Chapter 85

Kim Sujeong swallowed the Star Fruit. She frowned fiercely to express that it doesn’t taste good. In fact, it really doesn’t taste good at all.

Ugh, what is this taste...?’

At this moment, stars shone above her head. Starlight that seemed to devour everything filled her head. The universe, the Milky Way, a huge black hole. Beyond that, she could see the stars. Kim Sujeong’s eyes widened as confusion dominated her mind.

[Your heavenly star is Monarch of Desperate Hope.]

[The third-grade constellations who like ‘desperate hope’ have gathered.]

[Person beloved by the stars, you are qualified to be a Star's Beloved.]

[The third-grade star, ‘Person Who Cut the Cherry Blossoms’ is interested in you.]

[The third-grade star, ‘Imitator of Light’ is curious.]

[The third-grade star, ‘Heavenly Demon’ is looking at you with compassion.]

Kim Sujeong’s eyes widened.

“W-What is all this?”

* * *

I felt somewhat strange. I remembered the time when I ate the Star Fruit. How deep was my frown at the bitter taste? At that time, she had asked me to eat it but now I was feeding it to her. I felt somehow proud.

Kim Sujeong said, “P-People with strange names are talking to me!”

“They are constellations.”

“W-What should I say?”

“Just say anything.”

She looked up at the sky and greeted them. There were small sparks and she looked flustered. W-Wow! It feels like this. Talk to me!”


I felt sorry but I couldn’t let her keep talking. Romelana was in danger right now. Her health had been decreased by half. “I’m sorry but there is no time. Tell me the nicknames of the constellations who are interested in you.”

Ah, I’m sorry. The first one interested in me is Person Who Cut the Cherry Blossoms.”

Person Who Cut the Cherry Blossoms.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is laughing as he remembers the nickname.]

I inwardly laughed. I never thought this guy would be third-grade. He was a constellation who didn’t live here but on the eastern part of the continent. His sword reached the realm of a sword star and by the way, he wasn’t a human. During his training, he cut a cherry tree and then cut the falling cherry blossoms. This was why his swordsmanship was called...

Sakura Sword.

The problem was that in order to have him as a constellation, the player must have talent for swordsmanship in the first place. It might be possible for my granddaughter Mido but it was a bit burdensome. In any case, this wasn’t the constellation I was looking for.

I shook my head. “He doesn’t fit you. Who else is there?”

Um, Imitator of Light?”

“This one also doesn’t fit unless you want to be an artist.” 

Ugh, it isn’t easy to pick a constellation.”

She checked the messages of the constellations and told me their nicknames. I relentlessly filtered it out every time I heard a name I didn’t like.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ says there is no time!]

Damn, I also knew this...

The one who could deal with the current situation hadn’t appeared yet but ‘she’ was definitely third-grade. Finally, Kim Sujeong said, “This is the last one. Green Light Savior?”

I couldn’t help getting goosebumps the moment I heard that nickname. Finally, the nickname of the constellation I was looking for had appeared. I didn’t delay and told her to choose Green Light Savior as her constellation. Kim Sujeong made her choice and a light spread around her.

[World: A new legend has woken up! Her star name is Firefly Star's Beloved!]

Green fireflies started to wander around her. I smiled as I saw the fireflies illuminating the dark cave. Kim Sujeong looked flustered. “Fireflies, Camille...?”

To be precise, it was Camille Nepomuk. I knew her well. It was because she was a constellation Prometheus was keeping an eye on with interest.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is smiling at his first love.]

It was unrequited love but Prometheus still hadn’t forgotten her. It was quite surprising that a man who was called a ‘god’ hadn’t forgotten a human who was now a constellation for hundreds of years. The problem was that Prometheus was a divorced man...

In any case, I extended my fist to Kim Sujeong. Kim Sujeong was bewildered for a moment but she was young and knew what I was implying.

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ has entered the star cluster, ‘Star Coffee House’.]

The moment she came in, a large number of indirect messages appeared. They were all messages from Prometheus.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is welcoming ‘Camille’ with open arms.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is slapping ‘Prometheus’ on the cheek.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is going to cry.]

Shit. It was a love fight as soon as she entered. “Do your love fight later!” 

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ insists that it isn’t a love fight.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is insisting that it is a love fight.]

These damn guys...

Meanwhile, Raitra was dying with laughter.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is clutching his lightning fur.]

