Chapter 238: Covetous

Cheng Xi liked the feeling Lu Chenzhou was giving off now, a warm and soft image, so she disregarded his exploitation of Cheng Yang.

While she was thinking of what side dish she could make to mitigate a hangover, someone suddenly clasped her hand tightly. Lu Chenzhou leaned in close to her and said, “Follow me.”

Cheng Xi looked at him curiously.

Lu Chenzhou’s face was as serious as could be, causing her to actually think that something was up, So, she got up from the table and walked off with him. At the same time, everyone’s attention was drawn away by Cheng Yang’s drinking competition against a multitude of challengers. Only a few people noticed the two of them slink off, and those that did merely smiled at each other, not saying anything.

Lu Chenzhou dragged Cheng Xi straight up the stairs and into their bedroom. As he opened the door, Cheng Xi saw that there...

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