Chapter 98: As Beautiful as a Fairy!

My goodness, those words sounded particularly savage due to the contrast of how calm Lu Chenzhou’s tone was.

Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother was greatly shocked, and she was even momentarily unable to breathe. But Cheng Xi, who was sitting by Lu Chenzhou’s side, didn’t seem to be shocked at all. She instead asked in a somewhat interested tone, “How?”

Lu Chenzhou looked at Cheng Xi and then glanced at his grandmother, who was still clutching her chest lightly behind them before saying, “I’ll listen to you.”

He had purposefully altered his words because his grandmother was here. Cheng Xi wrung her wrists, thinking that his wariness was still too strong as she joked, “We’d surely fail if you listened to me—I’m not smart enough.”

Lu Chenzhou’s lips curled up slightly. “You understand yourself quite well.”

Despite the disdainful “compliment”, Cheng Xi didn’t get mad. “That’s also a virtue.”

Lu Chenzhou glared at her, and Cheng Xi smiled in response. When Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother saw these two behave like this, she became a bit flummoxed again. Sighing, she went outside to call her husband.

Cheng Xi had already changed topics to Lu Chenzhou leaving the hospital. “The doctor said that tomorrow’s fine?”


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