Kim Sujeong looked dazed at the sudden situation. It was probably really confusing. It could be seen instantly. This was a rather strange situation. However, there was no time to explain. I looked up at the sky and got to the point. "Camille, there is someone who needs your help.”

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is asking who it is with serious eyes.]

As expected. Camille Nepomuk was a star who cared for sick people before becoming a constellation. She too didn’t abandon her nature. She couldn’t pass by any sick or wounded person. This was exactly what Prometheus remembered.

“Treat Romelana over here.” I pointed to her and Camille’s reaction was swift.

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is giving power to her Star's Beloved.]

Shimmering fireflies started to swirl around Kim Sujeong. Her arms were covered with a black light as subtle glows started to emerge everywhere. Kim Sujeong opened her mouth, “Constellation skill, Healing Fireflies...?” 

I told her, “Stretch out your hand toward Romelana.”

“Like this?”

“Now use the skill.”

Kim Sujeong nodded at me. “Healing Fireflies.”

Luminous lights flowed from her hands toward Romelana. Romelana clearly felt the healing energy. The wounds on her neck suddenly recovered.

[You are Camille. It has been a while.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is greeting her.]

[It looks like I don’t need to worry about the kids getting hurt.]

What...? Wait.

[I won’t hold anything back anymore.]

The white midnight sun and soft violet light started to appear around her. It seemed that Romelana was going to use her full strength. I never thought she would be hiding this much star spirit...

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is saying it is dangerous.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is giving power to her Star's Beloved.]

“Father, this time it is Firefly Concerto!”

“Use it quickly! Before it gets more dangerous!”

“Firefly Concerto!”

This time, a brilliant fluorescence spread out. It instantly created shields that covered a huge area. I could feel that everyone’s health was being restored. In the crumbling cave, Gyeonso Dragon admired it.

“It is a tremendous strength.”

In fact, Camille was only third-grade due to her lack of combat ability. Her healing abilities were unrivaled among the constellations. I nodded toward him and replied, “Yes, this is a tremendous force. It is great to sacrifice yourself to heal people.”

Yes, this was just like Camille Nepomuk.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is looking at ‘Camille’ with a smile.]

I turned my head toward Remus and Romelana. They confronted each other like light and darkness. Suddenly, the ceiling of the cave collapsed, revealing a snowstorm. White and black mixed in the sky, creating grey sparks. The black night wolves and white night wolves were scratching and biting each other.

Remus and Romelana collided once again. An avalanche headed toward us but the shields of Firefly Concerto protected us. It was just that there was nothing we could do about the shaking of the ground.

“Kyak! Aren’t we going to die like this?”

Kuock. This is a battle between constellations...!”

“A fight between couples is great.”

I thought I was going to die. In fact, it was fortunate that I was even alive right now. Damn, how did this happen? I just came to borrow a Star Piece and it ended with a fight between wolves. Still, what could be done? Things had already happened. It was at this moment...

[The second-grade star, ‘Black Night Wanderer,’ is surprised to see himself.]

[The second-grade star, ‘Black Night Wanderer,’ is revealing his true name.]

[The wolf star, ‘Remus,’ is perplexed.]


[Remus, have you regained your mind? It's me.]

However, it was only for a moment. The Pandora piece in his eye started to emit a greater power. It was visible to our eyes.

[The Pandora piece is corrupting the wolf star, ‘Remus.’]

[The wolf star, ‘Remus,’ is captured by one of the seven sins, Wrath.]

[N.o. Romelana.]

A purple aura spread around Remus. The Pandora piece was giving him a wicked power. Romelana slowly started to be pushed.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is frowning.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is flustered.]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ says the situation isn’t good.]

Dammit, I knew it as well. He had already been stained with too many sins. The final result of a corrupted constellation was obvious. It was because this had happened once in the past. Of course, Gaia had been present at the time so the constellation could be cleansed quickly. That constellation narrowly survived and hid somewhere.

Now it was different. He barely managed to speak toward Romelana. It was too cruel for her.

[Romelana... Uhh... do... not... for...give... Al..debaran. My... eye...]

Remus was fighting it but it was too late. He had already been enraged once and the second time was easier. I watched Romelana’s flowing tears and was overcome with grief.


Maybe she already knew. It was too late to turn things around.

Romelana watched him and opened her mouth, [...I need help.]

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