Chapter 709 - Pregnant?

“Grandpa Sun, my ribs seem to be broken. I’m going to trouble you again!” Yu Xiaocao revealed a pitiful smile and a pale face, which made others feel sorry for her. 

Doctor Sun carefully gave her a checkup and said after much deliberation, "The injury on your ribs isn't an issue. Just take some prescribed medication, put some bone healing balm on it, and rest for a while and it'll be fine. However..." 

Seeing Doctor Sun’s expression of hesitance and his reluctance to say more, Zhu Junyang’s heart suddenly dropped, he picked up Xiaocao’s hands and asked, “Is there something wrong with the lass’s health? Doctor Sun should just say it! As long as there is a cure, I will do my best to get it no matter how hard it is…” 

Doctor Sun waved his hands, sighed, and said, “The princess consort’s health is fine, but…” 

“But what? Doctor Sun, you should say it quickly!” Wutong was so anxious she almost reached over to grab Doctor Sun’s arm to shake it. What was wrong with this man, saying half and leaving the other half to the imagination? 

Zhu Junyang’s gaze seemed to be hot and it was burning him with its intenseness. Doctor Sun braced himself and hesitantly said, “It’s still early and I’m not sure. It’ll take at least ten days to halve a month to confirm it.” 

[Hmph! The old man is beating around the bush for so long. What’s there not to say? Isn’t it just that you are pregnant? It’s not even as big as a bean sprout and so weak that it can disappear at any time. No wonder this quack doctor doesn’t dare to confirm it!” The little divine stone crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked unhappily at Doctor Sun’s expression, what was he making them anxious for? 

“What? I’m…I’m pregnant?!” Yu Xiaocao ‘heard’ the little divine stone’s words and froze. She thought about it for a moment. It had been about half a year since she got married, and she hadn’t taken any contraceptive measures. It was normal for a healthy married couple to have a pregnancy occur. However, she didn’t expect that a child would bring such surprise and shock to them in this situation! 

Zhu Junyang’s original worried and anxious expression froze on his face before turning blank. Pr...Pregnant? He was gonna be a father? The one he loved was going to give birth to a baby for him? In another nine months, there would be a small white bun calling himself father? (Author’s note: You’re overthinking it. A baby calling you father right after being born, wouldn’t that be strange?) 

A silly smile alighted on his face. Suddenly the smile disappeared and a touch of worry and panic appeared on his face, “Doctor Sun, my wife...she was captured by some bad people and was injured by a powerful martial artist. She suffered serious internal and external wounds..will the child be affected?” 

“What?” Doctor Sun’s expression became serious. His fingers went to Xiaocao’s pulse again. After careful identification, he thought carefully and said, “Your Highness, this unworthy one is unable to sense the internal injuries you talked about. As for the injuries on the ribs, they are healing so just do as I said. It’s just that we will have to consider what kind of prescriptions we use. After all, medication is three parts poison, and we must choose a medication that is mild that will have little effect on the fetus. In this way, the healing process will be lengthened and the princess consort will have to suffer a few more days.”

“Then… if she were to lose the child now, would she experience any effects?” Zhu Junyang asked bitterly when he heard that his wife would have to endure more than one or two months in bed and suffer. 

“Surnamed Zhu, what do you mean? This is your own flesh and blood, yet you dare to kill it? You’re too cold-blooded!” Yu Xiaocao exploded at him on the spot. If her ribs didn’t hurt as bad as they did right now, she would jump up and claw at his face on the spot! Who gave him the right to decide the fate of her children? 

Zhu Junyang saw her touch her wounds and immediately felt sweat pop up on his head. He hurriedly let her lie back down, “In my heart, your safety is the most important. No one can compare, even if it’s my children. There will be no exceptions. Behave, we can still have children…” 

Yu Xiaocao was so angry she opened her mouth and bit down on his wrist. She didn't let go until the taste of metal spread in her mouth! "Bastard! This child, even if you don't want it, I want it! If you dare take away my child, I will fight with you using my life!" Yu Xiaocao was like a lion protecting her cubs, glaring at Zhu Junyang fiercely. Her appearance was very cute and fierce. 

Doctor Sun reminded her, "Your Highness, please calm down. You have to control your emotions as the first three months of the pregnancy are unstable. Plus you've already disturbed the fetus, so you must be careful." 

Yu Xiaocao immediately took a few deep breaths upon hearing this and calmed down. She grabbed Doctor Sun's sleeve and asked, "Grandpa Sun, please, you must help me keep this child!" 

“Ok, ok! I’ll give you a prescription to stabilize the fetus. However, to avoid interacting drug properties, you can’t take the medicine for bone renewal in the near future!” Doctor Sun saw that the prince was just a tiger without its teeth in front of his wife and couldn’t do anything about it. 

Yu Xiaocao covered her belly with her hands and showed a gentle smile, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll only use the bone renewal ointment. As long as I can keep the child, it’s all worth it!” 

