Chapter 167: I’ll Return Him to You

Cheng Xi looked at Lin Fan in shock. Of course, what shocked her the most wasn’t that he had come looking for her—he’d made an appointment under someone else’s name—rather, what shocked her the most was that he had come looking for her at all, rather than someone else.

She cautiously asked, “Are you sure that you want me to help?” She glanced at the fake name he’d booked an appointment under, Meng Yao, and then said, “Actually, I can recommend you to some other doctors that would be more suitable.”

She knew he understood her underlying meaning.

But Lin Fan shook his head, and in a somewhat apologetic tone, said, “She said that she only wants to see you, and that she only trusts you.”

Cheng Xi was silent, and only after a while, asked, “Where is she?”

“At home.” He continued explaining the general situation. “She may be showing signs of a miscarriage, so it’s inconvenient for...

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