Chapter 675 - Bowing to Heaven and Earth

Outside the Yu's Residence, the wedding procession had entered the street with beating gongs and drums. In the middle of the crowd, the bridegroom, who was shining with happiness, rode on a high horse. Wasn’t the person dressed in red and wearing a big red flower on his chest Zhu Junyang, Imperial Prince Xu?

Before entering the sedan chair, Yu Xiaocao kneeled to her parents to bid farewell with the help of Wutong and Pipa. Through the hazy red veil, she could still clearly see her mother's tearful smile and her father's reluctant eyes. She recalled her first arrival to this home. Her parents still gave her the warmest love even in their most difficult times and tried their best to protect her… 

She turned her eyes to the side to look towards her elder brother, younger brother, and twin sister, who was very similar to herself. They were all gazing at her. At that time when she first transmigrated over, they lived in a single room that had very poor conditions. Despite being children themselves, her siblings always left the best things to her. Xiaolian, who was only a few minutes older than herself, took good care of her like a big sister. In this life, she made up for the lack in her previous life and was able to bask in her family’s affection. This was her biggest harvest, but also her deepest desire and sentimental attachment. 

Madam Liu tried to keep the smile on her face, but the wet corners of her eyes showed her deep reluctance to let her daughter go. In the beginning, the little girl,who was now getting married, wasn’t as big as her palm and was as weak as a newborn kitten. Her little daughter, who was like a medicine pot that she tried her best to take care of, finally grew up and was about to marry someone. She didn't know if that person, like her family, could give her a free and happy living space and give her a happy home…. 

"Cao'er, when you get to Imperial Prince Xu's residence, you will be a daughter-in-law and someone’s wife. Between husband and wife, there should be considerations toward each other, so remember to talk about any problems... It's most important to live your own life well. Don't worry so much..." Even though there were thousands of words in her heart, it only turned into a voice of exhortation. 

Yu Hai's heart ached. Since his second daughter was the one closest to him, she liked to pester him. Every time he came back from hunting, she always tried her best to ask him for his captured prey. When she was a little older, she learned to replace the captured prey with copper coins and hide the money. Later, with her own abilities, she gradually accumulated wealth as he looked on. 

He was an incompetent father. Otherwise, why else would his youngest daughter take the burden of the family as her responsibility when she was young? Over the years, he had been trying to keep up with his daughter, to lighten her burden and shoulder the burden of their family. However when his efforts were successful, his little daughter was about to leave his wings and become someone else's bride.  

“…Live your life well, there’s still your brother and I at home! If you are wronged outside, don't bear it. Father will make sure to support you one hundred percent!”   Although her father's words were simple, they were full of deep affection for his daughter. 

Yu Hang said with a nasal voice, "Little Sister, we don't have much else, but we have lots of seafood. If you have anything you want to eat, please send a message back, and I will send it over to you. Wutong and Pipa, you are both loyal, take good care of your miss.” The two servant girls agreed. 

Little Shitou’s eyes were red. If so many people weren’t watching, he would have taken his second sister's hand and begged her to not get married! However, his future brother-in-law was eyeing him fiercely. He could only glare at Prince Xu who robbed him of his second sister and say in a reluctant voice, "Second Sister, just you wait! After a few years, I will become someone you can be proud of. Then, I will be your backer, that way someone wouldn’t dare to bully you!! You must not think that our family background is inferior to someone else’s and endure everything! We will always keep the door open to welcome you, and no matter what decision you make, we will support you! Don't wrong yourself... " 

Zhu Junyang, who was quietly listening to his wife saying goodbye to her family, wanted to express that he was the one being kicked after falling down. He wasn’t reassuring? They already had a way of retreat, and could welcome his wife home and kick him away at any time! ‘Humph! I won't give you a chance!! I devoted all my patience and guarded her for seven to eight years. He finally was about to marry his wife. Of course, he would love her, and wouldn't bear to let her suffer any injustices. Brother-in-law, your plan is doomed to fail!’ 

Zhu Junyang gave a look to the complete fortune matron beside him. The matron said with a smile, "It's late. It's time to get on the sedan chair, so as not to miss the auspicious time." 

"Little Sister, I'll carry you to the sedan chair!" Yu Hang bent down and waited for her to come up his back. 

Yu Xiaocao lay on her big brother's broad back. Her heart was full of sadness and reluctance. At that time when she first transmigrated over, her eldest brother was just a thin and weak boy about ten years old. In order to lighten the burden on the family, he followed Madam Zhang's arrangement and went to the carpenter's shop to be an apprentice. He was tortured and nearly killed by the cruel shopkeeper.  

The weak and sensible young man from back then had grown into a tall and strong man that was gradually becoming the future master of the Yu Family. She believed that with her own well-paved road, her elder brother will be able to develop the Yu Family into one of the best in Tanggu. 

