Chapter 55


A war suddenly occurred. This was the first time Kim Sujeong experienced it and she didn’t know what to do. Then a window appeared in front of her.

[Prevent the Attack of the Orcs!]

[Difficulty: S

The orcs, who live in the north of Windia, have led their soldiers down to the east. If you fight against them and stop the orcs with the soldiers of Windia, you’ll earn great rewards according to your contribution.

-Completion Conditions: Death of the orc chieftain.

-Number of Killed Orcs: 0

-Orc Warrior Contribution: 500

-Orc Champion Contribution: 1,000

-Orc Chieftain Contribution: 100,000

* Rewards: Unknown.

(The compensation will differ according to the contribution)

* If the quest fails, Windia will become the land of the orcs.

* It is recommended to have a party of eight or more.]

“An S-grade difficulty?”

She was afraid of the difficulty that she encountered for the first time. She was naturally curious about the rewards and wanted to stop the orcs, but the problem was that she was a priest.

‘I can’t be a big help.’

All she could do was give buffs or heals. It would be possible if there were more people with her but right now, only Dorothy and Daniel were around her. At this moment, the clanging sound was heard again.

Tang tang tang tang!

This time, the bells rang throughout Windia. At the same time as the ominous sound, someone shouted, “An attack! Orcs are coming!”

Kim Sujeong came straight outside. It was a hill so she could see the situation in the east. She could see orcs raising dust as they ran. The orcs soon reached the east gate and confusion erupted.

“Kuweeeeeoh!” They roared and started to smash things around them when they arrived. Monsters the size of two storey apartments flocked and the fear seemed to multiply. A terrified Dorothy stood next to her. Kim Sujeong cried out, “Take Daniel and follow me!”

Huh...? Ah, yes!"

The east was already pandemonium. The screams of the villagers kept echoing.

“Kyaaaaak! Run away!”

Aaack! Orcs!

“Help me!”

The east gate wasn’t properly closed due to the sudden arrival of the orcs. As the orcs entered and made a mess, the sacrifices of the soldiers grew.

“Kuweeeeeoh! Die!”

“Go back to death! Chwiiik!”

“Quickly attack! Stop them!”

“Inform the lord about this!”

The east gate’s soldiers were doing their best to block the orcs but they didn’t think they would last long.

‘It isn’t safe here.’

The distance between this place and the east gate was close. Kim Sujeong then remembered the person who was the most reliable.


She quickly buffed the two of them.

“Protection of Light, Divine Blessing, Bless.”

She had raised her level and used her new skill, Bless, at the end. The two people had lighter bodies from the sudden blessing and didn’t look as frightened as before. Kim Sujeong cried out, “Run to the lord’s castle!”

* * *

A Netherlands user, Andrew. He liked Windia, which resembled his native Netherlands. He might have a low level but he created a guild, hunted with them, and made new friends. Suddenly, clouds of war hung over the peaceful Windia.

[War has broken out! The quest ‘Prevent the Attack of the Orcs!’ has begun!]

He wasn’t the only one who received the message. It appeared in front of all users in Windia at the same time. It was the same with the guild members who were with him. At some point, the shouting had changed.

“Form a party to hunt the orcs!”

“Our orc expedition party now has five members! Come and gather!”

“Are there any archers who can fire support from behind? We have one place left!”

The shouts had changed from ogre hunting parties to orc hunting parties. The parties formed at a rapid pace and headed to the east gate where the fight was taking place. The guild members with him spoke.

“Andrew, we will go to the east gate.”

“Yes, if we don’t go then we’ll miss out on contributions.”

“Let’s go, Guild Leader!" 

Kalua, Yuto, Syria, Zeiss, Yuri, Kota, etc. Today, they were supposed to go to the Kobold Mine. However...

‘We can’t miss this opportunity.’

It was an opportunity to build up contributions. For those who currently settled here, it was a golden opportunity. They hurried to the east gate. The first attack from users had already started.

“The first orc! Archers, make a preemptive strike. Magicians, start casting your spells!”

The archer’s arrows flew toward the orcs that were destroying houses. It was already full of dust. Next, magic struck the orcs.


“Ice Arrow!”


Dust and smoke mixed together as the orcs were hit. Andrew watched it and thought to himself, ‘It isn’t a big deal. We will kill it soon.’ Then Andrew’s heart sank at the ensuing sight.

“Grrrr. Humans..! Chwiiik.”

[Lv. 100 Orc Warrior] 

The orcs running through the smoke were beyond their imagination.

“Level 100?!”

Andrew usually only fought level 50 monsters. He was in a state of mental collapse when he faced a level 100 monster for the first time. It was also true for the other players who were having a mental breakdown. The axe of the orc warrior was indiscriminately slashing at the knights and tanker in front of it.


The party in the front row was wiped out by the axe when another axe flew through the dust. Andrew gulped as he watched the collapsing building.

“It’s not enough!”

“Run away!”


The party in front of him scattered. It was their turn and the orcs came running wildly. Yuto, the vice guild leader, approached. “Andrew, let us show them the power of the Nedran Guild.” 

