Chapter 235: In The Future, You'll Be Mrs. Lu

Lu Chenzhou’s disapproval was clearly evident from his tone. “I haven’t even proposed to you yet.”

Everyone made a 囧 face again. The bureau workers all laughed and said, “It’s alright! You can still propose to your girlfriend after getting a marriage license, and then focus on preparing for your wedding ceremony.”

But the main reason why Cheng Xi had come here with Lu Chenzhou today was because she wanted to get the marriage over and done with! He was making the whole affair too complicated for their own good. But if they said something like that to him, then what were her actions worth?!

Unfortunately for her, Lu Chenzhou seemed to be very interested, and he asked back, “That’s possible?”

“Of course! Most people get their marriage license first before actually dealing with the wedding.”

“Don’t you need to propose first still?”

The bureau employee...

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