Chapter 59

The pendant instantly started glowing. It was illuminated with a brilliant purple light. Everyone was fascinated by the sight, as was I. Then a message appeared.

[The master of the Star Piece is looking at you.]

This...? I suddenly felt an unidentified gaze. It made me feel like I was stripped naked. Then Prometheus opened his mouth, “Ice Tag Fairy, keep your brilliant promise.”

[The third-grade star, ‘Ice Tag Fairy,’ is nodding.]

[The Star Piece is temporarily unsealed.]

[The required monarch’s qualifications haven’t blossomed.]

[Only some abilities are available.]

Suddenly, my left hand started to freeze. There was a coldness that seemed to freeze everything and everyone’s eyes widened. Edward was one of them. “Unbelievable. How come I can’t use it?”

Kim Sujeong was staring blankly with her mouth open. It was the same for the knights and Gyeonso Dragon.


[☆ Star Piece, ‘Ice Tag Fairy’s Left Hand’]

[Rating: Star Relic

Usage Restrictions: Monarch of Kind Patience

Health +30, Agility +30

* Ice Tag! - If you shout ‘Ice!’, the part that the caster touches will freeze for 20 seconds. All the ice will melt when ‘Tag!’ is shouted. (Magic power consumption: 2%)

* Sealed Skill.

* Sealed Skill.

-The detailed information isn’t yet available.]

The necklace was suddenly changed to the name ‘left hand.’ I checked the Ice Tag! skill and nodded. Sure enough, the function was like this. There seemed to be no damage but it was enough to freeze the opponent for 20 seconds. Then Gorba’s roar was heard, “Graaaaaa—!”

An ominous energy emerged from his body. The darker and thicker energy seemed to overpower us and it actually did. Gorba’s necklace started to glow with a dark light and everyone stepped back.

One knight wondered, “How can an orc have such power?”

It wasn’t just him, everyone didn’t know. Gorba was like this now due to the bead on his necklace. Prometheus said, “Old man, you know it without me having to tell you his weak point, right?”


I gave a small nod and stepped towards Gorba, who was releasing waves of energy. Everyone was unable to move from the pressure but strangely, I could move. It was probably because of this.

[The aura of the Star Piece is protecting you.]

Prometheus knew this would happen. Once I saw Solar following the ice, I remembered the tutorial. I met Gaia, got the Star Fruit and was told I needed to be king. I hadn’t known it at the time but now I realized it. Prometheus felt my gaze and opened his mouth, “There is a lot to talk about when you’re done dealing with him.”

“I don’t know what it is but I’ll listen.”

Prometheus smiled at my words before I started running toward Gorba. The roaring stopped like he found me and Gorba came running.

“Keen Insight.”

[Apostle Skill: Keen Insight has been used.]

[You can preview your opponent’s attack path for one minute.]

I could see the remnants of Gorba’s movements with serene red eyes. It seemed that I could now avoid his attacks.

“Go, old man.” 

[You have received the apostle’s buff.]

[All stats are increased by 20% for 30 minutes.]

My body became lighter. It would’ve been better with Sujeong’s buffs but she was already quite far away. I leapt toward Gorba, my fist passing by his right cheek. Then I quickly stretched out my left hand and cast a skill. “Ice!”

An ice flower blossomed within the dust. Gorba’s frozen right hand was tightly tied to the ground. Gorba was perplexed by the sight but it was useless. I had already jumped on his back and cried out, “Ice!”

Gorba’s leg frozen when my left hand touched it. His right leg suddenly became one with the ground and all that was left was his left leg and left hand. Gorba screamed again, “Kuweeeeeoh!”

“Ice! Ice!”

Every time I used it, I felt magic power leave me. One third of my magic power had been consumed. My recovery speed was unable to keep up. Then I started freezing his left leg.


The left hand that hadn’t yet been frozen aimed at me but I was able to avoid it with Keen Insight. However, it was hard to evade even with Keen Insight.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is shouting to be strong!]

What was with this guy? I was thankful for the support but I didn’t know what this guy was doing. I froze the left leg, thinking I should ask later, when I saw Gyeonso Dragon running here. Gyeonso Dragon appeared with blue lightning around his legs. He was looking at me with interested eyes. “How can I help?”

“I’m going to freeze his limbs. Can you lure his left hand a little bit?”

Ice had a duration of 20 seconds. The first frozen right hand was shaking. Gyeonso Dragon nodded. “I understand. I’ll take care of it.”

At the same time, Gyeonso Dragon disappeared. I felt it once again but it was a truly tremendous speed. He jumped toward Gorba’s left hand and aimed a lightning fist. I quickly froze the right hand again. “Ice! Ice!”

After freezing the frozen places once again, I returned to where Gyeonso Dragon was fighting. It might be a feature but Gorba showed signs of slight paralysis every time he was touched by the lightning fist. I smiled and jumped up with my left hand. “Ice!”

Even his left hand was frozen and Gorba screamed. It was natural since all his limbs were suppressed.

“Now let’s finish this.”