“Are you confident that you won’t regret it? You might die.”

“This is our home.”

His spirit woke up at the words. In fact, Andrew was very timid in reality and he started Arkstar to fix this. Yuto was a friend he found and made in Arkstar. Unlike him, Yuto was a confident person. There was a lot to learn and as a person from the Netherlands, he was very proud.

‘Yes. In any case, isn’t this just a game?’

Andrew shouted, “Everybody, go! For Windia!!”

He rushed towards the incoming orcs along with the shouts of his fellow guild members. However, the orcs weren’t trivial. It wasn’t easy to overcome the almost double level difference.


Every time the angry axe moved, the guild members were logged out one by one. No matter how much they collectively attacked, the orc was too strong. By the time the orc warrior’s health had been decreased by half, half the guild members were logged out.

‘It isn’t enough? Should I run away now?’


‘If I run away now then I won’t be able to face the other members.’

“I have to insert my halberd in his foot, even if I die.”

Andrew used all the buffs possible. They were skills that could be used by the hard won heroic rated class, ‘Warrior of Iron and Blood.’

“Warrior’s Valor, Axe’s Echo, Heart of Iron and Blood.”

[Warrior's Valor will double attack power.]

[Axe's Echo’s has a 50% chance to ignore defense.]

[Heart of Iron and Blood has increased attack speed and hit rate by 1.5 times.]

“I’m a guild leader. If I can’t deal a blow then my pride will be hurt.”

He could see the axe swinging in front of him. Andrew narrowly dodged and unleashed his best attack skills on the orc’s foot.

“Guillotine of Iron and Blood.”

[You have dealt a critical hit!]

[Defense has been ignored.]

[You have dealt 3,810 damage to the target.]


The orc screamed with pain as his foot was hit. He was a bit sorry about the damage but it couldn’t be helped. The orc’s anger skyrocketed.

“Kuweeoh! Apologize with your death!”

The giant axe slashed downward. Andrew closed his eyes. ‘It is up to here.’

At this moment, he heard a voice from behind him.

“Storm Spear 2nd Style.”

Andrew’s eyes widened. He turned his head and saw someone running with a spear. It was a tremendous speed and the man thrust forward his spear.


The giant whirlwind created by the spear turned the orc’s axe back and wounded every area of the orc’s body. The orc screamed at the turbulent wind and the man approached, holding out a hand.

“You are a courageous friend. Are you okay?” The name above his head was Kerenos.

* * *

Pant, wait a minute.”

Dorothy ran from the north without a break and gasped. Kim Sujeong looked at the scene and wondered, “Are you okay? I’m sorry but you still have to run more. The orcs have already started coming here through the east gate.”

Pant, I know. However... No, my little brother first...”

“Sister! Hurry! We’ll all go together!”


Kim Sujeong liked the appearance of the dear siblings but there wasn’t time now. Suddenly, one orc ran toward this place.

Kim Sujeong shouted, “Up.”


“There’s no time. I’ll carry you!”

Dorothy quickly got on Kim Sujeong’s back but running with someone on her back required high physical strength. In the end, the orc caught up with Kim Sujeong. She spoke with an indignant expression, “In the end, it is up to here.”

At this moment, someone showed up.


A sudden whirlwind of wind struck the orc. The earth shook when the orc fell and a familiar voice was heard from behind. 

“Are you okay?”


“Run away. We’ll take care of this place.”


She saw a row of knights behind him.

“Evacuate the civilians! Sylphid Knights!”

“As the captain commands!”

The loud voice gave her goosebumps. She thought she could trust them. Dorothy and Daniel would be safe now.

Kerenos asked, “The old man?”

“He is late because he went hiking today.”

“Hiking? Shit, at this time...”

“I’ll get in touch with him.”

“He has to come quickly. There are too many orcs. It will be hard for us to endure for a long time.”

Meanwhile, the fallen orc warrior started to roar. It was unknown when it got up but now it was running over. Kerenos shouted while wielding his spear, “Go! Bring the old man!”

“Understood! Don’t die!”

Kim Sujeong logged out as Kerenos ran forward.

* * *

Meanwhile, I was facing a frustrating situation. There was the sound of beeping behind me. We were on our way home using a shortcut. I followed the directions of the navigation app on my phone and ended up stuck in an alley. It was due to the foreign car right in front of me.

“Aren’t you going?”

I was going crazy. The foreign car was parked so that I couldn’t pass through the alley. The sound of more beeping caused me to frown. I kept looking while my grandchildren next to me opened their mouths.

Ah, this is too much. Why did they park that way?”

“Grandfather, should we call the owner of the car?”

My grandchildren were a bit angry and their faces were red. I was also angry so the two people were understandable. Then my phone rang. It was Sujeong calling. “Yes. Sujeong, I’m a bit late...”

-Father, it’s serious!


I frowned as I sensed something unusual. I asked in a sincere voice, “What’s going on?”

-Orcs have attacked Windia!

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