Fortunately, I Met You

Fortunately, I Met You

15 Reviews
Sunny (桑妮)
Cheng Xi, a guileless psychiatrist with a heart of gold, who would do anything for her patients. Lu Chenzhou, a frigid businessman who refuses treatment for his emotional detachment.
This is the story of a man’s stubborn frozen heart and a woman’s fiery determination to thaw it. 
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15 Reviews
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Daoist Newmoon
4 years ago
A nice change of pace from all the other cultivation novels on the site. It has been a good read so far with lots of interesting and funny situations, although it isn't perfect.

Biggest complaint I have with the story so far is Cheng Xi's lack of professionalism as a psychiatrist, but then again, if she really was portrayed realistically as a psychiatrist then some of the fun situations probably wouldn't have happened. So, my constructive criticism towards the author would be: "You have good material, just put in a bit more ingenuity to balance this aspect out."

***Update after finishing the novel

If anyone is worried about my previous critique, it stands out more in the early stages of the story and towards the end it no longer felt like a problem.

You will most likely have mixed feelings towards many of the characters at certain points in the story, but even with that, the story accumulates and wraps up well with character growth for a lot of them. Overall a good read.

3 years ago
Not recommended
I honestly couldn't get past 25 chapters.

The story is fine, the writing and translation are good. The problem I had was with the characters. The male lead is abusive and manipulative, and his behavior made me queasy. Maybe I'm overreacting, and I don't fault anyone that can look past that or hold out until (hopefully) that behavior changes. The fact that the female lead goes along with everything the male lead puts her through (threatening her job, forcing her to accompany him wherever he wants, sabotaging her other relationships), doesn't sit right with me.

The story's treatment of mental illness isn't perfect, but it's far far away from the worst I've seen.

I can't say this story is horrible, I can say that it definitely isn't for me, and maybe not for others sensitive to that sort of content.

4 years ago
Totally love and crazy of this story. Couldn't wait to read the next chapter. So exciting. Female Mc is a psychiatrist, a professional but met ML who is professional successful yet having emotional issues. Trying to treat ML as patient but ended woo as his girlfriend. So many awkward yet cute interactions between both. Eager Family intervention to support this relationship. ML always surprises with creative in his ways of wooing MC. One insane wooing his doctor while turning her to be insane too. Both are beautiful and intelligent so perfect match aside from mental issue. Let's see how female Mc cures ML.

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