Gyeonso Dragon was telling me to end Gorba's life. However, why was I reluctant? Suddenly, the orc village came to mind. If he died, the orc village would be gone. Perhaps they would lose their homes and wander around. The orc children I saw there, the mothers of the children, and the playground would all be destroyed.

I knew how dangerous it was to have feelings for a monster. However, this orc were merely controlled by Ragneos. At one point, I noticed faint tears in Gorba’s eyes.


Maybe, just maybe. He might have one last chance. There would be many changes because of my choice. Shit. I would’ve rather not seen the orc village.

“I won’t kill him.”


I quickly climbed onto his shoulders and kicked the necklace. The bead fragment fell helplessly in the aftermath of the explosion and instantly, the dark energy disappeared. Gorba grabbed his head and complained of pain. “Gruruk! This place...?

I told him, “Gorba, I’ll give you a chance.”

* * *

Once the fight ended, Sujeong logged out straight away. I stayed and talked to Lord Edward.

“What? Forgive him? Are you serious?”

“Yes. Instead, he will help rebuild this place.”

Gorba and I had talked a lot. His memory stopped when he met Ragneos and he couldn’t remember anything after that. I explained to Gorba about the raid on Windia and he said he wanted to apologize, feeling resentful of the fact that he had been manipulated. “I was controlled by an unknown force! I’m truly sorry!”

Thump! The image of Gorba smashing his forehead against the ground caused everyone, including the lord, to be speechless.

Edward bit his lip before opening his mouth, “The things you have done are unforgivable! Do you know that?”

“I know! Chwiiik. Still, I am asking for forgiveness!” 

“You have destroyed our land!”

"I'm aware of that! I’m sorry! Chwiiik.” Gorba continued to bow his head. As expected, he was a great leader. Unlike the arrogant goblin Zigma, there were some generous parts.

Once Gorba was forgiven and was ready to go back, I spoke to the lord, “I’ll follow him and make sure he keeps his promise. Please persuade the villagers.”

“Understood. Please go.”

Suddenly, Kerenos appeared with the support of the knights. “You did it in the end.”

“Yes. It is thanks to you. You bought me a great deal of time.”

“Of course, I just did what I had to do.”

At this moment, there was a loud commotion from the plains. I could hear the sound of horseshoes and the sound of iron boots moving. There were numerous footsteps and carriages approaching here and I frowned. “It sounds like an army is entering.”

Huh...? I can’t hear it.”

“Tsk tsk. Why does a young man have bad hearing?”

In fact, it was because my hearing was raised by the super sensitivity stat. Even so, I wanted to act patronizing. I said, “In any case, it’s a nuisance so you should handle the things here.”

“I know.”

“Don’t mention me to other people either.”

Huh? But this...”

“Do it like this. It is hard enough that I got people’s attention in Mulan.”

“I understand.”

Kerenos nodded and then I approached Gyeonso Dragon. “Thank you so much again.”

“No need. You would’ve done well even without me.”

“You are a humble friend. Keke.”

I liked him. He was polite, spoke with the right tone, had useful fighting skills, and the proper human nature. I liked everything about him so I sent a friend request.

Gyeonso Dragon smiled. “It is an honor.”

[The user ‘Gyeonso Dragon’ has been registered as a friend.]

Somehow, I thought we fit well. The moment he registered as a friend, Gyeonso Dragon opened his mouth again, “Elder.”

“What elder? Call me Brother.”

Gyeonso Dragon’s lips curved and he continued speaking, “I understand. Brother, can I ask you for a request?”

“Request? Tell me what it is.”

I wondered what type of request he would ask for since he looked so serious. Then a shout was heard. “There’s an orc here!”

“Gazua! [1]For Windia!!”

“Get ready to broadcast!”

As expected, the sound of footsteps was an army. There were NPCs but most of them were users. They came without knowing anything but I would have to act as a ghost. I quickly put on a mask and spoke to the lord, “I’m going.”

“Yes, please return my father’s keepsake later.”

The form of a pendant suddenly appeared in my left hand. It had returned to its original appearance after 10 minutes. Maybe the time I could use it was limited to 10 minutes. I wanted to return to keepsake to Edward but I needed it since I had to keep an eye on Gorba.

I rode on Gorba’s shoulder. “Let's go, Gorba.”

“I understand. Chwiiik.”

Gorba ran quickly. He headed north, which was a shortcut, and every time his giant body moved, the ground shook. We had just reached the entrance of the Loch Mountains when I suddenly received a whisper.

-Gyeonso Dragon: Brother.


We just split up. Had something happened? Oh, he told me he had a request. I remembered that I hadn’t heard it.

...I felt sorry.

-Jackson: I’m sorry, did you say you have a request? I was distracted.

-Gyeonso Dragon: No, it’s fine. Can I tell you now?

-Jackson: Keke. Yes, tell me.

He was a loving little brother and I should listen. Gyeonso Dragon was silent for a moment before speaking.

-Gyeonso Dragon: Brother, I want to fight you.

[1] Korean buzzword meaning ‘Let’s g-o!’ Used to wish for your team, stock or bitcoin wins.

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