Chapter 94

It was much more powerful than before and the electric currents flowing through my body changed the surrounding terrain. I recently reached level 100 and my character’s limitations had gone up. This elevated all my skill abilities to the next level and this was also applied to the power of constellations that I borrowed.

[Your rise in level means you can bear more star spirit.]

[Raitra’s blue lightning is flowing throughout your body, not just a specific area.]

“...Good.” Not only was there blue lightning in my legs, the electric currents also flowed through my body, just like when used by Gyeonso Dragon. It was now possible to bear much more power. “Go.”

The lightning that unfolded in an instant concealed my appearance. The frost orcs running toward me were surprised when I suddenly disappeared. My attack started from their far right.

[You have received the apostle’s buff.]

[All stats are increased by 20% for 30 minutes.]

I finally received the apostle’s buff after a long time. In retrospect, it required the constellations to use their star spirit. Of course, Prometheus was a god instead of a constellation so it was more accurate to describe it as divinity.

“Stop him! Chwiiik.”

“Too fast! Guruk.”

“This way...”

The frost orcs to the right started to fall like dominoes. Some were burned by blue lightning while some were pierced in the belly. I blew away their heads with the lightning. This was why the correlation between attributes was so important.

“Guruk. Keep your formation! Go forward and catch him!”

I could see a large orc in the distance commanding the soldiers. He seemed to be the captain in charge of them. In the long run, the game was almost over the moment the king or general was caught.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ says to kill the guy commanding them.]

“I know!” 

I once again used the lightning footwork to move at high speed. I felt the pleasure that dominated my body and had a thought—did Gyeonso Dragon always live in a world like this? It was a tremendous speed. I felt like I could do anything if I lived with this speed.

“What are you doing? Catch that... Hup!

The captain of the orcs looked flustered by my sudden appearance. He swung his axe but he already wasn’t my opponent. My aerial spin kick caused his head to burst. Once their captain died, the frost orcs panicked.

“Chwiiik. The captain is dead.”

“Guruk. The human is too strong.”

“How can he have such strength...?!”

They stepped backward as they retreated away from me. Then another voice was heard from the rear. He was an old orc with glasses and a cane. He somehow looked like a great scholar. “You uncivilized things! Prepare the poisonous needles!”

The poisonous needles? Shouting that they were going to shoot them was like advertising. These orcs shooting the poisonous needles must be the ones Raitra and Camille had been talking about.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ says to watch out for their poisonous needles.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ says you will be paralyzed and immobile when hit.]

Um. I understand.”

The poisonous needles unit of the frost orc appeared and aimed the poisonous needles at me. It was as sophisticated as the primitive people I saw on TV. Finally, the poisonous needles were fired at me. It was faster than I thought? No, the problem was that they were too small. They were so small and fast that I couldn’t see all the poisonous needles despite using my super sensitivity. I quickly dodged their attacks but ended up with a poisonous needle in my ankle.

Damn, was this the end? However, there was a reversal.

[You have been hit by the Spider’s Paralysis Poisonous Needle.]

[Your entire body is paralyzed for 5 seconds.]

[You have resisted.]

Eh?” I looked blank the moment I saw the last message. In the meantime, other poisonous needles stabbed me all over my body but the same message popped up.

[You have resisted.]

[You have resisted.]

[You have resisted.]


My head swirled. I couldn’t think about the current situation. What was this? I casually walked through the poisonous needles toward them.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is amazed by your toughness.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is bewildered by what happened.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ has burst out laughing.]

The frost orcs were baffled by my appearance. The same was true for the frost orc with glasses at the back.

“Chwiiik. U-Unbelievable...? How?"

I shouted to the old orc, “Give me the humans you have captured!”

“I-Is it that dragon guy?”

“That’s right!”

“If I refuse?”

“All of you will be wiped out today.”

Once again, the blue lightning burst out and the frost orcs visibly faltered. The frost orc wearing glasses gritted his teeth. I looked at him and asked, “What are you going to do?”

He thought for a moment before speaking, “C-Chwik. Let’s have a truce.”

* * *

Deep in the village of the frost orcs, I was able to meet the rest of the group. They had been captured here and were all tied up. The group smiled brightly the moment they saw my face. 

Phew, I barely lived. Thank you for saving me.”

“Brother, you saved my life.”

“Buroder is truly strong. I believed in you. Hohoho.”

Coo~ ♡.”


