Chapter 86

I could feel the fluctuating feelings of the constellations in the Star Coffee House. In particular, I was touched the most by Prometheus’ emotions. The cold sadness pricked my heart like an awl.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ says that ‘Remus’ will die.]

[I know. However, you should know. If we don’t stop him here...]

Romelana couldn’t continue her words. Kim Sujeong, Gyeonso Dragon, and I also closed our eyes tightly. The conclusion of the upcoming tragedy rushed like an avalanche. We wished there was some hope but it wasn’t like ice cream that could be taken out at any time. Kim Sujeong blinked and asked, “Is there really no way?”


“Really, really...”

Prometheus, Raitra, and her constellation, Camille, remained silent. Sometimes silence was an unspoken affirmation. In that cruel silence, Kim Sujeong cried. “This is too tragic. This...”

I seemed to know why her heavenly star was Monarch of Desperate Hope. She was desperately hoping even in this situation. She hoped that this upcoming tragedy was a comedy that could be laughed at. Yet sometimes, you have to overcome all of that and move forward.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is giving you the apostle buff.]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is lending strength to you with red eyes.]

Prometheus, Raitra...

Sun and lightning dwelled in my legs. Rising Sun was blazing brilliantly toward the end of this tragedy. They were hoping that I would end this tragedy.

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is lending her fireflies.]

Camille’s fireflies wrapped around my body.

[The wolf star, ‘Romelana,’ is sharing the power of the midnight sun with you.]

Romelana’s midnight sun field exploded around her body. All that was left was a choice. I saw Kim Sujeong’s face. She was tearfully shaking her head. She had made her own choice. She was like the apostle of justice who shouted that even if she was in danger, she couldn’t kill anyone.

I remembered Prometheus’ words to me when I left the Star Coffee House. ‘Old man, you are no longer the selected one. Now you have to choose. I hope you’ll make the best choice.’

I see. This was the best option for me. Yes, if this was the best...

I left her behind and jumped toward Romelana’s huge back. The moment Romelana released the power of the midnight sun, my entire body felt like it was about to tear apart. A huge overload was going through my body but I had to endure it.

[The midnight sun has wrapped around your body.]

[Your current level is too low.]

[It is an unbearable strength. A duration of two minutes will be given.]

[After using this power, you won’t be able to move your body for two days.]

It was a message that seemed scary but I didn’t mind. It was virtual reality anyway. However, my red eyes that I was unaware of told me that this was reality. I opened my mouth, “It is only two minutes. This is the time that I can use this power, Romelana.” 

[I understand.]

At the same time, Romelana ran. The black night wolves that had become bigger due to Pandora’s power rushed at me but it was fine. Now I had this...

[The constellation skill: Firefly Concerto has been triggered.]

[Maintains a 5% health recovery per second.]

[Protective shields will cover 100 meters around you.]

“Yip! Yip!”

The black night wolves couldn’t penetrate the shield and fell apart. We faced Remus who swung his claws. However, I wasn’t going to stand still. “Lightning Dragon Angle.”

I didn’t just have Camille’s power. Raitra’s blue lightning around my legs paralyzed his body. In the gap, Romelana clawed at Remus’ chest.

Remus screamed, [Kuweeeeeoh!]

The ensuing attacks were more devastating than I expected. I continued to emit lightning while Romelana attacked the paralyzed Remus. It was just that I was gradually losing strength. Then a voice could be heard from behind me. “...I’ll help.”

Gyeonso Dragon suddenly appeared from behind and prepared the lightning dragon. The next moment, lightning struck at great speed, further wounding Remus. We continued to attack while biting our lips. It was the same with Romelana. She was shedding tears.


Romelana’s words were even sadder. Her heart and mind would’ve already been shattered. It was so sad that she had to ruthlessly fight her partner she had given everything to. Yet in this situation, she was more sober than I thought. In this situation, wisdom was so sad.

[I’m sorry... however, I think you would want this as well.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is closing his eyes.]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is looking up at the sky.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is biting her lip.]

Everyone looked up at the grieving sky and felt a sense of hopelessness. Even so, I had made up my mind.

