Chapter 84

The white snow was completely dyed black. There was no white in my vision anymore. Only darkness filled the surroundings. Then I could see a figure walking in front of me.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is telling you to be careful!]

I could feel a deep killing intent. The red eye of a hungry predator was looking down at us. The beast with one remaining eye cried out, [Kueeeeeong!There was a tremendous overbearing pressure. It was just a brief roar but a chill went down my spine.

The giant wolf was surrounded by a light purple aura. The star spirit emitted from a constellation had its own rating. A third-grade constellation was blue. Second-grade was light purple. First-grade was red. This was a second-grade constellation.

[The second-grade star, ‘Black Night Wanderer,’ is announcing ‘Black Night’s Arrival’!]

[The land in a 100 meter area will turn into a black domain.]

[Dark power is doubled in the black domain.]

“Damn, he used this from the beginning.”

Black Night’s Arrival was one of Remus’ specialties. It raised the power of darkness while turning an area of 100 meters into a black domain. Anyone with the dark attribute would have their power doubled inside it. It was the same for Remus. However, this wasn’t the real scary thing.

Kim Sujeong was baffled. “W-What is this? Something is appearing in the darkness?”

Shit. In the end, ‘that’ came out.

The black night wolves. Remus’ loyal servants appeared in the black domain. The black night wolves bared their teeth at us. Fenrir’s desperate cry was heard. “Father! It is us! Don’t you recognize me? I am Fenrir!”

[The wolf star, ‘Romelana,’ is weeping as she looks at ‘Remus.’]

Shit, there was no time. No matter who looked at it, Remus had lost his sense of reason. If his sense of reason had remained then his true name would already be revealed. Yet in front of me, Remus only bared his sharp teeth. As expected, they were cold teeth.

First, we needed to get out of here. It seemed like something had gone wrong. Remus’ stats that I could see using Insight were far beyond my imagination.

[Insight Information]

[True Name: Remus

Level: 450 + 50

Heavenly Star: Monarch of Poor Love

Strength 400 + 50  / Agility 600 +  50

Fitness  300 + 50 / Knowledge  500 + 50

Constellation Skills: Black Night's Arrival (Heroic), Black Night Wolves Summoning (Heroic), Cold Poison (Legendary), Black Night’s Power (Legendary), Beast Instincts (Legendary)

Weaknesses: The dark attribute is weak to the light attribute.

* Stats have risen dramatically after losing his sense of reason to Pandora’s power.]

“This is ridiculous.”

Romelana probably had similar stats. After all, their level was different from other constellations in the first place. Considering that they were now at half-strength, their level was very high.

“Father! I am Fenrir!”

“You bastards! Run away first! He has lost his sense of reason!” 

The black night wolves were approaching. The number was at least 100. This jerk. Had he ever summoned so many before? Strangely, he felt very strong. Then a dark violet glow appeared in Remus’ one missing eye. Based on the fire marks, this was probably a wound caused by Aldebaran. There, instead of pupils, a Pandora piece was shining.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ says that you need to remove the bead fragment from his eye.]

“I know! But how...”


“...Damn.” The black night wolves started running in unison. Their legs were also short but they ran faster than anyone else. I urged Fenrir, “Hey! Move quickly! Do you want all of us to die here?”

The welsh wolves, including Fenrir, were unable to move. Perhaps they never dreamed that their father would attack them in this way. I swore harshly and descended from Fenrir’s back. It was at this moment...

[The wolf star, ‘Romelana,’ is lending you strength.]

[You have an innate heavenly star that is appropriate for the corresponding constellation.]

[The constellation skill: White Night Wolves Summoning can be used.]

[The constellation skill: White Night’s Arrival can be used.]

[You can’t use Beast's Instincts because you aren’t a welsh wolf.]

I saw the messages and felt like I had received a line of salvation. If Remus had Black Night's Arrival then Romelana had White Night’s Arrival. Both were inextricably bound, like light and darkness, but they were also fatal to each other. If they had a marital fight then one of them might die.

“White Night's Arrival.”

The midnight sun poured down through the dark clouds.

[The constellation skill: White Night’s Arrival has been triggered.]

