you didn’t know that person very well, it would be difficult. Princess Violet must have been embarrassed by her poor speaking skills because her face turned crimson. But Queen Leila wasn’t offended and continued to smile as she spoke. 

“Thank you for saying that.”

‘Oh, thank god. She seems like a nice person.’

Princess Violet had misunderstood(?) something, but because of that, she was able to relax a bit.

As the two continued to talk, the atmosphere got friendlier. Just as Princess Violet completely relaxed, Queen Leila sprung an ambush on her.

“By the way, Princess Violet, do you have an arranged spouse?”

“Ah… no, Your Majesty. I don’t…”

“Hm, how rare. Normally, royal families would often have a fiancée from an early age.”


Princess Violet smiled bitterly at Queen Leila’s words.

She was only a princess in name and from her royal family’s point of view, she was only a nuisance. Once she became a knight, her brothers and sisters had constantly been restraining her. No man had asked for her hand in marriage, not when she was like this. The moment they would get married, the man’s family would be politically buried. 

“You don’t have a fiancée… but if you think about your age, shouldn’t you be looking for one now?”

Princess Violet blushed.

“I’m well… I think my father, the king, would find me one once I return home.”

She knew very well he wouldn’t. Actually, no. He might really find her one. Probably a Count who only has his name left or maybe even worse, a country Viscount or Baron? If the royal family were to arrange her marriage, it would most likely be to those types of people. There was no one in the Florence Principality who wanted to improve their political standing by marrying her. 

Queen Leila spoke when she saw Princess Violet’s bitter smile.

“If you don’t have a fiancé arranged for you, then why don’t I introduce you to someone?”

“Your Majesty? That’s… Are you talking about a nobleman from the Lester Kingdom?”

“Yes. Ah! Maybe you don’t want to live in a foreign country? That might make things more difficult.”

“No, Your Majesty, that isn’t it. Just…”

Princess Violet trailed off. She almost said, ‘I’m aiming for your fiancé, Your Majesty,’ but managed to choke the words down. Even if she was politically inept, she wasn’t stupid enough to say those words out loud. But…

“How about my fiancé?”

Seems like Queen Leila was stupid. No, maybe it should be said that she transcended ordinary people?

“…Your Majesty?”

It took about 10 seconds before Princess Violet fully comprehended what Queen Leila said.

‘What did she just say right now?’

Princess Violet thought she heard it wrong. What woman would introduce the man she was about to marry to another woman? Not to mention, she’d been affectionately calling him “dear” for a while now.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I must have heard something wrong…”

“No, you heard right.”


“How about it? Isn’t my dear perfect?”

“Ah, that’s… um… so… I …”

Princess Violet could feel her back getting soaked with sweat.

‘What is this? How… should I respond?’

Why was Queen Leila saying this to her? Was it a trap? If she said something wrong here, was Queen Leila planning on killing her and lodging a formal protest against the Florence Principality? Princess Violet kept thinking of different reasons and answers, but couldn’t think of anything to say. In the end…

Hic… Hic…

Princess Violet burst out into tears. She was so courageous, excessively so, on the battlefield, but she was too weak to deal with Queen Leila during a meeting.

“Princess Violet.”

Hic… Hic…

“Why are you crying, princess?”

Hic… I’m… I’m sorry, Your Majesty. Forgive me… Hic…

“No, I’m not trying to blame you… um…”

Queen Leila was flustered. She had been leading the conversation to find out Princess Violet’s intentions when she suddenly started crying. 

They were both women and both of royal blood, but their personalities were completely different. If Queen Leila was a vixen who might appear once in a thousand years, Princess Violet was as pure and innocent as a unicorn. At least when she was off the battlefield. 

So when Queen Leila just prodded her a couple times, Princess Violet’s mental state was already a mess.

Hic… Sorry… I’m sorry, Your Majesty… Hic… Forgive me… so… Hic…

‘Just what did you do that was so bad?’

At this point, it was Queen Leila who was feeling guilty. Sophia was naive, but Princess Violet was even more naive. It had been a while since Queen Leila was flustered by someone, but she knew something for certain.

‘I should stop talking in circles with this innocent little lady.’

Queen Leila got up from her seat and moved next to Princess Violet.

Then, she took out her handkerchief and began wiping Princess Violet’s tears. 

“Calm down, Violet.”

Queen Leila had purposefully left out the word ‘princess’ as she spoke fondly to Violet; she wanted to seem more friendly. 

Hic… Hic…

It must have been effective since Princess Violet gradually slowed her tears and Queen Leila comforted her further. 

“Don’t worry. I feel no malice towards you.”

At Queen Leila’s words, Princess Violet looked up at her with tearful eyes. 

…Hic… really… Your Majesty?”


A thought crossed Queen Leila’s mind.

‘She’s adorable. How can there be someone this adorable?’

Queen Leila felt her heart stop when she saw the innocence and vulnerability in Princess Violet’s eyes. 

‘How can this delicate girl fight on the battlefield? Maybe he lied to me?’

Queen Leila didn’t believe Milton would lie to her, but she couldn’t imagine how Princess Violet could fight on the battlefield. Either way, she kept talking while soothing Princess Violet.

“What I said to you was sincere, I had no other intentions. I meant everything I said to you.”

“Really… you’re really trying to get me together with Marquis Forrest, Your Majesty?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Princess Violet thought for a moment before speaking.

“But why, Your Majesty? Don’t you love him?”


Why was everything Princess Violet saying so straight and frank? Could a vixen’s weakness be innocence?

Queen Leila hesitated when Princess Violet asked her outright whether she loved Milton. Then…

“I… love him. Of course, I love him. How could I not?”

Could this be considered a love confession? Or was she brainwashing herself?

‘Doesn’t matter either way. It’s true that I like him.’

Queen Leila convinced herself like this before turning to Princess Violet.

“But I am a monarch and I need to make the best choice for my country.”

“…I’m not sure I understand what you mean, Your Majesty.”

Seeing Princess Violet lacking political sense, Queen Leila gently explained it to her.

“Did you know that he has another woman?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, I do know that.”

Alongside Queen Leila, Sophia was also Milton’s fiancée. Princess Violet had heard about this. Queen Leila continued to explain it so she would understand.

“Like you, I am a woman of royal blood. So, as you know, a royal marriage isn’t necessarily based on love alone.”

“Yes, I know that.”

Princess Violet nodded her head. 

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