Chapter 52

Was it Park Yoo...? It was Drain who first told me about this. He told me that in order to be good at English, I had to get used to everyday English first. The first thing he taught me was a swear word.

‘Broder, you don’t have to speak many words if you get mad at someone. Lift your middle finger like this.’

‘Like this?’

‘Good job! Now shout. Pak Q!’ [1]

‘Park Yoo!’

‘No! Roll your tongue more. Pak Q!’

‘Park Yoo!’

I raised my middle finger to the sky and shouted, “Park Yoo!”

I wasn’t sure what it meant but it was my message to Prometheus.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is bewildered.]

Shit. Come to think of it, this person didn’t know English. However, a reaction erupted from the wrong place.

“T-This crazy old man!”

“You are senile!”

“Are you crazy? Eh?!

Supreme Fire Dragon and his men were seeing red. They were furious as they stared at my finger. Why...? Perhaps it was due to this? I turned my finger toward them. I saw the other side shaking and got a strange feeling. I heard it was a curse often used... I didn’t feel good using it and I thought I knew why. Even so, the reaction was more explosive than I thought.


“Where did you learn this? Eh?!

“Old man! Isn’t this too much?”

They seemed to know this swear word. Some people were raising their middle finger like me. We confronted each other with our middle fingers raised. These children must’ve been good at studying when they were young. Did they all study abroad? I wanted to ask but they rushed forward.

“Damn old man!”

They were really people who didn’t have any respect for the elderly. I confronted them. The difference between receiving a buff and not receiving a buff was huge. Those who used to die in one blow were now enduring three or four blows. Furthermore, they were being healed by the priests in the distance.

Tsk, I would have to handle those priest people first. I equipped the shadow dagger and used Shadow Play straight away. On the familiar dark earth, I soon found the shadow of a priest. There was just one problem.

“Damn, who is a priest...?”

Numerous dark spheres were floating over the faces so there was no way for me to tell who was a priest. Moreover, they were all so ugly that they looked similar. It seemed like this was the disadvantage of Shadow Play. I was forced to emerge from a random shadow. It was due to the one minute time limit. The place where I appeared was the furthest from the priests. Shit, it wasn’t a priest that I aimed at. They had all become nervous when I suddenly disappeared. First, I beat up the person in front of me without any hesitation.

[The murderer ‘Seventy-Seven Fires’ has died.]

The others rushed after hearing the loud noises. I looked around.

“...The road is blocked?” I tried to flee but it was a dead end. Such a place appeared no matter what… I was really unlucky.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is shaking his head.]

“You! At this time, you should be thinking about what to do.”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is telling you to climb up.]

Ah, I had almost forgotten. My old age was a problem after all. If I had been a bit younger, I wouldn't have forgotten this. I started climbing up straight away using Spider Climbing.

“Crazy! What is that skill?”

“This is how he survived.”

“What is his real identity?”

My real identity... it was just a normal grandfather.

“This damn old man!”

Supreme Fire Dragon’s voice accurately entered my ears thanks to super sensitivity. He was angry and still had a foul mouth. It seemed to be his habit of speaking as an adult... “Burning Firesword!”

What? Looking back, a familiar flaming sword energy came flying over. Shit. I hadn’t expected him to use that. I inevitably had to kick against the wall and flew through the air. There was an explosion as Supreme Fire Dragon’s sword energy struck the rocks and the Fire Dragons group looked up at me like ants. It wasn’t intended but I was flying toward Supreme Fire Dragon. He took a defensive stance with his sword like he knew I was going to attack him. However, I wasn’t aiming for him.

“W-What is this?”

Once the cobweb attached to the body of the priest who would be the first offering, I pulled him toward me and spun and kicked him in the air as I fell.

[A good user ‘Ninety-Two Fires’ has been killed.]

[Your infamy has increased by 106.]

This time, it was infamy.


The priest next to him looked flustered and buffed himself. The other priests followed suit. They were all buffing each other in a united manner. It was implying they could live together but... let’s see.

“Sun Road.”

It was the name of the skill that roasted the spider queen. I felt my movement speed reach the maximum as power exploded. There was the sound of explosions between them. Every step caused pillars of fire to rise and screams were heard. It was truly an inferno.

[A good user ‘Eighty-One Fires’ has been killed.]

[Your infamy has increased by 111.]

[Your infamy has increased by 123.]

My infamy rose exponentially. I killed the 10th person and another message appeared.

[You have killed too many good users and became a ‘murderer.’]

[You might be killed by guards when you enter the village.]

[The death penalty has increased by three times and there is a 100% chance of dropping items when dying.]

A murderer? I didn’t regret it. If I didn’t handle the priests now, I would regret it later. It was much better than Prometheus’ plan that didn’t involve the priests. Finally, the remaining time of Sun Road was over and the surrounding area had become a lava field. The enemies’ mouths opened and Supreme Fire Dragon’s clenched fists were trembling.