Kim Sujeong, Gyeonso Dragon, Drain, Cer, and Pono. I smiled the moment I saw they were all safe. However, where was that thing? I turned my head toward the frost orcs wearing glasses standing behind me. His name was Sven. He was the chieftain and shaman of the frost orcs. "Have you ever seen a pot?"

“Pot? Chwiik. What is that...?”

“If you let it go, it floats in the air. Haven’t you seen it? It might contain my food.”

Oh, that thing is in my room. It is a strange thing so I’ve been examining it. Grruk. Was that yours?”

“Yes, it is important to me.”

Oh, I wanted to look at it a bit more but it can’t be helped. Follow me.”

Sven walked to his residence while pushing up his glasses. I followed him while the group decided to wait where they were. A short time later, I was able to reach Sven’s residence. However, it was a bit different from what I had expected. What was all this?

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is frowning at the paper-filled room.]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is bewildered by the room.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is looking around the room with curious eyes.]

“It is the first time a human has come to my place. Know the honor. Chwiik.”

“What are these papers?”

“A sign of my distress.”

“A sign of your distress?”

I looked closer and the papers contained strange formulas. I looked around the room when I found one familiar thing. This...?

“This is the telescope I saw before?”

“Human, your eyes are pretty good. It isn’t a telescope. It is the eyes of the frost orc and my life’s work. How many experiments did I conduct to make it? Kulalala!”

Sven laughed wickedly. This guy made it. Did this mean he made those poisonous needles as well?

I asked Sven, “Are you an inventor?”

“Inventor? What is that?”

Indeed, this guy didn’t know about inventors.

“People who make things among humans are called inventors. They are great people.”

“Chwik. Inventor. I like it. Yes, I can be called an inventor. It is all based on my magic. I also created the pipes that fired the poisonous needle at your companions.”

...It really was made by him.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is interested in Sven’s inventions.]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ isn’t happy about it.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is looking at him with strange eyes.]

To Prometheus and Camille, Sven’s inventions were mysterious. Even I was curious about his inventions. Then what was wrong with Raitra? Tsk.

Sven wondered, “Is this the pot you’re looking for?”

Sven went inside a bit more and showed me a familiar object. It was indeed the floating pot I was looking for.

“Yes, that’s right. By the way, you didn’t do anything strange to the pot, right?”

Grruk. I tried to but I couldn’t. It was because you broke in.”

“I see.”

“Can I ask one more thing?”


“The material of the pot. What the hell is it made of? I’ve never seen anything like it here in the North Pole. I am asking you as an inventor. I can’t resist asking. Chwiik.”

I touched my beard at his words. What was it made of? Zalmergus seemed to have told me but I couldn’t remember. What was it?

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is telling you it is the floating stone.]

Ah, that's right. That was it. “It is called the floating stone.”

Ohh, floating stone! I see. Where can I get it?”

“I don’t know. I got it from a friend.”

“Gruruk. I see...” Sven’s shoulders sagged. Was this so disappointing?

Cough. In any case, thank you. I’m going back to my group now.”

“Chwik. I underst... Huh? Aaaack! You can’t eat that!”

Suddenly, Sven’s head turned. I looked at where he was shouting and saw a familiar person eating one of Sven’s inventions.

Nyam ~♡


Pono was happily eating one of Sven’s parts. The emperor penguin had a habit of storing the shiny things they collected in their belly and it seemed like Pono was doing it instinctively. By the way, since when had he been following behind me...?

Sven’s anger erupted.

Grruk. He dared to eat the materials that will give birth to my life’s masterpiece!”

He released pressure like he was going to kill Pono and I restrained him.

“Wait. Pono, give it back.” 


I was now familiar with Pono's name for me. I went down to eye level with Pono and spoke to him, “Can you vomit up what you just ate?

Coo! Coo coo!

Damn, he didn’t want to. Then it couldn’t be helped. Emperor penguins usually didn’t vomit up what they ate. The only moment when emperor penguins spat out what they ate was to barter or exchange it for something shinier. I searched my inventory to find something shiny. Damn, what should I give...?

“Do you want to exchange with this?” The thing I took out was the Freezer Taurus’ Horns that I acquired a few days ago. I thought Pono would love it. Above all, I didn’t need it.


Che. You don’t like it. This little boy is very picky. Then what about this?”

Pono shook his head when he saw what I had taken out this time. He didn’t like this either. However, the reaction came from Sven who was watching from behind. “Wait.”


“Where did that orcram come from?”

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