Chapter 670 - The Speech of Children

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, a beautiful box appeared in front of him. Inside were brightly colored red and yellow candies that all gave off a dense, sweet aroma. He raised his head and saw Third Maternal Aunt’s innocent and sweet smiling face. It looked incredibly dazzling. The young woman in front of him said, “Try some. Auntie personally made these fruit juice gummies. The red ones are strawberry flavored, the yellow ones are tangerine flavored, the pink ones are honey peach flavored and the green ones are apple flavored...go ahead and find out which one you like the most, okay?”

Lu Jiarui took the candy box and smiled politely at his third maternal aunt, “Thank you, Third Maternal Aunt!” Then he took all of the boxes from his younger brothers and handed them over to the assistant behind him. 

“Eh? ...Eldest Brother.” Lu Jiayu was just about to pick up a piece of red fruit juice gummy but the box in front of him had suddenly disappeared. He angrily raised his head and discovered that it had been taken away from him by his eldest brother. He immediately reverted back to his pitiful demeanor and gently called out to his sibling. 

“Are you telling me that the Lu Family’s customs allow you guys to surround Third Maternal Aunt in the outer courtyard and beg her for candy to eat ah? Did you all forget what Mother and Maternal Grandmother told us to do when we came out ah?” Lu Jiarui was incredibly stern and solemn as he addressed his younger brothers. 

The four little fellows were not afraid of anything or anyone under the heavens but they were all scared when their eldest brother’s expression turned dark. When they heard his question, they exchanged looks before lowering their heads down. Only the youngest, Lu Jiapei, who was in Xiaocao’s arms, acted differently. He hugged her neck and cutely said, “Mother told us to come out and welcome Third Maternal Aunt...Third Maternal Aunt, Pei’er’s been very obedient and hasn’t been horsing around. Can I eat a piece of sweet candy ah?” 

All of the children of the Lu Family had inherited the Lu Family’s good looks, especially the little devil, Lu Jiapei. Not only did he inherit all of the good-looking genes from the Lu Family, but she could also see within his eyebrows a hint of Zhu Junyang’s shadow. Everyone said that nephews resembled their maternal uncles. When the little fellow grew older, he would definitely become a bewitchingly handsome young man! 

Yu Xiaocao stole a kiss from the little fellow’s cheek and held him as she headed towards the inner courtyard. She gently said, “Of course! In a moment, our sweet treasure Pei’er can get a whole box of candies as a reward ah!” 

Lu Jiapei gleefully clapped his plump little hands when he heard this. Suddenly, he climbed closer to Xiaocao’s ears and quietly asked, “Third Maternal Aunt, can you help me keep the box safe ah? When Pei’er wants to eat some, I’ll go find you!” 

“Why is that ah?” Yu Xiaocao felt that his request was a bit odd. 

“Fourth Older Brother will trick Pei’er out of his candy ah!” Lu Jiapei pouted pitifully as he brought up his fourth brother’s dark past. 

Yu Xiaocao grinned until her eyes crinkled up into lines. Lu Jiayu angrily glared at his youngest brother when he saw him tattling to Third Maternal Aunt but he didn’t dare to refute it. This fellow always used little tricks to swindle his brothers out of their things. Thus, the other three were on the lookout for him! As for his eldest brother, Lu Jiarui, there were two things stopping him from doing the same thing. One was that he didn’t dare to and the other factor was that whenever his eldest brother got something good, he rarely used it for himself and would always share with them, his younger brothers. Thus, he didn’t need to try to cheat him. 

“Everyone will get their own box ah! When you’re finished eating them, Auntie will make more for you! Whoever tries to steal or cheat candies from other people will be punished and will never be able to eat candies or desserts made by me!” Yu Xiaocao propped up the youngest fellow’s fat butt. Although the little guy wasn’t very old, he was quite heavy. 

Zhu Junyang, who had been walking silently behind her, reached out and took the little fatty over to hold in his arms. Lu Jiapei wasn’t happy about this. Who would want to suddenly trade a fragrant and soft hug for a hard and icy cold one? 

Just as he was about to protest, Zhu Junyang silenced him with one sentence, “If Third Maternal Aunt gets too tired, in the future, she won’t be able to make any delicious candies or pastries for you!” 