Yu Hang's heart was also not calm. As a child, he often carried his frail little sister on his back to allow her to see the scenery outside. His little sister was so thin back then that he could hardly feel the weight of her small body. She stayed on his back obediently, which made him feel pity and heartache. After many years, his mood was more complicated when he picked up his younger sister again. From today on, his sister would become someone else's wife. He hoped that the person she married would be kind and considerate. All the sufferings should have already passed for her, leaving only happiness and joy! 

Zhu Junyang, who walked by his brother-in-law, endured and endured before he managed to press down the idea that he wanted to snatch his wife and put her on the sedan chair himself. He did not want his lass to be intimate with another man, even if he was her older brother. Humph! Soon the little lass would completely belong to him, so he only had to endure for one last time... 

Madam Liu watched her eldest son carry her youngest daughter out. She could no longer hold back her tears as they rolled down her face. Liu Huifang, who was supporting her, had red eyes. Yu Hai and Little Shitou, the father and son pair, quietly looked at the Xiaocao's back until the curtains of the sedan chair blocked their sight. 

Firecrackers went off, while gongs and drums rang in the sky. The procession of welcoming relatives was gradually moving away, leaving a trace of sadness and loneliness in the house. On the other hand, Imperial Prince Xu's residence was full of excitement, with an endless stream of guests. Almost all of the high and powerful people in the imperial court came. There were also some capital officials who weren’t fourth ranked or above, who gave their gifts, to have a sense of existence in front of Prince Xu, and wisely left. Otherwise, even a large estate like Imperial Prince Xu’s would not be able to hold so many people! 

None of the members of the imperial family were missing. As the grandfather of the groom, the emperor emeritus acted as the host and warmly exchanged greetings with those who came to congratulate him. Imperial Prince Jing, who was almost robbed of the limelight by his father, was also busy entertaining his colleagues. Imperial Prince Duan and Imperial Prince Sa were also pulled in to help with the guests. 

Zhu Junyang's eldest brother was also so busy that his feet didn't stay on the ground and he didn't even have time to drink water. There were too many guests, and many of the guests were even the same generation as him! Zhu Junyang's second older brother had finally left the border and managed to arrive in the capital yesterday, just in time. Today, he also didn't get to rest. With Zhu Junyang's cousins, he joined the welcoming procession of relatives. Among them was Royal Prince Guo, whose identity Xiaocao had once borrowed, who was now quite healthy. 

After removing the curtain and kicking in the door of the sedan, Zhu Junyang leaned into the sedan and did what he wanted from the beginning under the whistling of his cousins and brothers. He picked up his little bride and crossed the brazier and strode into the assembly hall on the red carpet. 

The auspicious time had arrived, and just when he was about to bow to heaven and earth, a sudden "The emperor has arrived——” made the originally lively scene turn completely silent. The officials present looked at each other and they could all see surprise and admiration in each other's eyes. Imperial Prince Xu and Royal Princess Jinan were really blessed. Even the emperor himself came to attend their wedding! 

Zhu Junfan not only came personally, but he also brought his wife and son. The family of three   were all in regular clothes. Accompanied by the maids, the empress went to the inner courtyard, but the emperor stayed in the assembly hall. The two master seats were taken up, one for the emperor emeritus and the other for the emperor. 

Argh! It was their son's marriage, but they couldn’t even sit at the master seats. It was a bit hard to swallow. Imperial Prince Jing gave a complicated look to his father and his imperial nephew. He was feeling a little discontented! 

"Go on, go on! Don't miss the auspicious time because of me!” Zhu Junfan was aware of the complex look in his imperial uncle’s eyes, and he felt the thrill of playing a prank on someone. 

"One, bow to the heavens and earth-——" Imperial Prince Sa stole the responsibilities from the master of ceremonies, and raised his voice and called out every process of the ceremony. The master of ceremonies, who was pushed aside, was helpless. The other was a member of the imperial family, how could he win over him? 

Covered with a red veil, Yu Xiaocao felt like a puppet, following other people's orders, meticulously doing everything. Fortunately, it was not a one-man play. The big hand that carried her in the hall and put her down had not let go, which made her feel less frightened and gradually settled her down. It was nice to have him beside her! 

When "Enter the bridal chamber——" was announced by Imperial Prince Sa, Xiaocao let out a breath in relief. She should be able to rest for a while! 

Then she was sent to a wedding room in the inner courtyard. Zhu Junyang had been holding onto her with the red silk, but when the red silk had become a decoration, the guy directly held onto the tender hands of his little bride. He was coaxed by his friends and subordinates. Today was his wedding day. Many of his subordinates who were afraid of him were bolder and joined in on the fun. 

Not only this, but they all also crowded into the wedding room. The process of the wedding was still going on. Zhu Junyang picked up a small scale made of red gold. When the woman employed to wait on the bride on her wedding day said, "May your wishes be granted", he raised up the slightly coarsely embroidered red veil top of the Xiaocao’s head, revealing her red face. After so many years, Xiaocao’s embroidery hadn’t improved much..  

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