...He didn’t attack. He seemed to have realized the difference between him and me. In the silence, I started picking up the items dropped by the priests. Labor was indispensable in a harvest. Then I started singing my 18th song, “Ya~ Yayiya~♬ how old am I ~♬

The moment passed with this hilarious song.


[Your bag is full. Please empty your inventory.]

Che. I wanted to pick up more...

It seemed there was too much. I was forced to turn my head toward them. They thought it was their turn and their shoulders were shaking.

“I’ll go empty my bag so please wait.” 

I opened the portal to Windia and disappeared.

* * *

I blinked and found myself standing in the castle of Windia’s lord. In the distance, I could see Windia’s square. Oh, this is weird. Then where is the nearest store...”

“Murderer! Catch him!”

Eh? The guards were rushing toward this place. I couldn’t hide my confusion. At this moment, something flashed through my head. Right, I was a murderer right now.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is shaking his head and starting the route guidance.]


This was why Prometheus tried to stop me. I started to flee from the guards. Windia was buzzing due to the sudden turmoil.

“A murderer?”

“How did a murderer come here?”

“He came in without the Wings of False Image?”

I didn’t pay attention to what they were saying. There were a growing number of patrolling guards who were frantically trying to catch me. The problem was...


The magic that could be used by the guards.


The guards chased me at double the speed. I honestly wanted to kill them but I couldn’t. Then the vicious cycle of becoming a murderer would be repeated. Suddenly, I had reached the east gate.

“Damn. It is here too.”

Guards were blocking the path in front of me. What to do...

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is telling you to use Lion's Roar.]

Lion's Roar? There was that method. Their movement speed was so fast that the cobwebs couldn’t hit them. However, Lion's Roar would be okay.


[The aura of Lion's Roar has threatened the target in front of you.]

The guards in front of me froze and I was able to quickly exit through the gate. However, they were still chasing. I quickly sent a whisper to Sujeong.

-Jackson: Sujeong, where are you?

-Crystal: Are you okay? I was worried because you didn’t come after a long time!

-Jackson: I’m fine so don’t worry. By the way, how do I get rid of the murderer state?

-Crystal: Murderer? Are you a murderer right now?

-Jackson: Yes, that’s right. I’m being chased.

-Crystal: Oh my god... that won’t be released for three days.

-Jackson: What?

...This was bad. Regrets started pouring in. Then my mind changed instantly.

-Crystal: However, there is a way to get rid of it quickly. If you kill other murderers, your infamy will decrease and the murderer state will be released.

-Jackson: Really?

My lips curved up.

* * *

Kuoong, Brother, do we have to run away like this?” One Fire hung from the cobweb and asked Supreme Fire Dragon, who was leading the way.

“Do you have any other way?”

“...No, there’s nothing.”

Supreme Fire Dragon was climbing the cobweb with his brothers. He didn’t seem able to win against the old man, no matter how much he fought. He was forced to make a vow for the next meeting and ran away.

“However, we have a lot more people. If we attack without a break then the old man will eventually...”


“...I’m sorry, Brother.” One Fire’s voice lowered.

“No. I’d like to do that but the old man is ridiculously strong. This fact must be acknowledged. Cheolyong, we have to acknowledge our enemy so that we can become stronger.” 

One Fire, whose real name was Park Cheolyong, replied, “...Yes, we’ll be more powerful next time and definitely get revenge.”

“Yes. Don’t forget your current heart. It will be our driving force.”

Their eyes were burning. Now they were willing to sell their souls to the god of revenge.

* * *

Phew, it was hard to get rid of them.”

Finally, I was able to shake off the guards. They followed with a light in their eyes but I tied up their feet with cobwebs when they were careless and they were forced to give up. Thus, I was able to return to the cliff.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ says to execute the plan.]

“Wait a minute, you bastard. This is what I’m supposed to do.”

I looked down the cliff and could see the Fire Dragons coming up in droves. They couldn’t help it. The only way to escape from there was to climb up the cobweb. I smiled like the devil as I waited for them to come up. Finally, the first one came up...

As expected, he was the first one. Supreme Fire Dragon was gasping for breath. It seemed quite difficult but he wouldn’t be able to breathe anytime soon. It was because he was going to take the underworld train.


After a second spin in the air, the kicked person’s body was weightless as our eyes met. He had a shocked expression on his face. 

“You crazy old man ~!!!!##!$ Supreme Fire Dragon fell from the cliff with a scream.

I could see his subordinates looking frightened. I approached the cobweb. “The sin of touching my people is great. You bastards.”

There was a roar as fire erupted from my mouth. It was the chef’s basic skill, Blowing Fire. There was the sound of the cobweb breaking.


“You son of [email protected]@%#^&*I

“Old man you [email protected]^&#$

A great deal of profanity was coming from under the cliff. 

At the same time...

Ttiring~ Ttiring~ Ttiring~

[The murderer ‘Supreme Fire Dragon’ has died.]

[Your infamy is reduced by 509.]

[The murderer ‘One Fire’ has died.]

[Your infamy is reduced by 256.]

The sound of my infamy reducing clearly echoed.

[1] Sounds like ‘f*ck you’ in English

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