[The power of light grows stronger under the midnight sun and the power of darkness has weakened!]

[This is an area where Black Night's Arrival has been declared.]

[Light and dark coexist and the increase in power for both attributes has disappeared.]

[This will last 10 minutes due to the caster’s lack of stats.]

My body was engulfed in a white light and it mixed together with the darkness. Darkness and light, light and darkness—the opposing auras mixed and created small sparks. Everyone watched me with amazed eyes but I just used White Night Wolves Summoning.

[The constellation skill: White Night Wolves Summoning has been triggered.]

[The caster’s level is too low.]

[The number of objects summoned are limited to 20.]

[The white night wolves have stats equal to 10% of the caster’s stats.]

“...Dammit.” It seemed there were restrictions on White Night Wolves Summoning. The good news was that Remus and the black night wolves hesitated the moment White Night's Arrival was used. I pointed to the enemies with my fingers. "Go!"


The white night wolves rushed in with a howl. It was already pandemonium. A hell where wolves bit and clawed at each other.

[The wolf star, ‘Romelana,’ is saying to run away first.]

I nodded at her words. Fenrir had come to his senses at the sight of the midnight sun. I climbed onto his back and complained, “Now you can hear me.”

“...I’m sorry.”

“Leave first.”

“Where are we going?”

“There.” I pointed to the large cave Remus had emerged from.

Fenrir wondered, “Are you insane?”

“I don’t have dementia yet. Just run, rotten guy.”

The cave was filled with the black night. 

Perhaps it was a barrier blocking the entrance. In fact, I had wanted to go in there to look for the Star Fruit but things had become twisted. I would’ve gotten the Star Piece from Romelana if I had known this.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ says you are crazy.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is quietly hitting him on the back of the head.]

These noisy guys should die. I ignored the disturbance in the Star Coffee House as my group got on the welsh wolves and we ran quickly. The cave wasn’t far away and we were able to arrive quickly. The white and black wolves were still fighting. The white night wolves might be thoroughly beaten but it would be fine for 10 minutes. As long as White Night's Arrival lasted, the white night wolves would constantly stand up.

[The wolf star, ‘Romelana,’ says to hang on a bit more. She is coming.]

“What...? Will you come here?”

I hadn’t expected her to come. Maybe Romelana realized the seriousness of the situation. This was probably the last chance to get him back. In any case, it was nice to have reinforcements coming. Then I was right to do what I had to do.

I rode Fenrir, who ran through the huge cave. It would’ve been nice to walk slowly but now there was no time. A short time later, we arrived at a place where huge black crystals glowed. I knew what it was.

“The black ice stones made by Remus...”

The Twin Rulers of the North Pole—this was what Romelana and Remus were called. They were the only constellations in the North Pole who had the title of ‘ruler’ because they didn’t have only one attribute. Remus has the dark and ice attributes while Romelana had the light and ice attributes. They had such power. If they weren’t sharing the power of a constellation, they could’ve become a first-grade constellation. Nevertheless, they shared the power. It showed just how good the relationship between the two of them was.

...This was why I didn’t want a marital fight. Shit.

Kim Sujeong asked from behind, "I know why we came here. Are you looking for the Star Fruit?”

“Yes, that’s right. Do the two of you know what it looks like?”

“Yes, I know.”

“Of course, Brother.” 

The two trustworthy people nodded. I started searching the place with Fenrir. They also scattered with their welsh wolves to find the Star Fruit. However, time wasn’t on our side.

[The second-grade constellation, ‘Black Night Wanderer,’ is approaching.]


A roar filled with killing intent filled the cave. The voice was still very overbearing.

“I’m going crazy.”

“Father! Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Brother! What should we do?”

Shit, I didn’t think he would come yet. Then it couldn’t be helped. It was sink or swim. “You guys keep on looking for the Star Fruit! I’ll go buy some time!”

“What are you going to do?”

“Brother! Will you be okay?”

“Don’t worry, I have an idea!”

I anxiously ran toward the entrance. Then I pulled out something familiar from my inventory.

“I didn’t think I would use this here.”

I used Blowing Fire to light the explosives I obtained from Mulan. I hurled it and there was a loud explosion. Rocks fell and blocked the entrance.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is admiring your improvisation.]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is praising your thorough preparation.]

