Chapter 639 - What Is an Elixir of Immortality?

"You're crazy! I think you're probably possessed by evil spirits and had a cultivation deviation! How could there be a way to refine an immortality elixir in this world? Even if there was, do you think the common herbs of the mortal realm could be used to refine an elixir of immortality? Anyone with a brain wouldn't sacrifice the lives of their subordinates to pursue such an illusionary goal!" Yu Xiaocao sneered and raised her voice. 

In actuality, when she said these words, she felt a little guilty because she had a refining method the little divine stone had given her. However, refining an elixir of immortality was absolutely impossible, but it was possible to prolong life, strengthen the body, or increase the ability of something!

Lei Tengfeng's two subordinates looked at each other, quickly brought the Great Heavenly Teacher onto a horse, and raced towards the horizon. Yu Xiaocao thought that this guy was a numbskull. For the sake of the so-called immortality elixir, he ignored the lives of others and created so much trouble. If she didn't teach him a lesson, the resentment in her heart wouldn't disappear.

She took out a gun and fired a shot at the butt of the horse that was under Lei Tengfeng. Originally she wanted to hit Lei Tengfeng, but he was protected by his subordinates, so she could only fire at the poor horse.

The horse stumbled and fell to the ground after its hind leg was injured. Due to gravity, Lei Tengfeng and his subordinate, who were on the horse's back flew off over the horse's head and fell on the ground. They rolled several times before stopping. The other two men were busy dismounting and helping the two people onto their horses before riding away. They were afraid that the Great Ming Empire’s gun would fire again!

"Hahaha! How funny! Little Sister Xiaocao, you're so strong! Anyone could tell that guy was a flop just at a glance. Unfortunately, he escaped this time. Who knows what kind of lousy idea he'll come up with next!" He Wanning laughed and clapped.

"Miss Yu, you are not being a good friend! Hiding the truth the whole way here! However, your disguise technique is very successful. I really thought you were Royal Prince Guo; it looks so real!" Ning Donghuan crowded over and grumbled.

However, he was soon attracted by the art of disguise and pestered Xiaocao to learn it. Xiaocao couldn't beat him at stubbornness, and threw him to the imperial hidden guard, who was proficient in the art of disguise to let him mess around however he liked!

He Wanning, on the other hand, didn't miss the opportunity to embarrass him, "Only you, the one without a brain, wouldn't know Xiaocao's identity. If you don't believe me, ask your second brother!"  

Ning Donghuan turned his sights to his second brother. Seeing him nod slightly, he wailed and said, "It's ok if others don't tell me. Yet even are my brother!! Second Brother, when did you find out about Miss Yu's identity? " 

"I knew from the very beginning. The emperor was worried about the three young maidens. He secretly summoned me to the palace and gave me the order to protect them." Otherwise, how could Ning Donglan know when Xiaocao would be leaving the capital?

"Ah? It turns out that you taking me hunting outside the pass was just to cover up your own business! To think I was moved for such a long time!" Ning Donghuan mumbled and felt uncomfortable because he was the only one in the dark.

By this time, the battlefield was almost cleaned up. Heavenly Teacher Lei brought more than five hundred people here. When he left, a lot of them were knocked down by the little divine stone, and only about a hundred people escaped with him. Lei Tengfeng, this time, could be said to have stolen the chicken but lost the rice and suffered a big loss. 

On Xiao Rong's side, except for those who were killed by the enemy at the beginning by poison, the other men who had been poised were now completely cured and they were tying up the fallen opponents one by one. They had discovered that these enemy soldiers, who had fallen to the ground, were unconscious for some reason. They even stabbed them twice, but no one woke up. 

The warriors of the Tuha'erhanbu Tribe thought that Yu Xiaocao's medicine was responsible for their unconscious state. Also, her antidote pill could easily detoxify the other party's poison, which showed that her pharmaceutical skills are much higher than that of the so-called Heavenly Teacher. As a result, they looked forward to the opening of a medicinal stall at the mutual market. 

"Chief, a large group of people are coming!” Dela Citeng, who was leading his men to clean up the battlefield, inadvertently looked up and saw a group of men on horses racing towards them in the distance. He didn't know whether they were friend or foe and immediately went to Xiao Rong's side, on guard.

Yu Xiaocao stood on her tiptoe and looked at the gap between Xiao Rong and Dela Citeng. Her eyesight was good and she immediately recognized the equipment of the firearms camp and said to He Wanning in a relaxed way, "Don't worry, it's our reinforcements."

He Wanning breathed a sigh of relief. This trip was quite frightening. If she were to do it again, she didn’t know whether or not she would collapse. She rolled eyes and said, "Coming now, what use is there? If it was not for the Tuha'erhanbu Tribe, we wouldn’t even know how the situation would’ve been at this time. "

Yuan Xueyan patted her and gently said, "Don't be angry! The people at the horse farm didn't know we were in danger!” 

"Your Royal Highness, please punish me for being late!" The firearm camp was taught by Royal Prince Yang and they always respected his wants and orders. The news of Royal Prince Yang and Royal Princess Jinan’s engagement had been spread outside the pass. Therefore, the commander of the firearm battalion, who had come to rescue them, respected Xiaocao as much as he did Royal Prince Yang.