Lu Jiarui sighed in his heart when he saw his maternal uncle easily grasping his youngest brother, who was the devil incarnate, within his hands. He opened his mouth to say, “Third Maternal Aunt, Second Younger Brother has just finished growing in his adult teeth, Third Younger Brother is in the process, and Fourth Younger Brother and Fifth Younger Brother aren’t supposed to eat too much candy. You shouldn’t go through the effort to do this…” 

“The candy that I make won’t hurt one’s teeth! However, you can’t eat too much and at most can eat five pieces a day. Do you all remember this?” Yu Xiaocao could tell that the eldest one of the bunch was being very courteous to her. A little kid, who was only ten, had taken on the responsibility to teach and guide his younger brothers. It really made one admire and feel sorry for the young boy. 

At home, under the rules of their mother and eldest brother, they could only eat one piece of cake and one candy a day. When they heard Xiaocao say that they could eat five pieces of the new candy in one day, the little radishes immediately became giddy. Within their hearts, they now viewed their third maternal aunt, who was both beautiful and talented at making candies, as a little immortal girl who had saved them from the sea of bitterness. 

With the chatter of the little radishes surrounding them, they very quickly arrived at the inner courtyard. In the corridor, there was a young woman standing next to Princess Consort Jing as they admired the camellia flowers together. She had thick brows and a heroic air around her. In addition, she had an aura of a free spirit surrounding her. 

Zhu Junya heard the sounds of them talking and raised her head to look towards the middle of the courtyard. She saw her children grouped around a young maiden who was dressed entirely in pink. Her usually energetic boys were all obediently holding onto the corners of the maiden’s clothes and walked quietly by her side. From time to time, they would even reveal looks of admiration and worship towards her. Even her eldest son, who was always the most wary of strangers, had a calm look on his face as he walked with his fourth younger brother’s hand in his. He was quietly listening to the young lady talk.  

“Third Maternal Aunt, are you sure you’re not a little immortal girl from the heavens ah? You’re so amazing! You even know how to grow strawberries and cantaloupes out of season ah!” The one who spoke was the second son of the family, Lu Jiaqi. He loved eating strawberries the most. Unfortunately, the provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi didn’t grow strawberries, so he had only eaten strawberry jam before. Furthermore, this jam had been sent to him by his maternal grandmother.” 

Lu Jiayu immediately piped up, “Third Maternal Aunt must be the reincarnation of the little immortal girl in charge of candies in the heavens. Third Maternal Uncle has some doggone luck in order to encounter her! Third Maternal Aunt, have you ever thought about it? Third Maternal Uncle really doesn’t match up to you…” 

Zhu Junyang suddenly felt his hands itch. What was wrong with this group of little brats? Couldn’t they think a bit? After all, if he hadn’t struck first to get close to her, would they have a Third Maternal Aunt then? Did they want to be able to eat delicious candies and desserts? 

Lu Jiaqi flashed a quick look at Third Maternal Aunt and surreptitiously pinched his fourth younger brother as he quietly hissed, “You’re so dumb! If Third Maternal Aunt changes her mind and doesn’t marry Third Maternal Uncle, then Third Maternal Uncle will marry someone else. Then, Third Maternal Aunt won’t be our aunt anymore, right? Then would she still make delicious candies for us to eat ah?” 

Lu Jiayu’s eyes opened wide when he heard this and he covered his mouth with his hands. What should he do? He couldn't take back the words he just said earlier, right? Would Third Maternal Aunt really listen to him and decide to not marry Third Maternal Uncle? 

“Third Maternal Aunt, in actuality...although my Third Maternal Uncle’s face is a bit stinky and he looks a bit too feminine and has somewhat of a bad temper...he’s really not that bad. Aren’t you a little immortal girl ah? Be benevolent and take him into your care ah! Otherwise, he won’t be able to get a wife even when he gets old and it’ll be quite distressing!” Lu Jiayu wasn’t a bit like a four year old kid and was quite eloquent for his age! 

