Chapter 640 - Arrival of the Young Valley Master

Fortunately, the team was full of excellent soldiers who had experienced many battles. Also, the imperial hidden guards with high martial arts skills, and even the skinny and small fake princess could equal up to five or six foreign warriors, which surprised the enemy to no end.  

They arrived at the horse farm three days later and almost everyone was injured. Even if there was a special medicine on hand, they still lost thirty-four Jin Wu Guards. This made Xiaocao’s heart feel like there was a heavy stone in there, making her breathless. 

"No! I can't take this!" Yu Xiaocao stomped her feet angrily after solving the poison problem at the horse farm. She wouldn't let the one with the surname Lei have an easy time! 

He Wanning helped her come up with bad ideas, "Yes! Yes! Our Royal Princess Jinan isn't someone who can easily be bullied. You have to give him some lessons! How about, you make some poison and let the brothers at the firearms camp sneak attack the enemy camp at night so they can poison all their men and horses!" 

"No! The traitors of the Medicine King Valley should be dealt with by the Medicine King Valley! I think Xu Ziyi must be very grateful for the news I sent him! " Yu Xiaocao's skill of killing people with a borrowed knife was perfected. 

When Xu Ziyi left back then, he left behind the method of sending messages to him. Yu Xiaocao let an imperial hidden guard under her go. Due to the potential threat of the lunatic Heavenly Teacher Lei, Xiaocao and her two good friends could only obediently stay on the horse farm. 

Yuan Xueyan had a quiet temperament. No matter where she was, as long as she had a book in her hand, she could spend a whole day quietly. In the spring, the grasslands were as green as if they had been rendered with heavy colors. There were some wildflowers scattered on the green grass. Against the blue sky were white clouds and distant mountains. It was a rugged and bold landscape painting.  

From time to time, Yuan Xueyan, with her two maids, would ride the horses on the horse farm, traveling along the grassland freely. When she saw a scenery that she liked, she would stop to quietly draw a picture of the spring scenery of the grassland. As long as they were on the horse farm, even if they didn't remember the way back, the horse would return to the stables in the evening. 

Besides, the stud farm's firearm camp guards were well-known. No one dared to come to the horse farm to find trouble openly, even though it was a tough area. Thus Xiaocao didn't have to worry about her safety.

As for He Wanning, she was a horse lover. After arriving at the stud farm, this lady was like a fish in water, mixing with horses all day long. Especially the little Black Whirlwind, He Wanning almost raised the colt as her son.

Unfortunately, the Black Whirlwind was very proud. When faced with He Wanning, it always looked cold and indifferent. At the sight of the Xiaocao, it would change its face. It licked her face in front of He Wanning and asked for her to pet it. Compared to it when it was in front of He Wanning, it was a completely different horse.

He Wanning's eyes were green with envy and jealousy when she saw this cute and adorable side of Black Whirlwind. However, she knew that she couldn't be envious, because her little sister, Xiaocao, had an inborn affinity for animals. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to tame two wolves better than dogs.

When Snow Scar led the wild horses back to the horse farm to supplement their ‘nutrients’, He Wanning's attention turned to this white horse, as she was full of anger and resentment. However, Snow Scar only let the Xiaocao ride it, which made her suffer another blow. However, He Wanning didn't retreat but started being stubborn with Snow Scar, vowing to tame the fine stallion.

Thus, this girl took her dry rations and bedding and went deep into the grassland to chase the wild horses. She often didn't return to the horse farm for ten days to half a month. The wild horse herd was getting familiar with her. However, Snow Scar was still on its guard.

If she changed her taming target, she might have succeeded in her carelessness. It was a pity that she chose the tough nut, Snow Scar...the winds on the grassland made her pale skin dull and rough, but He Wanning didn't care at all. In the end, however, she didn't fulfill her wish. Later on, she was caught by her fiancé and taken back on horseback.

As for Xiaocao, she focused on discussing with Veterinarian Wang the prescriptions for treating equine diseases. They worked together and made many targeted patent medicines. Xiaocao's factories must produce a fine product. The quality of these horse medicines were naturally superior, and their effects were also immediate. 

In the days when Xiaocao stayed at the horse farm, the horses in the horse farm were well-conditioned. One by one, they became bigger and stronger, which was very pleasant. Newborn foals were also the biggest beneficiaries. Originally the very ordinary-looking foal, once raised by the grass, actually had the potential to become one of the finest horses. 

Spring was the season for all things to multiply. The mares in the stud farm and the wild horses, one by one, became pregnant with young horses. According to Xiaocao's statistics, it was estimated that by the end of the year, more than six foals would be added to the horse farm. These were all the hopes of the horse farm!

The mares of the wild horse herd and their young foals all stayed in the horse farm as they enjoyed the special perks——drinking mystic stone water, having access to fresh horse feed, and being served by specialized personnel. After the winter's imperceptible influence, the wild horse herd had made the horse farm their second home. 

