Chapter 677 - Bashful

“Third Maternal Aunt! Mother said that, from today on, you will be my real third maternal aunt!” Lu Jiapei worked hard to climb onto the wedding bed. He hugged Xiaocao’s neck, leaned in her embrace, and touched her face intimately with his own face.

Zhu Junya felt slightly jealous. Since her youngest son could walk, he frolicked like a little monkey and never stayed still. It had been a long time since he had acted so close with her. She couldn’t help but sigh at the fact that Xiaocao had a natural affinity with children. Her sons all seemed to quite like this younger sister-in-law of hers.

“Fourth Brother said after you marry Third Maternal Uncle, we can come visit you whenever we miss you. You will make a lot of tasty food for us!” Lu Jiapei glanced at the Chinese-style pastries on the table and immediately looked away. Although the pastries at Third Maternal Uncle’s house were also delicious, the small cakes and little egg tarts made by Third Maternal Aunt were still the best. Third Maternal Aunt also said that she could make pudding. What was pudding? What did it look like? Was it good? 

Lu Jiayu was worried about his younger brother’s intelligence. Didn’t he already tell that fellow to only say that he missed their aunt and not to mention food? Why did that fellow let that slip? 

Yu Xiaocao swept a glance at Lu Jiayu’s exasperated expression, and then pinched Lu Jiapei’s small face. She said with a smile, “Did you miss Aunt, or the pastries that Aunt makes?” 

“Both! I miss the fragrant scent on Third Maternal Aunt’s body. It smells even better than candies and pastries!” Her body had been transformed by the mystic-stone water, so there weren’t any impurities. Even if she sweated, there was still a refreshing scent. Only when one got close enough to her would they be able to detect a special scent. The perception of children and animals were very similar, and this was one of the reasons why Xiaocao was so popular with children. 

Zhu Junya pulled her chubby son off her younger sister-in-law’s body and said, “Third Maternal Aunt has been tired for a day, so let her rest for a while. Sit on the chair obediently and chat with your third maternal aunt.” 

With the two cute little guys accompanying her, time passed very quickly. Familiar footsteps soon came from outside the door, but the pace was slightly hurried. Zhu Junya stood up and picked up her youngest son, who had begun to rub his eyes and looked tired. She said with a smile, “Younger Brother is here, so I won’t stay and be an eyesore.” 

When she went out the door, she came face-to-face with her younger brother. Zhu Junya couldn’t help but tease her ice-faced younger brother. She hadn’t expected that her youngest brother, who worried the whole family the most, had gotten married before her second brother. 

With the sound of the door being opened again, Yu Xiaocao felt somewhat nervous and shy as she held her hands together with her fingers entangled together. Uh…despite living as a human for two lifetimes, she had no experience of intimate contact with men. How should she spend this wedding night? 

The rays of light swayed as the red candle flickered. Under the candlelight, there was a hint of a shy blush on Xiaocao’s smooth and delicate face. She appeared like peach blossoms in March——beautiful beyond measure. Zhu Junyang was stunned, and he couldn’t help but step forward to pull her petite and dainty body into his arms. As soon as he entered the room, Meixiang and Wutong had tactfully left the room, closing the doors and windows.   

“From today on, you will belong to this prince completely.” Zhu Junyang’s heart felt fulfilled as if there were countless fresh flowers blossoming one after another, and the gorgeous flowers seemed to make one feel giddy and intoxicated. Was this the taste of happiness? 

Yu Xiaocao was so nervous that her entire body stiffened. She was like a little lamb caught by a tiger and didn’t dare to move. In order to relieve the tension, she complained in a low voice, “Your whole body smells of alcohol. So stinky! Stay away from me!” 

Zhu Junyang buried his face in Xiaocao’s hair and took a deep breath. He lifted Xiaocao’s face, which still had makeup on. He couldn’t suppress the smile on his face as he said in a rascally manner, “Wife still hasn’t bathed yet. Are you waiting to bathe with me, your husband? There’s no way that this prince can reject you, so I’ll reluctantly take a ‘mandarin ducks bath’ with Wife, okay?” 

Yu Xiaocao's face turned even redder. She angrily pushed him away, “Who wants to take a bath with you! Shameless…how did you know about ‘mandarin ducks bath’? Speak honestly, have you personally experienced it?” 

Zhu Junyang had seen through his little wife with one look. She was covering up her shyness and nervousness by acting irritated. At this time, Xiaocao had changed into a fitted qipao embroidered with golden peony flowers, which made her waist look very slim. She had a slender figure and enchanting face. Her eyebrows were faintly drawn, and she had light rogue on her cheeks. Her skin was very smooth and soft…Zhu Junyang’s phoenix eyes suddenly dimmed, and there was a restless flame in his deep eyes. 

“Wife has misunderstood me. My heart is very, very small. It can only accommodate you and can’t see anyone else. You don’t understand men. There are certain things that men can learn without a teacher, such as…” His deep voice carried a bit of sexy huskiness. His seductive voice stirred her heartstrings and caused her heart to palpitate. 

The warm breath lingered around Xiaocao’s ears. Her delicate earlobes instantly turned red because of the suggestive atmosphere. With his warm, thin lips, he sucked on the delicate flesh of her ears. He slightly teased the earlobe with the tip of his tongue, causing the owner to shudder. 

