Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

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Tranquil Fine Rain (姽婳晴雨)
She transmigrated into the body of a little girl from a fishing village! Her father is honest and foolishly filial, while her mother is weak and ill. Moreover, her siblings are still young children. 
Her father was the best fisher in the village and breadwinner of the entire family. However, when he got injured and was on the verge of death, her cruel grandparents and uncle kicked her whole family out. They were hungry and cold with nothing but an empty house…
But that’s ok! She has a multicolored stone that can accelerate the growth of crops. She was also an expert at preparing braised meat in her previous life. 
Just watch as she, an eight year-old girl, challenges the taste buds of people who lived during ancient times. With improved high-yielding crops, she’s going to become the most famous farming expert in the world!
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Translated By: Myst, Sanguine, Vi, Elaine, Vera

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4 years ago
This is a good novel that I'm used to reading at However, I understand that as at August, advance chapters would be received hers. They made the announcement and are working out the logistics. I'm not happy but I have to work with it. Hopefully, this change is a good one for both readers and translators.

The FL is not the typical transmigrator in that she is more practical, uses common sense and is no genius with the ability to be a assassin, doctor, professor, all in one. You know the typical cliche transmigration stories that turn her into an idiot later for the ML. She is just talented in areas that makes you survive - cooking and farming with understanding of general medicine. She has a cheat which helps her and her family a lot and she is overall a good person. You get to see her, her family's growth and development as the chapters increase.

For tnose intersested in a immediate romance between her and the ML, i suggest you drop that now and learn patience becauses its not happening for a good while. But despite that the story is enjoyable with its food, humor, fun and creativity. Make sure you have a full stomach when reading because you can definitely can get hungry. I was surprised not to see any reviews here which is a bit disappointing - this novel should be promoted and appreciated as such. Enjoy reading all.

4 years ago
Not recommended
Do you guys believe that a single character can destroy a good story? I didn't too till I read this.

The Male lead completely destroys any good feeling that the novel has and it becomes a real struggle to continue reading. The writing of this story really goes down the drain when the main character and the male lead are together.

Any quotes from the novel will be denoted with a >" ".

TLDR: 17 year old lusting after a 10 year old Pedophile much?extremely bossy abusing his status and acting like one of those young masters in other novels that everyone hates, has extreme angry issues and schizophrenia

**Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.**

Main character (MC) is a peasant girl while Male lead (ML) is a royal prince


The MC first meets the ML when her father saves her from drowning

He then gets embarrassed by the MC's little brother when they meet again so he just throws them money because he thought that they were beggars, without even being grateful that the MC father saved his life.

MC meets ML again after ML returns from his overseas voyage, when MC sees corn on the floor she becomes a total idiot that goes as far as insulting the ML which is punishable by death. She then goes ahead to make a deal where if she can't grow corn she will be killed.

While we know that the MC can grow corn without any issue, the ML doesn't and is a total asshole who makes a deal with the MC like that. Especially since corn is not known in China yet, so the growing methods are unknown. Additionally this is the family who saved your bloody life and you are threatening to kill her if she can't grow corn? Is that how you repay your debts? I don't fucking think so.


When the MC meets the ML again when he goes to inspect the corn, he already starts having perverted thoughts about her,

>""He didn’t realize that as long as Xiaocao was around, his eyes couldn’t help but follow her""

Well first of all, the MC is 10 years old, and he's 17. A 7 year gap, even though in the past people were engaged earlier, girls were only engaged at around 13~14 and married around 16~18. This is the literally definition of a Pedophile

>"She wore a pink pomegranate skirt, light yellow jacket embroidered with butterflies and flowers, and several strands of tea rose colored ribbons on her waist. Her glossy black hair was combed into cute twin buns and adorned with pink pearl hair ornaments. There was a faint smile on her tender face, and her eyes were as clear as a stream under ice, untainted by the worldly dust…"

This is how a 17 year old describes a 10 year old, the words pedophile cannot be more fitting for someone like this.

>"Some officials looked at Royal Prince Yang with eyes filled with questions. How old was Official Yu? Twelve or thirteen? A few years ago, the little girl was even younger. Could Royal Prince Yang be into the young type? Was that the reason why he never even glanced at the other young ladies from noble families in the capital?

Zhu Junyang, who was affectionate, devoted, and deeply in love, didn't know that he had become a frivolous and perverted pedophile in the eyes of some people. At the moment he was looking at the little lass reclining leisurely on the back of the chair with eyes full of doting——only this girl would have the nerve to sit so leisurely and carefreely in front of all the civil and military officials like there was no one else, right? Maybe, the lass was currently thinking if there was a cup of hot sugared ginger water in front of her, then it would be even better! "


The ML is a total asshole that abuses his position as a royal prince to get the MC to do whatever he wants, tons of quotes ahead since reading the quotes gives it more justice that what I can type.