"Commander Li's words are too serious. After all, it was thanks to Chief Xiao's help this time. If Chief Xiao isn’t against it, I'll prepare water and wine in the side courtyard to thank you all! " Yu Xiaocao looked at Xiao Rong and smiled calmly.

Xiao Rong looked highly upon this teenage girl in front of him. He had been to the Central Plains before and those Han women, especially those who grew up in noble and wealthy families, were all delicate, like weak and useless flowers. When they encountered difficult situations, they could only cry and sob.

However, the young lady in front of him gave him a new understanding of Han females. Facing more opponents that had ten times the amount of people, she was fearless in the face of danger, retorting arrogantly, and dealt with her opponent. The bloodshed on the battlefield didn't even make her blink. The retreat of their side was also timed so they could turn the tides and hit the opponents by surprises, letting them turn defeat into victory. When he was saved in the past, he was also greeted with kindness and prestige, which made him think highly of her.

She was standing there upright, with her delicate waist, like a young bamboo in the spring, standing tall and straight even though it was weak. Her small figure appeared very conspicuous, making people unable to move their sights off of her. Were only such people qualified to stand beside a hero like Royal Prince Yang? Xiao Rong had an unknown feeling well up in his heart.

With a smile on his face, he saluted the respectable young lady and said, "We can skip going to the side courtyard! However, I heard that the Yu Family’s liquor is very tasty! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to taste it. If Miss Yu is willing to part with it…”

"Chief Xiao is too polite. Compared to Chief Xiao's help today, what are a few jars of wine worth? Qiushi, take ten jars of ‘Northern Spring Sword’ from our luggage cart and give it to Chief Xiao!" Every time Yu Xiaocao came out, she was well prepared, especially regarding food and drinks. This time, she originally brought the liquor to reward the soldiers at the firearms camp stationed at the horse farm. Who would have thought that this liquor would end up benefiting the Tuha'erhanbu Tribe? 

Yu Xiaocao wasn't a stingy person, giving out ten jars in one go, which made Dela Citeng, who was beside Xiao Rong, open his big mouth and smile like a blooming flower. He rubbed his big hands together and said with a smile, "Miss Yu really is friendly and honest. Elder Brother, can you spare one of these ten jars of wine?" 

This Dela Citeng ordinarily had no other hobbies besides drinking a few drinks when he was free. Unfortunately, the quality of the wine outside the border was too poor. He heard that the liquor produced by the Yu’s Family Business in the Central Plains was very strong. If it wasn't for the eventful autumn in the tribe, he would have sneaked into the Central Plains to taste how good the so-called liquor was that it was rumored to be supernatural. 

"Everyone will have some! When we go back, we kill a few cattle and sheep and reward all the warriors today!!" Xiao Rong's ability to gain loyalty was really unique!

Dela Citeng felt a sharp pain in his heart when he heard this! After all, there were at least four or five hundred people present. There were only ten jars of alcohol and each person getting one bowl of wine each would be considered lucky; how could they even have a good time? 

Hearing this, Xiaocao said, "All the warriors who worked and bled for me today! I'll take out ten more jars of liquor to reward you! Qiushi, bring out ten more jars of alcohol. The previous ten jars of liquor will be considered as gifts for Chief Xiao. You better keep them for yourself!"

As soon as the Xiaocao had finished speaking, a burst of cheers broke out among the warriors of the Tuha'erhanbu Tribe. The cheer floated far and wide with the wind on the grassland. Dela Citeng felt a lot more comfortable in his heart. His elder brother had ten jars of wine in his hands. No matter what, he should be able to get a jar, right?

The warriors of the Tuha'erhanbu Tribe were happy, but the soldiers of the firearm camp weren't happy. Twenty jars of fine liquor and they all disappeared like this! If it hadn't been for today's event, all these fine alcohol would have been theirs. Alas! They didn’t know how many jars of alcohol the boss's future wife had brought, and whether or not she could give them some. 

Xiao Rong returned with the warriors of the Tuha'erhanbu Tribe carrying the wine jars. He Wanning stared at Xiaocao worshipfully on the side and exclaimed, "Sister Xiaocao, after these past three days, I'm impressed! I did not expect you to face such a fierce battlefield and be so fearless and generous; you can face the leader of a tribe without being too humble or arrogant. You're really showing that women aren't inferior to men!"

Yu Xiaocao gave a bitter laugh and lifted her shaking hand to show her, "Who said I wasn't afraid? I was just pretending to be calm. I didn't want to let my timidity show in front of my opponent. Quick, catch me, my legs have gone weak!"

He Wanning and Yuan Xueyan looked at each other, rolled their eyes and each took an arm of Xiaocao, who they were just praising! However, faced with such cruel scenes, it was also a skill to pretend to be calm to the extent of what was false seemed to be real! 

Xiaocao and the others arrived at the horse ranch under the protection of the firearms camp without any trouble. However, Lu Hao's team wasn't so lucky. On the way, their opponents used assassination, poison, and endless other methods to intercept them. If it wasn't for the antidotes given by Xiaocao, they were afraid that a large part of them would have died on the way.

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