The days passed by one by one. In the blink of an eye, Xiaocao and her group had been at the horse farm for more than a month. He Wanning was playing on the horse farm and wasn't in a hurry to go back. However, Lu Hao was in a hurry! He had planned after this assignment to ask the emperor to take a vacation and marry his little wife. But now? He would like to go back, but the reality couldn’t tolerate his wish! 

After all, the demon-like Heavenly Teacher Lei had suffered such a big fall in Xiaocao's hands, and he would never give up with his fanatic personality. It was only the firearms camp by the horse farm that frightened the enemy so they did not dare to invade them. If at this time, no matter who left the horse farm, they would surely suffer his crazy revenge. Lu Hao only had around four to five hundred men with him. Compared with the forces of several tribal alliances, they were not enough! Although he was anxious to get married, he had to face up to reality and not take risks.

Fortunately, before long, Xiaocao received the news from Medicine King Valley. Young Valley Master Xu, who was leading the experts in the valley, had already set out for the border. The matters of the Jianghu belonged to the Jianghu. As long as Xiaocao achieved her goals, it didn't matter if she did it herself. 

Another half a month passed, and just when Snow Scar had ‘condescended’ to let He Wanning help it take a bath, Xu Ziyi came to the horse farm and brought the good news that he had captured the traitors.

"Young Valley Master Xu, the traitor of your Medicine King Valley, has inflicted physical and mental damage on me and brought irreversible losses to our side. How are you planning on compensating us? " Yu Xiaocao knew that she was venting her temper on the other party.

However, Lei Tengfeng had caused so many troubles to the horse farm for the sake of nothing, causing her to come to the border in person, which delayed her many businesses and caused indelible trauma to her little mind. Also, Lu Hao's subordinates who had died in the battle would never return. Their parents, siblings, wives, and children would be so sad…

"Well...when the holy elixir for internal injury is developed, how about I share it with Miss Yu?" Xu Ziyi had figured out the little girl's personality. He knew that he couldn't tweak her whiskers at this time and had to be careful.

Yu Xiaocao snorted coldly and said, "This holy medicine for treating internal injuries was originally left by our ancestors. Isn't it right to give us a copy of the prescription when it comes out when we gave you the formula to research? "

"Then... how does Miss Yu want to be compensated?" Xu Ziyi looked like he was amenable to discussion 

After thinking for a while, Yu Xiaocao said, "How about this? It's said that the ‘Nine Paths to Recovery Pill’ in Medicine King Valley is the elixir dreamt of by martial arts practitioners. How about...thirty to fifty? And the pill I provided. After it is successfully developed, the valley should provide me at least twenty pills a year...What's more, your Medicine King Valley owes me a favor. When I need your help in the future, you can't shirk it! "

Hearing this, Xu Ziyi felt pain in his heart and said, "The ‘Nine Paths to Recovery Pill’ that you mentioned, due to the rare medicinal materials, Medicine King Valley can only refine two bottles of about a hundred pills every year. You’re asking for one-third to even half of it. Isn't this making things difficult? What's more, there is one substance in the holy medicine handed down by your ancestors which can't be replaced. Thinking of it, even if it can be replaced, the medicinal materials are very precious. Twenty a year... Aren't you opening your mouth too wide?” 

" much does Young Valley Master Xu think is appropriate? " Yu Xiaocao had already left room for the other party to bargain and asked unpleasantly. 

"Miss Yu, look... the ‘Nine Paths to Recovery Pill’ I have only ten with me, I’ll give all of them to you! And the healing holy medicine, we provide you with two pills a year. How about it?” With a smile, Xu Ziyi stretched out two fingers. 

Yu Xiaocao frowned and replied in a very dissatisfied manner, "I want twenty pills. You, on the other hand, directly used two of them to try and fool me. Are you trying to send beggars away? Forget it, give me back my medicine, I'll work out the prescription myself! Although I'm not good at refining medicine, I'm talented! Maybe in thirty or fifty years, I'll make it! "

"Miss Yu, Miss Yu! Don't be impatient! Let's talk about it!”  When Xu Ziyi went back to the Medicine King's Valley, the holy medicine was taken away as a treasure by his drug crazy father. Even his grandfather, the old Valley Master of the Medicine King Valley, had shut himself in and became fascinated with his father's research on the holy medicine.

Right now, all the affairs of Medicine King Valley were in his hands, but he was too busy! If he went back and said that the owner of the medicine was going to take back the holy medicine. His grandfather and father would eat him! 

Xu Ziyi clenched his teeth and made a decision, "How about this? If the elixir really is made, I will give you five pills a year! For 20 years, how about it?" His father said that to replace medicinal materials, the materials had to be about five hundred or even more than a thousand years old, and all of them were extremely rare. Five a year to the Yu Family was his biggest concession!

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