Game of the Monarch

Game of the Monarch

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Shijoon (시준)
Yojj & Palico
Park Moonsoo worked REALLLLLLY hard in life before dying. 
After awakening to the memories of his previous life as Park Moonsoo, Milton thought he could finally have an easy life as a noble. At least, that was what he used to think before he found out about the enormous debt his father had left him. 
“Okay, I’ll pay off this damn debt. I will.” 
I died from working so hard to pay off the student loans in my previous life, but I’m burdened with more debt again?
Milton wanted to sell the ancient scroll his father left behind to pay off his debt…    
[You have awakened to the Monarch’s Authority.]
Argh! I wanted to have an easy life, please leave me alone!
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87 Reviews
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3 years ago
Not recommended
Having read a good chunk of chapters (157) I think I can write a pretty honest review...

NOTE: there will be spoilers.

I have two major problems with this novel, the first is that is simply TOO FAST. The pace never stops accelerating, specially with the author introducing time skips one after the other. Hell I don't even know how old our MC is, I think by the time I dropped the novel he is supposed to be like 30 years old? it has gone so fast I can't even tell lol.

The bad thing about that is that there are only around 100 chapters left. This is a 266 chapters novel, but I feel like it should be at least 500-600 chapters long and the author decided to crush it down to less than 300 chapters. It feels like the author wants to quickly jump into the wars, completely skipping other important aspects like world building, kingdom management, and character development.

Now, character development, that's my second major problem. The author keeps introducing a bunch of characters but doesn't give them the chance to change or become more important for the story. Everyone feels one-dimensional. They simply get one or two chapters of introduction and then thrown to the side.

Sophie, a cute red-haired girl with the dream of becoming an architect. She does it. Bam, no more development....her and Milton somehow fell in love with each other, but we don't know how because the author completely skipped all of that.

Jerome: fallen noble, righteous, strong....and that's it.

Rick: Hot-headed, childhood friend Milton.

Timmy: Cold-headed, childhood friend of Milton.

Trike: Hot-headed just like Rick, except that he is an archer.

Sabian: strategist, genius.

Hell, I can tell you more about Siegfried than I can about any other character except for Milton. Which is good, because he is supposed to be the main antagonist, but that isn't a very high bar considering that every other character is so simple. I think the problem is that the author doesn't want to dedicate more than a couple chapters per character, and wants to dedicate all his time in the wars.

That's another point I want to talk about...the wars. I'm not going to be pretend to be a war strategist genius or whatever the fuck, because I honestly don't know any of that shit. What I do know is that wars, specially these kind of wars with kingdoms killing each other, are hopeless, they are cruel. I haven't felt sad or anything at any point of the novel. For example when the MC lost like 30k troops for being an idiot and getting trapped in the burning fortress, we don't really feel the weight of that lost, because it didn't matter to us. We didn't see the MC putting all his money and effort slowly building that army, because the author completely skipped that. Hell, it feels as if after that war, he completely forgot about losing such a substantial number of troops. There was no weight, no impact over losing all of that. I think it would have been better if a character close to the MC died, like Tommy, Rick, or Trike. Or maybe if the MC was severely injured, or scarred. Like I said, war is supposed to be miserable, but we don't really feel any of that.

Also something else I would like to talk about, is the asspulls, but more specifically, magicians. First of all, there seems to be two systems of powers...Aura, and Magic. Aura is for warriors, and Magic is for magicians....and that's about all we know. The MC never questioned how it all works or any of that. Hell, he has a living magician by his side yet he doesn't really care to experiment or try using magic by himself. But besides that (that wasn't really my point, but something I just noticed and decided to add), my major problem with magic is that the author decided to introduce this plot point at the most convenient part for our MC. Never before this moment, were magicians mentioned, or eluded to exist in this world, it was a literal asspull, and one that the author keeps on using because 99% of the reason the MC keeps winning the wars is because he has a magician by his side, the other 1% is because of Sabian. Also, for some reason there seem to only be two magicians in this world....Bianca and the one by the side of Siegfried....the story said magicians were simply rare, not a one in a million existence.

Now with all of that out of the way, I can talk about Milton. First of all, something that I have been thinking since the beginning....His system power is being completely and utterly wasted on him. He has this amazing power that allows him to see everyone's ability, and he could help them develop their most important skills....yet for some reason, he just keeps waiting for the special people to come to him. If I was him, I would be looking all over the kingdom for special people, geniuses, and make them loyal to me. instead he just keeps sitting at his house, slowly building his army of common soldiers when he should be looking for talented people, either mentally or physically, and place them in their appropriate positions so that they can exponentially grow their talents. Honestly if he doesn't wanna put the effort in, he should simply tell Leila about his power and she could make A LOT more use of it than him.

Second of all...I don't think this should have been a transmigration story, simply because that has no relevance at all for the story. take away the transmigration part, and there really isn't that much of a difference except for every once in a while. Hell, even the system the MC is using came from this world, it isn't something that he gained because of his status as a transmigrator. He doesn't really care about how, or why he transmigrated. Honestly he doesn't really seem to care about anything. No goal, no objective. If he still had the mentality of wanting to live a quiet life, and for that reason he needed to win the war against the republic, then yeah, I could get behind him. But it feels like he abandoned that goal and now is simply being swept away by the story, instead of having a clear objective or something he wants to do with his life. The literal title of this novel is "Game of the Monarch" and his system is the Monarch system, but he seems to have not interest whatsoever in becoming one.... It just feels like this MC archetype doesn't fit the story at all. I honestly would rather have princess Leila as the protagonist than Milton.

Either way, this is as far I go with the story...I might come back later to finish it off once the translation is complete, but I don't really have much motivation to keep on going. Sorry if there is a bunch of grammatical errors in my review, but I already spent a lot of time writing it, I don't feel like proof-reading it now lol.

3 years ago
This is a review as of chapter 11. Though it's too early to see the whole power system this story seems to have a good balance of fantasy and reality. The main character has shown potential as both a warrior and a commander which is rare for these stories. He is a feudal lord of the viscount rank and just after inheriting the house from his father awakens to the memories of his previous life. It looks like war and military tactics will have a big role in this story. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

3 years ago
The story has good start so far 9 chapters.

The MC has an interesting personality not too cock sure nor too shy. Not a lot info on his previous life so plot armour will certainly be overused but as long it keeps the story interesting will be fine.

I believe it will be a casual read for me but has the potential to become on of those novels that you can’t stop yourself refresh hoping to see updates.

It’s my first review ever on WW and I believe we should give this novel a good look.

(1+1) (0-0) (9-9) (><)

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2 years ago

2 new tiers for GotM!

3 years ago

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