The lass exuded a maternal glow making Zhu Junyang’s line of sight focused on her, at the same time, a sadness rose up in his heart. He just put everything in front of her, but in her heart, he wasn’t the first now that there was a baby. Was the baby’s father not important anymore? 

Zhu Junyang stepped forward and hugged his wife’s petite and thin body, covering her delicate hands with his big palm.  

“Go away! The baby and I hate you!” Yu Xiaocao saw that he no longer persisted in his line of thinking. In her heart, she knew that he was doing for her own good. However, she was still a little uncomfortable. This was the crystallization of their love, the continuation of their bloodline. How could he be so cruel and end such a small life? 

Zhu Junyang patted her head and explained with words, “Wasn’t I just worried about your health? Although the internal injuries have been healed by the Nine Turns Golden Elixir, your health is still shaky. Besides, your ribs are injured. I’m afraid that your body is weak and it won’t be good for you or the child.” 

"I'm a doctor myself. How could I not be clear about my own body?" Yu Xiaocao pushed aside his big hand that was rubbing her head. She turned so that the back of her head was facing him, "You still don’t know what you did wrong!! Before getting married, you said that I am in charge of the small things at home, and we will discuss the big things. About the baby, you didn't even discuss it with me before you decided to take it away! " 

"Alright, it's my fault, ok? I apologize! In the future, you will be the master of all our major and minor affairs, will this make you happier? " Zhu Junyang was afraid that the lass’s anger would affect her internal injuries. Naturally, everything she said goes. 

Yu Xiaocao, however, puffed her cheeks and was still unhappy, "Well said! However, when   it comes again, you’ll change your face again! " 

"Which face? Isn't it just the same pretty face? "To amuse his wife, Imperial Prince Xu didn't even think before throwing away his reputation in front of the doctor and so many of his subordinates. One had to know, he had always hated people talking about his delicate appearance, but now he had the cheek to say that he was ‘beautiful’. This sacrifice was really big. 

It was okay for the other people around as they were used to the couple showing off their love all the time. However, Governor Fan wasn't calm. Was this man in front of him still a cold-blooded and stoned faced killer? This was a man devoted to doting on his wife! It turned out that the rumors weren't groundless after all. In fact, this person was even worse than what the rumors said! ‘Master, do you still have a bottom line?’ 

(Imperial Prince Xu showed off a cold expression, ‘What is a bottom line? Can one eat it? Can one use it to make one’s wife happy and not angry?) 

Yu Xiaocao turned around and stared at him. However, the man stared back at her with innocent-looking eyes. His cute expression almost made her laugh. However, she quickly controlled the corners of her mouth. She couldn't let it go so easily. 

“I'm pregnant with your flesh and blood, and you don't want it. Tell me, do you have another woman outside? Don't you love me? Are you going to get rid of my child and let the illegitimate son of a mistress enter the main courtyard? Are you trying to anger me to death and then let the mistress come in? Hmph! Your Highness, don't try to plot so hard. I’m willing to step down and let the mistress take my place, is that better?" 

“Pfftt——ahem ahem ahem….” Seeing Imperial Prince Xu, who was usually so majestic and proud, acting so humble in front of Xiaocao, made Su Ran in a good mood. He heard what Xiaocao said and couldn’t hold back his laughter——this lass, her ability to stir up trouble had improved again. He needed to beg for forgiveness later, he really couldn’t hold back because the expression on Imperial Prince Xu's face was hilarious. 

Zhu Junyang frowned slightly and was about to say something, but his little wife grabbed the opening, "Look, look! Before I even said anything, you began to look impatient! Who are you frowning at? What are you frowning for? You..." 

“I’m wrong. It’s all my fault! Don't get excited; be careful about your injured ribs!" Seeing that the lass was still restless in bed, and that she even sat up with her hands on her hips, Zhu Junyang felt helpless. He could only maintain a good attitude and admit his mistakes. First, he had to calm down the lass who was making up unreasonable things. 

"You guys, is it that fun to watch, ah?" He turned around and gave a cold look at the people behind him.  

Wutong’s eyeballs shifted, “Uhh… this servant has to go see if Chunhua has woken up and see if she needs any water, or go to the bathroom.” Then, she ran away like the bottoms of her felt had oil on them. 

Hou Xiaoliang sputtered, “I’m going to prepare the carriage. The conditions here are too simple and crude. It's better for the princess consort to go back to the courtyard to rest….” He turned and left the medicine hall in a hurry like a dog was chasing him.   

Official Fan blurted, “Since Her Highness’s condition has stabilized, there are still things with the Chen Family that have to be dealt with. Such an important case, I can only go and do it myself.” 

Su Ran looked at Zhu Junyang for a long time and finally raised his hands in surrender, “Alright! Just think of me as being kind enough to leave the room for the two of you. Imperial Prince Xu, whether you can handle it or not, it’s up to you! Hahaha…” Then he left through the door leaving behind a stream of laughter. 

When Su Ran left, he also took the divine stone with him. He was very curious about this beautiful unknown youngster. The lass seemed to trust him.

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