Chapter 57

Kim Sujeong frowned. It was the orc champions who raised dust as they ran. They were stronger than the orcs who had come before. Kerenos inevitably had to call the Sylphid Knights to fight together with him but it was hard. It was due to this guy...

[Lv. 200 Blue Tooth Orc Chief, Gorba] 

Gorba seemed to have the ability to reduce any physical damage by 80%. His health hadn’t even been reduced by 10%.

“Crystal, thank you for the buff.”

“I got it, Andrew. Have strength.”

Andrew also came with the Sylphid Knights. He was swallowing his anger because of his lack of strength but Vice-Captain Becker asked for his help and he had to pull himself together. Andrew followed without hesitation.


There was another earthquake along with a disastrous monster. Gorba roared. The voices of the knights in the surroundings could be heard.

“Damn! Too strong!”

“What is going on with his body? The attacks barely do any damage!”


At present, the only person who could effectively damage Gorba was Kerenos. He was gasping for breath as he dodged Gorba’s attack. Kerenos shouted, “Sylphid Knights, handle the other orcs!”

“Sir, but...!”

“I have an idea so go ahead!”

The knights gave small nods and scattered in all directions. Andrew and his guild members moved together. They dealt with the orc champions around them. Edward opened his mouth from next to Sujeong, “If only I could use my father’s necklace, this wouldn’t have happened.”


Kim Sujeong looked at Edward’s neck and saw a white pendant. She saw Edward holding onto it tightly and felt empathy. It was because she also had a necklace that was a keepsake of her father. Of course, his pendant was a small crystal while her necklace had a photo of her as a child. Kim Sujeong asked, “What is that necklace?”

“It is my father’s necklace that was used to defend Windia.”

“Can it be used to defeat that orc?”

“Yes, but I can’t use it.” 

Kim Sujeong confirmed the information of the necklace.

[☆ Star Piece, ‘Ice Tag Fairy’ Necklace]

[Rating: Star Relic

Usage Restrictions: Monarch of Kind Patience

-It is currently sealed.

-The information is unknown.]

‘This is a star piece?’

She was so surprised that her breath was taken away. ‘Star Piece’ was a term for anything that contained the power that a constellation used in their lifetime. It was relatively easier to find than a Star Fruit so some of the top rankers had one. The top-ranked players even had several. In any case, the Star Pierces contained so much power that they were sought after by many players. Serious quarrels or a war could break out and now such an object was in the hands of the little lord.

‘It might be possible if this is a real Star Piece.’

This was when Kerenos approached. “My lord, I think I’m going to have to use it.” 

“If you use it...”

“This is the best option for the moment. Please give me permission.”


Edward was anguished as he bit his lip. It was unknown what was causing it but he seemed to be trying to make a decision. Gorba was still out of his mind when Edward opened his mouth, “I’ll allow it.”

“...Thank you.”

At the same time, Kerenos cried out, “All knights, bring the orcs over here!”

“Understood! Lure the orcs east!”

“Lure them east!”

There were answers shouted from all over the place. The orcs flocked from all sides and Kerenos said, “Take the lord out of here. It would be better to run away as far as possible.”

“What do you mean? What are you going to do?!”

“There is no time. If you don’t want to be caught up in it, run away!”

Kerenos ran forward at the confusing words. He was luring Gorba somewhere.

Edward was still biting his lip. “Everyone except for Kerenos, retreat.”

* * *

A giant two-handed axe smashed into a building, raising dust. Kerenos barely managed to avoid it and gritted his teeth. “Shit. When will the old man come?”

Gorbas was going crazy as he moved his giant body. His eyes were dark and letting out a black glow. At first glance, it was obvious that he was being manipulated.

“You said it would be fine if we got rid of the one called Ragneos.”

The old man had said that. He had believed it and eliminated Ragneos, only for this to happen.

At this moment, the knights ran over. “Captain! We’ve brought the orcs from the north!”

“Knight Dale! I’ve brought the orcs from the south!”

“A-Andrew also brought them!”

‘Who is this person?’ Kerenos shook his head but quickly remembered Andrew. Ah, yes. He is that person I saved earlier. He is a pretty tough person. By the way, are all the people with him dead?’

He shook his head lightly and could see the orcs running. Kerenos told them, “You should stay away now.”

“Sir, but—!”

“I’ll help you!”

“I want to be with you!”

“You idiots. Leave if you want to live!” 

However, it was useless.

“I won’t go!”

“Protect until the end!”

“We are the Sylphid Knights!”

‘These idiots.’

Before he knew it, the orcs were just a stone’s throw away. There was no other way and Kerenos gave an order, “Do you know how to expand the wind as a barrier?”

“Of course!”

“Be prepared.”

