Chapter 88

“President Po?”

I dimly remembered it—a penguin character wearing glasses with a yellow hat. My youngest daughter Seohyeon often showed this guy to appease her children. The name was...


Kim Sujeong held back a burst of laughter when she heard my words. Come to think of it, my current appearance was similar to that of ‘Ponono.’

Blue clothes with some orange mixed in. A yellow hat. I didn’t have a penguin’s beak or fur but my appearance was really similar. Just then, Drain opened his mouth and put an end to it, “Wow, that’s right! I made clothes with the Ponono concept! It goes really well together! Jesus!”

What Jesus bullshit. You should double-check it. My face suddenly reddened and I quickly took off the emperor penguin suit, throwing it to Drain.

“Fix it so it is more adultlike. It doesn’t fit my age.”

"Wat? No! It looks great. Buroder! Bery kyuti!”

Drain continued to follow with the clothes, saying it was a good fit. I tried to ignore him and asked Taibeus next to me, “Is Midnight Sun Wanderer still here?”

“Yes. I’ve heard the story. The Black Night Wanderer...”

“We can talk about it later.”

I didn’t want to think about bad memories. Even if it was inevitable, it was still sending a constellation to the cradle of the stars. I knew what that place was like so I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it. This was my way of atonement for him.

“I'm sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

“No, I’m just not ready for it yet. I’m even sorrier. I will go to the snowy mountain for a while.”

I left him behind and walked alone. Drain was still following me while talking about the clothes and Kim Sujeong followed behind me as well. I asked her who was following quietly, “How do you feel about acquiring the constellation you wanted so much?”

“...I don’t know yet. I wanted it so much but now I think it is too heavy.”

“There is a saying that with great power comes great responsibility. It was a line in a movie although I don’t remember where I saw it.”

Drain next to me cried out with amazement, “Miss Kim! Did you eat a Star Fruit?”

“Yes, it just happened.”

Wow! Conguratulasions! Congratulations! BAAAM!

"Thank you. I think Grandfather Drain will also get a chance.”

Oh, I’m fine. I only think about fashion. This is enough.”

We entered a familiar place as we were talking. It was the huge snowy mountain in the northwest where Romelana lived.

Oh, there is a huge blizzard. I would’ve frozen and died without Solar.”

Drain muttered as he looked around curiously. It was a natural reaction since this was the first time he had been here. We soon arrived near the basin and Fenrir opened his mouth, “Guruk. You came.”

[The wolf star, ‘Romelana,’ welcomes you.]

[The nearby ‘spiritual barrier’ is temporarily loosened.]

White light shone in the blizzard and the surrounding scenery changed. Drain saw the white crystals and ice and exclaimed, “Oh mai got!”

This guy’s English was too noisy. English had some exaggerated expressions, unlike Korean. It was a bit annoying to keep listening to it. Still, looking at the chatty Drain, I felt it was a good thing I didn’t take him along before. If we had taken him along, we would’ve been plagued by his noise all the way to Nutscher.

...Well, he was a good guy. His innate nature itself wasn’t bad. It was just that this 60 year old person was a bit of a chatterbox. A familiar figure was revealed in the crumbling scene. It was the noble white wolf, Romelana. Now she was a lone wolf who had lost her husband and became a widow.

[You came. I’ve been waiting.]

What was this? There were black spheres floating around her. They had an aura that was contrary to the power of the midnight sun. I knew the identity of this power.

“Black night...?”

[That’s right.]


Romelana spoke as if answering my question, [Remus left it behind after his death. It is his Star Piece.]

“Star Piece!”

I felt like I was struck with a hammer the moment I heard it. A constellation would leave behind a Star Piece if they died...? This wasn’t something that Prometheus remembered. 500 years ago, there wasn’t a single star who died in battle against the Army of Death in Ragnarok.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is nodding with amazement.]

It seemed this guy was discovering it for the first time.

[Fenrir, have you conveyed my will to the people of Nutscher?]

“Yes, Mother.”

[What did they say?]

“They said they would follow your words while grieving over Father’s death.”

[I’m glad. What would I have done if they didn’t follow...]

What did this mean? It wasn’t just me who wondered about this. Prometheus possessed Solar and opened his mouth, “Romelana, how are you going to help Nutscher’s residents?”

[...I’m going to become a first-grade constellation, Prometheus.]

Prometheus’ blue eyes widened.

“What? Don’t tell me you...”

[Yes, I’m currently purifying Remus’ Star Piece that has been defiled. Did you say it was a Pandora fragment? It is a really wicked power. It isn’t easy to drive out.]

“Shall I help you?”

[No need. I have to do it. If someone else’s power is involved then I won’t become first-grade.]

Che. I understand.”