>"Today, when Royal Prince Yang saw the abalones that were drying out in their yard, he casually ordered the dish ‘honey abalone’. Yu Xiaocao finally had a chance to go into the sea to help Third Young Master Zhou prepare the portions needed for the palace next month. All that hard work was ruined by his one word... it looked like she would have to go into the sea again these few days!"

>"He stomped the dirt off his feet and stomped toward the kitchen instead of sitting at the stone table. He rushed inside and hurriedly said to the busy Yu Xiaocao, "Yu Xiaocao, I want to eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes! "Yu Xiaocao, I'm talking to you. Are you deaf or mute?""

Because the ML wanted to hunt some bears, he put the MC father the person who saved him in danger

>"Oddly enough, the furious animal didn’t go after the main culprit who injured it and instead charged towards Yu Hai, who was hiding behind a large tree. The expression on Zhu Junyang’s face immediately darkened. Yu Hai’s pitiful hunting abilities were nothing compared to an enraged, full-grown black bear."

After the ML gets injured hunting the bear, he places the blame directly on the MC even though she didn't do anything and forces the MC to be a maidservant to him, which in ancient China is considered a big insult because servants are one of the lowest classes in the system and for a free person to become a servant is a terrible insult.

>"“Why do I need to help you change your clothes? Don’t you have a lot of maidservants at your house?” Yu Xiaocao was irritated. She had to wash his face, comb his hair, and feed him. Sometimes, she also had to cook the dishes that he requested in the small kitchen. Now, she also had to help him change his clothes. Was he really taking her as a maidservant?"

And there's even more examples that I'm not listing here.


The ML has schizophrenia and isn't afraid to kill people. Even his own mother thinks so.

"Her youngest son was almost seventeen years old, so he was already at the age to talk about engagement and marriage. It was because her youngest son’s temper was like a bomb that was about to explode at any time. As his mother, she also couldn’t stay by his side all the time, what if...she didn’t even want to contemplate what might happen!"

>"Recalling such an unfortunate event, Zhu Junyang became extremely agitated. He jumped off his horse and dragged the carriage from the back to halt it. Then he charged into the carriage and twisted Yu Xiaocao’s arm and asked, “Who told you these filthy things? If that person tells you such nonsense in the future, don’t listen to them, lest you dirty your ears!! Tell me, who told you these things? I will personally dismember his body!!” Yu Xiaocao felt very uncomfortable because her arm was grabbed by the young prince. She tried to shake him off, but she couldn’t. She was annoyed, “Let go! My arm is going to break, it’s almost broken…”"

"It wasn’t hard to find out about the discord between the daughter of the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Appointments and Yu Xiaocao, who was an official under the Ministry of Revenue. When Zhu Junyang heard about this matter, he was immediately enraged. Not far from the entrance of Assistant Minister Li’s residence, he stopped Eldest Young Master Li and beat him until he looked like a pig head. Fortunately, he had controlled his strength. Otherwise, he would have broken several ribs and that guy would have to lie in bed for more than half a year.

In general there are so many more examples of why I dislike the ML so much but there you go and trust me what I quoted barely goes into how bad a character he is. The most infuriating thing about it is how the MC is so damn blind, as a 30 year old adult you should be able to spot all these red flags easily, violent schizophrenic male? That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Just because the ML isn't violent with you now doesn't mean that he won't be in the future and you have already seen so many examples of him beating up people that anyone with some common sense would know to stay away.

But the MC goes all "OMG HE SO HANDSOME" and everything is suddenly ok, like wtf? Are you sure you're a 30 year old adult?

4 years ago
I've been following this novel from the start, and it's really coming into its own. Its main strengths are the relationships between the protagonist and her fellow villagers, and the business connections she makes farming. There's a very strong emphasis on family. If you're in the mood for slice of life humor about a young farm girl who wins people over with modern inventions and good food, you'll like this.

I do have to warn that the beginning of the book (I think the first 60-80) chapters were horrendously infuriating. The villains of that arc were just disgustingly awful, and not even in an enjoyable "love to hate" way. They're just loud and repetitive. Personally the minute you get bored of the awful in-laws, you won't miss much skipping the rest of the first arc to when Yu Xiaocao's family finally separates. Once they're on their own and start interacting with a wider variety of people, it becomes a much better read.

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