The knights simultaneously spread out in a circle and released magic power from their bodies. Andrew was surrounded in an instant and watched with a blank expression.

“What is...”

Kerenos shouted, “Hey, newbie.” 


“It would be better not to move from there.”

At the same time, Kerenos’ body exploded with magic power. It was dark green magic power. It flowed as gently as a light wind while sometimes looking like a strong typhoon. At the same time, the earth shook. 

Andrew was flustered. “W-What?”

“Don't be surprised. I am releasing all the magic power I have left.”

“M-Magic power?”

Andrew seemed quite flustered but there was no time to soothe him. The distance to the orcs as already only 100 meters. Kerenos swung his spear. There was the sound of rough winds and Kerenos started to spin. His spear started to be dyed with the green magic power. He continued to rotate like a spinning top.

Andrew murmured at the sight, “What is he trying to do...?”

One of the knights making the barrier spoke up, “Look carefully. This is our knight captain.”

Another one opened his mouth, “He is the disciple of Mugen, who founded our group.”

Vice-captain Becker declared, “He is the guardian of Windia.”

This was when Kerenos stopped. “Storm Spear 3rd Style.”

There was a great deal of wind swirling around him. It all gathered at the edge of the spear, creating tremendous pressure. Andrew and the knights moaned.


“Truly amazing.”

“It is a tremendous power.”

Kerenos glanced at them. ‘I think it is still okay but...’ 

“Maintain your mind firmly. It is starting now.”


Kerenos’ mouth raised slightly in response to their shouted answers. At the same time, he thrust his spear toward the sky. A huge chunk of compressed air flew and soon split in two, causing a tremendous sound. “Typhoon!”  

Then it collapsed. The houses and trees were blown away. The sky cracked and the market he walked through as a child collapsed. The wind was devouring everything, tearing everything apart. Two air masses rose into the sky, creating a huge typhoon. The incoming arcs flew away and Gorba’s body floated.

Gorba screamed, Kuweeeeeoh!

The moment Kerenos saw it, he had a thought. This was the last technique learned from his master. He had to pour out all his magic power for it. His master’s words swept through his head.

‘Kerenos, I don’t want you to use the third style.’

‘What is the reason, Master?’ 

‘This will swallow even your memories.’

At the time, he didn’t know what his master’s words meant. However, he seemed to know now. Swallowing memories. Those memories were shattering in front of him. Before he knew it, the orcs in the air were spinning around. The huge wind swept through the sky, the houses, trees, buildings, and even his memories. He caught his collapsing heart and held the spear firmly.

Finally, the wind dispersed with a roar. The torn bodies of the orcs fell like rain. Sand fell from the sky and the memories of the surroundings he knew were gone. Andrew’s voice was heard from behind.

Wow, X...”

His mouth was open. However, Kerenos didn’t have any strength left in his body.

‘Damn. Maybe because it’s been a year since I’ve used it but I’m shaking all over.’

He struggled to support himself with his spear but his legs were shaky. As Kerenos fell to one knee, the knights rushed in.

“Captain! Are you okay?”

“...You’re alive.”

“Of course! We are the Sylphid Knights.”

“It was amazing!”

“As expected, the captain is amazing!”

‘Shut up.’

“Be quiet, I want to rest...”

“Be careful!” Suddenly, Andrew shouted loudly from behind them.

“...?” Kerenos was bewildered for a moment but he felt an unusual energy as the sky suddenly darkened. He raised his head and his heart sank.

“Get out of the way!”

There was a huge earthquake. The ground split apart and rocks flew up. Fortunately, everyone was able to escape. Then a sinister voice was heard from among the scattered dust.

“ Gruruk!”

It was Gorba.

‘Shit, I don’t have any magic power left.’

The earth jumped up every time Gorba took a step. Kerenos hurriedly grabbed his spear but he couldn’t hold onto it. He had already exhausted all his strength. Kerenos told the knights, “Leave me and run away.”

“How can we leave without you?”

“It isn’t possible! You can’t follow!”

“There won’t be any future if everyone is killed here!” Kerenos exclaimed.

He kept shouting at them but it was useless. Andrew approached from behind and stated, “I-I might die like a dog but I’ll surely repay the favour.”

Everyone was resolute. They didn’t move. The knights once again set up the wind barrier and Gorba appeared right in front of them. The giant axe slashed downward.


At this moment, a massive pillar of fire obstructed his vision. Gorba’s arm and axe hit the pillar of fire. It couldn’t withstand the great heat and flew through the sky. He could see someone behind the scattered flames.

‘That person...’

It was the man he had been waiting for. Kerenos couldn’t help wondering why he only appeared now. This was truly incredible timing. Kerenos’s mouth curved upward. “You’re late, old man.” 

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