In any case, I bought a bit more time with this. The question was how long...

There was the sound of a small earthquake and the fallen rocks were visible. It didn’t seem to last very long.

“That damned guy’s strength is very high.”

I used the cobweb skill like it was glue. I could feel the rocks becoming stickier but this seemed useless. I heard more continuous earthquakes. Behind the door, the whines of several wolves were heard. This jerk was perhaps...

[The second-grade star, ‘Black Night Wanderer,’ is using Black Night Wolves Summoning.]

“Why is a person who lost his mind so smart?”

My mouth grumbled but both my feet were stepping back. It was because the entrance started to open up bit by bit under the colossal strength. Finally, there was a loud sound and the blocked entrance was penetrated. I quickly ran to where the rest of the group was located. We got together and prepared to fight. Unfortunately, Fenrir and the welsh wolves were roaring with resignation. The red-violet eyes glared at me.

...He was coming. I used Rising Sun but I wouldn’t be able to escape at all. This was the big gap between our stats and level. It seemed inevitable even if I used Raitra’s lightning. This was how large the wall was between Remus and me.


“What’s wrong?”

“Will we die now?”


At this moment, Remus charged toward us. His cold claws and teeth could be felt from here. It was so fast that I sucked in a breath. I thought to myself, “It is up to here.”

Then it happened...

[Avoid it!]

A huge white wolf appeared and struck Remus. It was a wolf I was familiar with. I cried out to her, "Romelana!”

[Get out of here, I’ll handle him! Fenrir! Evacuate them from here!]

“But Mother!”

[I'll be fine!]

Romelana came in time. She had already arrived. I heard that constellations of the life and light system could move at the speed of light. Now it seemed to be true. On the other hand, dark constellations like Remus were secretive. Remus’ teeth moved without a sound and quickly bit Romelana’s neck. It wouldn’t be dangerous because she was resistant to the cold poison but the sharpness was unavoidable.

Blood stained her white neck and she seemed wounded. The two beasts fought and started to smash nearby crystals.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is cheering ‘Romelana’ on.]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is sweating lightning bolts.]

Next to me, Gyeonso Dragon spoke, “It is a complete war of monsters.”

“It turns out that a fight between constellations is like this.”

“Suddenly, I wonder what Raitra looks like.”

“You haven’t seen his face?”

“Yes, I haven’t seen it yet.”

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ says he is very handsome.]

Crazy bastard. Perhaps he hadn’t even talked to Raitra yet. I climbed onto Fenrir’s back and replied, “A naked lightning monkey.”


“That is all I know.”

At this time, Kim Sujeong’s shout came from behind me, “I found it!”

In an instant, everyone’s eyes turned toward her. Something emitting a familiar light was in her hand and a sound was heard. I quickly ran toward her to check the information.

[Star Fruit]

[Grade: 3

Usage Restrictions: None

You may contract with a third-grade constellation. The power to seal evil is contained.]

The description itself was a bit different from the Star Fruit I ate. Mine had a restriction on it but this one didn’t have one. I was glad but this wasn’t the problem. Third-grade? There was a Pandora piece. In addition, Remus and Romelana were second-grade constellations. In order to handle Pandora’s power, at least a second-grade Star Fruit was needed.

“Damn, this one can’t handle Remus.”

I thought the Star Fruit would’ve been able to calm down Pandora’s aura in Remus’ missing eye a little bit. However, a third-grade one was a different story. 

Kim Sujeong asked, “You weren’t looking for this to give it to me?”

“No, I was going to weaken Remus a little bit using it.”

“...Wouldn’t it be better to eat it?”

I didn’t say anything at her words. There was only a one level difference between second and third grade but among the constellations, this represented a big difference in power. A loud sound rang through the cave as Romelana hit the wall.

“Gruruk. Mother!”

Fenrir and his siblings rushed to her side. Each of them were blocking the way of their father to protect their mother. They went out to prevent a tragedy from occurring but they were young and lacking strength.

...It couldn’t be helped. I told Kim Sujeong, "Eat it.”


“There is no time, quickly eat it!”

I shoved the Star Fruit into her mouth.

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