Prometheus released the possession and returned Solar’s body. Solar orbited around me in a seemingly good mood. I didn’t know what they were talking about just now so I asked Romelana, “Why does it matter to the inhabitants of Nutscher if you rise to first-grade?”

[I promised them the black night. In order to do this, I need to absorb Remus’ power and rise to the first-grade. Before that, I want to lend you strength. It is to get revenge on Aldebaran.]

“How will you lend it to me?”

[I will purify this and give it to you. It is a Star Piece with Remus’ full power. If it is you then you can use it.]

My eyes widened at the words Star Piece and full power. Minotaur wouldn’t be a problem if I could obtain this. It was better to have a full-powered Star Piece than two weakened Star Pieces.

“Do you have a price?”

[You are quick to notice. It isn’t big. I'm just asking you to let me know when you find Aldebaran.]


[Constellation Quest - Romelana’s Revenge]

[Difficulty: SS

Romelana, one of the constellations dominating the North Pole, is asking you to find Aldebaran for the sake of revenge for her husband, Remus. If you find Aldebaran, you must let her know.

-Completion Conditions: Discover Aldebaran 0/1

-Rewards: The help of Romelana and the welsh wolves.]

It was a quest information window I hadn’t seen for a long time. It was a quest with an SS-grade difficulty but it wasn’t bad for me. If I eliminated Minotaur then I would become enemies with Aldebaran. We would have to fight one day so it would be good to have reinforcements.

“I will do so.”

[The quest has been accepted.]

* * *

We descended the snowy mountain and returned to Taibeus’ igloo. Kim Sujeong was busy talking to her constellation, Camille, while Drain had started attaching icicles again, saying that he would make the emperor penguin suit look more stylish. I sat down with my hand on my chin as I stared out of the window in contemplation.

10 days...

Romelana said it would take 10 days to completely cleanse Remus’ Star Piece. It was a lot longer than I thought but there were still 17 days remaining for the quest. I remembered that it took two days to cross the sea so we should make it in time.

“The problem is what to do in the meantime...”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ wants you to cook.]

“Cook? Are you hungry?"

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ says it isn’t because he is hungry.]

This bastard was probably hungry...

“I don’t want to.” 

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is making a grouchy expression.]

In fact, cooking seemed difficult here. The environment here was very vulnerable to Solar. I didn’t know if it would be different if Solar’s level was higher but with this type of firepower, cooking here wasn’t possible. It might’ve been different if I had the clouds elemental and learned snow cooking. There was no shortage of food because I had already made a lot of dishes on the ship. Just then, Taibeus’ voice was heard from behind me, “What are you thinking about so deeply?”

“I’m just wondering what to do here for 10 days.”

“You must have many thoughts. This is the best time for gula. Here.”

I drank the gula he handed me but it tasted a bit bitter. It was a familiar taste for some reason. Perhaps...?

“Is it alcohol?”

Oh, you realized? That's right. We also mix gula with alcohol.”

The taste of gula mixed with alcohol was better than I expected. It was the combination of warm Coke and alcohol. I thought it would be pretty good if I drank it this way in reality. I felt better with the alcohol flowing through my throat.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is looking at you and gulping.]


"Then I'm glad. If you don’t have anything to do for 10 days then why not hunt? The ice jaguars are making trouble to the south of here. I think you’ll be able to help.”


[Fight the Ice Jaguars!]

Difficulty: A-

To the south of the daytime village of Diya, it is said that the ice jaguars are causing trouble.

Taibeus, who is in charge of security here, is struggling to hunt them.

He is asking you for help. Kill the ice jaguars.

-Completion Conditions: Ice Jaguars 0/100

-Rewards: 5% experience, Gula’s Special Magic Power Potion (Large)

-A repeatable quest. Can’t be performed when level 150 or higher.

-The contents of the monster may change when you complete the quest.]

Hoh? The rewards were better than I thought. I am currently at level 90. After the fight with Remus, I had gained a tremendous 20 levels. I happily agreed.

“That's great. I’ll go and kill them.”

[The quest has been accepted.]

“Thank you. I am looking forward to your skills. May December’s blessing be with you!”

I was smiling and drinking gula when I received the message that Gyeonso Dragon had logged in. He had logged out earlier from this place so he walked over and found me instantly. I called out to him, “Gyeonso Dragon.”

“Yes, Brother. Good morning.”

“We’ve done the greetings. Let’s go to level up.”

At the same time, something exploded.

Peng! Peng peng! Peeng!

I could hear cheers from the water beast species in the distance. Diya’s residents were roaring at the sky. The Coca species cried out and the seal-like people clapped. Taibeus watched the scene from the side and said, “It looks like a day has passed.”

I looked up at the sky with him. If I remembered correctly, the Aurora would indicate when a day had passed here. I watched the Aurora that signaled a new day.

“Now there are 16 days left.”

There were 16 days remaining to complete the quest.

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