Yu Xiaocao had been quite amused by the children’s childish words and thoughts. She could tell, however, that there was someone observing her. She raised her head and saw a heroic and free-spirited beautiful young matron who was gazing at her with a smile on her face. Yu Xiaocao knew then that this was her future older sister-in-law. 

Zhu Junyang’s older sister didn’t resemble him at all. Although her features were quite pretty, she was more handsome than stunning. Her eyes were pure and clear and her smile was frank and open. In actuality, out of Imperial Prince Jing’s four children, only Zhu Junyang resembled Princess Consort Jing in appearance. All of the others took after their father. When Zhu Junyang was born, Princess Consort Jing had once muttered to her husband that her youngest son and daughter were birthed incorrectly. They should have had their genders switched. 

This was a lamented fact! Zhu Junyang had also expressed that he was willing to switch appearances with his older sister. When he was younger, he was constantly being mistaken for a girl by other people and it had caused him a lot of trouble ah! 

Princess Consort Jing introduced the two of them to each other and they politely greeted each other before heading into the reception pavilion. Zhu Junya was afraid the children would cause trouble and sent them off to the side hall to play after they showed her the boxes of candy they received. These kids would be a bit quieter with a snack to eat. 

However, she would have never expected that her youngest son, who could never sit still, was clinging to his third maternal aunt’s bosom like a sweet little boy with his box of candies in his hands as he asked, “Mother, Pei’er will be very, very good. Pei’er will sit here and quietly listen to Third Maternal Aunt and Mother talk and I won’t disturb you two. Can Mother let Pei’er stay behind ah?” 

Zhu Junya wondered if her son had been swapped out for another boy. Ever since this kid could crawl, he was never willing to obediently stay in someone’s arms. However, he was currently quietly sitting in her future younger sister-in-law’s arms as he obediently shared the candies he loved the most. Something was going on today! 

Princess Consort Jing had a gratified look on her face as she remarked, “Our Pei’er has a connection with Lass Xiaocao! Lass Xiaocao always gets along very well with children. In the past, ah, her youngest brother liked to stick close to her at all times and always listened to whatever she said! Now, he’s only fifteen years old but he’s about to participate in the metropolitan civil service exams this spring and enter officialdom. Furthermore, the Fang Family’s only son, her godmother’s son, also wants to spend all of his time at the Yu Residence. Even his mother takes a back seat to her!” 

Following that, she described the fate that had linked her to Xiaocao to her daughter, “Ya’er, if it weren’t for this lass, Xiaocao, I don’t know if my body would have lasted long enough for me to see you today ah! Imperial Physician Zheng had once privately talked to your lord father about my condition but I was very well aware of how bad it was. He said that my body wouldn’t be able to last more than five years! Look at me now! More than two sets of five years has gone by. Not only has my body completely recovered but I’m also becoming younger with every passing day ah! Everyone says that I look like I’m in my early thirties and that when I stand next to your eldest brother, we look like brother and sister! Just look, I’ve skipped a generation now!” 

Although the words made it seem like she was complaining, she was extremely happy as she said all of this. Which woman didn’t like to be beautiful and want to spend more time in their youth? 

“This daughter also believes it is true! When we stand next to each other, we truly look like a pair of two sisters. Younger Sister-in-law truly is capable. Please tell me your secrets in conserving and preserving one’s health!” Zhu Junya spoke quickly and pulled at her mother’s hand, which looked even more tender than her own, and complimented it zealously.

Princess Consort Jing patted her daughter’s hand and looked towards Xiaocao, “Since these are all secrets, we absolutely cannot let it leak outside! However, you can have your younger sister-in-law prescribe some medicinal cuisine and teas for you to use. Furthermore, she can select some proper skin care cosmetics at her shop for you too. At that time, you can put it on my credit. After all, I am one of the only diamond card members at ‘Blossoming Beauty’ and I get half price off of everything!” 

Even Zhu Junya, who lived in the faraway two provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi, had heard of ‘Blossoming Beauty’ and the name struck her silent. In the Hubei and Hunan regions, any noble matron who had a set of ‘Blossoming Beauty’ skin care items was the envy of all of her peers. Every noble lady in the capital wracked her brains to use her network to get a set of ‘Blossoming Beauty’ cosmetics as well. 

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