[The constellation skill, ‘Firefly Concerto,’ will end in one minute.]

[You won’t be able to move after one minute.]

“Damn, it is already time...”

If the shield disappeared, neither Romelana, Gyeonso Dragon, nor I would be able to escape a fatal injury. Remus’ power was beyond imagination. His health had been decreased by half but there was still half remaining. I watched the vanishing shields and bit my lip. Then a familiar voice was heard, “Firefly Concerto.”

The disappearing shields were restored to their original state. A small voice was heard behind me as Kim Sujeong stared at me, “It can’t be helped...?”

I listened to her words in silence.

“I thought I was used to it. After your wife’s death, I became numb to people’s death. That’s why I wasn’t going to do anything now.”

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is looking at her with sad eyes.]

“However, now I know. I realized there are things in the world that I can’t help. It is also important to send it off well.”

Her hands shone brilliantly. I could see what she was trying to do.


The rating of her constellation was ‘3.’ As a third-grade constellation, Camille had some attack power. Blood flowed from Kim Sujeong’s mouth.

“Nonsmoking Fireflies.”

Two giant fireflies hovered around her. It was obvious what this was. It was a constellation attack skill that struck in a long line from a distance. I watched the luminous light falling from the sky and was immersed. The two fireflies indiscriminately fired the luminous light. Since it was a straight line ranged skill, the damage of each one was very low but the story would be different if it attacked a single, massive target. As the name suggested, the fireflies had no smoke.


Remus struggled. Fortunately, we had the shields and didn’t suffer any damage. Even so, we couldn’t smile.

[I’m sorry, Honey... I’m sorry...]

The children at Romelana’s feet wept. Fenrir, the first born, cried the most. There was something quite sad about a wolf’s cries. The cries that were intended to overwhelm someone contained feelings of sadness.


We watched it and became solemn. My arm was around Gyeonso Dragon’s shoulder as I was supported by him. Finally, Remus only had 5% health left. Then it happened...

[The wolf star, ‘Remus,’ has regained his mind.]


Romelana’s claws swinging toward Remus stopped. However, the bombardment was still continuing. The thing that had already begun couldn’t be stopped. This made us sad.

[...I’m sorry, Honey. This is the only way.]

[Well done. As expected of my wife...]

Remus didn’t speak for long. He too had already foreseen his death. His eyes turned to Fenrir.

[You have grown a lot bigger, Fenrir...] 


[...It is a pity that there isn’t much time. However, I have to say this. Now you are the head of this family. Protect your mother.]

All the welsh wolves, including Fenrir, cried. Their roars were an oath. They were also a song for their father. Remus turned his head and looked at me. His face seemed calm. The final radiance before death—I could see that his remaining life was short. I felt my heart pounding as the giant wolf looked up at the sky with a faint smile. He didn’t show any regrets. Rather, there was a sense of freedom and relaxed liberation.


Remus let out a final howl and the black night exploded. It was the last consideration for his family and for himself. He took his own life so that his beloved wife wouldn’t feel guilty. This was Remus’ love for Romelana.

The world flashed. Light and darkness, blue lightning, luminous fireflies—everything was mixed together and a pure whilte light was created. We couldn’t open our eyes at the dazzling light. The snow that filled the surrounding landscape reflected everything and the world fell into light.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is looking up at the sky.]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is looking up at the sky.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is praying to the sky.]

In the dazzling sorrow, no one could speak. It wasn’t long before we opened our eyes. Looking up at the sky, a white shooting star was going against the world by rising. I could tell with one glance that it was Remus’ star soul. He would now be heading to the cradle of the stars.

I remembered the previous words of Psyche and the unidentified man. I hadn’t understood it then but now I do. It might be a message of hope to be friends with all the stars in the world and not be lonely. Perhaps Remus would see a myriad of stars as he went to the cradle of the stars. He wasn’t alone and would never be alone. There would be many stars joining him.

I stood until Remus’ star soul disappeared. A short time later, a message was heard from the sky.

[World: One of the guardians of the world has returned to the cradle of the stars.]

I opened my mouth with a heavy heart, “Remus, may the protection of the stars be with you...”

Then I closed my eyes and collapsed.

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