His soft, thin lips moved along her earlobe, cheek, and chin. Then it stopped at her red lips that exuded an alluring fragrance. It wasn’t the first time that Zhu Junyang had kissed her, but this time was obviously different. Xiaocao’s breathing stagnated, and her face became burning hot, like a raging fire. As their kiss became increasingly intimate, the fire gradually covered her entire body. 

“I…I haven’t washed up yet. You have eaten all the powder on my face…” When Xiaocao felt nervous, she couldn’t help but talk, as if this was the only way for her to ease the tension in her heart. 

Zhu Junyang also noticed this. He gently bit her slender neck, leaving a red mark. Then he said with a hint of laughter in his voice, “It’s okay. This prince doesn’t mind. I’m not only going to eat the powder, but also the rouge on your face…” In the end, I would devour you as a whole! 

Her clothes left her body one by one, and they piled up on the ground. It was hard to tell which ones were hers and which ones belonged to him. Xiaocao, who was pulled into the curtains, struggled hard and said, “No, I want to take a bath first!” 

“…” Zhu Junyang, who felt a swollen pain in a certain area, looked speechlessly at her face for a moment. Then he picked her up and said, “Since this prince’s little wife is so eager to experience the pleasure of taking a ‘mandarin ducks bath’ with me, this prince will fulfill your wish!” 

In the bathing room, there was a large bathtub with a depth that reached up to Xiaocao’s chest, and there was still steam coming out of it! After Xiaocao, who had already been stripped to nothing but her undergarments, was put into the tub, she worked hard to push the thick-skinned man who also wanted to get in, “No, you go out first! With you here, I’ll be so nervous that I don't know what to do!” 

“It’s fine as long as this prince knows!” How could her cat-like strength be able to stop the wolf? In a flash, he had taken off all his clothes. Under the shy and evasive gaze of the lass, the wolf successfully entered the bathtub and imprisoned a certain lamb in his arms. ‘Mhm? Why is there still a layer of clothes? Take it off! Take it off!’ 

Yu Xiaocao shrank to one side of the bathtub, trying to distance herself from a certain wolf. However, the bathtub was only so big. It was hard to avoid a certain person’s long arms and legs. In the splashing water, the struggling Xiaocao couldn’t avoid the fate of being stripped of the last piece of clothing on her body and forced to ‘meet openly’ with a certain wolf.   

Yu Xiaocao folded her arms in front of her chest and glared angrily at that dangerous person. Although there was a layer of flower petals, he could still vaguely see his wife’s exquisite figure under the water. Zhu Junyang’s breathing became heavy. Yu Xiaocao felt cowardly and didn’t face the meaning behind his deep gaze. 

“You…didn’t you say that you will listen to everything I say after we got married? Right now, I’m ordering you to turn around. You’re not allowed to look!” Xiaocao’s voice sounded weak and lacked her usual imposing force. 

A certain wolf’s eyes darted around, and then he shamelessly said, “Wife, you must be tired today, right? Why don’t your husband, I, take on the task of helping you bathe?” As he said that, not only did he not turn around, but instead, he moved even closer. His action provoked the little lamb to splash water at him as her final resort. 

But, no matter how much the little lamb struggled, there was a great disparity in their strengths. The wolf’s physical strength completely dominated the little lamb’s struggles. Under the pretext of helping her bathe, he touched the little lamb’s entire body from head to toe. Their ‘mandarin ducks bath’ finally concluded when the water turned cold. 

“Bad guy!” Xiaocao wanted to pull away the big hands that were on her chest. Her face was so red that it looked like she used a whole box of blush. Although they didn’t reach the final step in the bathtub, he had touched and kissed all that should, or should not, be touched and kissed. She had been thoroughly taken advantage of by a certain wolf. 

A certain wolf stood up from the waters and picked up the little lamb, carrying her out of the bathtub. He wrapped her up with a large towel, and then walked quickly to the wedding bed. He felt that if he didn’t relieve a certain area, he was about to explode! 

“Wife, your husband, I, will let you know what’s a real ‘bad guy’!” The crimson red nuptial bedding made the little lamb’s skin appear even more radiant and fair. Zhu Junyang suddenly felt his body and heart heating up. 

He casually wiped the water on his body. Then he pinned the lass, who was covering her eyes yet peeping from the gaps of her fingers, under his body and said with a voice full of laughter, “How is it? Are you satisfied with what you see?” 

Satisfied! Very satisfied! A certain lamb, who was about to be eaten, nearly revealed her inner thoughts. He had wide shoulders, a thin waist, narrow hips, and long legs. His eight-pack abs were also very apparent. With well-proportioned and strong muscles, he looked even more perfect than the artworks carved by western sculptors. Ahem…of course, that was if you ignored a certain person’s arrogant and proud words! 

With his strong-built body, he trapped the little lamb within his arms. Zhu Junyang lowered his head and kissed her delicate neck. He moved downwards and arrived at the small, exquisite area of her chest. He sucked on it, licked, and teased her… His hands wandered on her smooth skin, and as if there was electricity, it made Xiaocao tremble. 

The little lamb’s clear eyes were shrouded by a layer of hazy mist. When she looked at him with a seemingly intoxicated gaze, she seemed to be able to lure out one’s soul.    

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