Chapter 50


[The tomb of the sleeping Knights of the Wind has been discovered for the first time.]

[Your reputation has risen by 1,000.]

[The blessing of the wind has increased your movement speed by 5% throughout the day.]

“...The King of Wind.”

What did this mean? No, who did it mean? No matter how I thought about it, I didn’t know anything. Then the next moment, I learned something amazing.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ says it is Aiolos.]

“Aiolos is the King of Wind?”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is nodding.]

I was dumbfounded for a moment. The first time I saw Aiolos, I thought the message of a ‘great being’ was unusual but I didn’t know there was such a story. I pulled out Aiolos’ Egg.

[Aiolos’ Egg]

[Rating: ?

Flora’s lover.

An egg that formed after Aiolos died and fell asleep.

His soul has left and a new soul is now sleeping here.]

...Maybe I had unknowingly obtained something tremendous.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ says it is better to come back later.]

“Yes, the first thing is to climb this cliff.”

I had to go up quickly, tie the cobweb and go down again. That’s what I thought at first. Wait, it might be hard for Sujeong to climb up here even with the assistance of the cobweb? I climbed up easily but Sujeong was different. Cer was my pet and could be placed in my inventory, but it wasn’t that simple for Sujeong. I felt like I was hit with a hammer and became dizzy. I sent a whisper to her straight away.

-Jackson: Sujeong.

-Crystal: Yes, have you already gone up?

-Jackson: No, I’m resting in the middle to recover my magic power. However, I have a problem.

-Crystal: Problem?

-Jackson: Yes. I thought about climbing to the top, tying the cobwebs and coming down again. Then I realized that it would be hard for you to climb up.

-Crystal: Um, I already had the same thought. I don’t have the physique to do that.

-Jackson: Right? That’s why I was wondering. Does Windia sell the return scroll you talked about earlier?

-Crystal: It is rarely for sale so won’t it be hard to obtain? Why don’t you try asking a magician?

-Jackson: Um, that’s a good idea. Then please wait a while. I will contact you soon.

-Crystal: Yes, please be careful. Those people can attack again.

-Jackson: Yes. Then I’m going.

I closed the whisper and felt a sense of shame again. Shit. Why was I remembering this again? Now that I was older, I shouldn’t turn back.


I started climbing the cliff again. One hour later, I was finally able to climb to the top. The moment I got up, I saw the lush forest. The straight trees formed a dense forest and I looked back at the cliff.

...I didn’t want to fall down again. At this moment, I heard a sound.

“Damn, it isn’t here either. Where the hell did the items drop?”

“Brother, maybe they dropped down that cliff?”

Um, it makes sense. Try looking for a way to go down.”

“Yes, Brother!”

I instantly hid behind a tree. Their identity was the Fire Dragons group that pushed me to the brink. Those damn guys had come up to here. It was a good thing that I chose not to tie the cobwebs to the tree. If I had done so, Sujeong would’ve been in danger. In any case, there was nothing they could do so I didn’t need to worry about them now. I hurried to Windia.

“Looking for a party member to go to the Kobold Mine!”

“Is anyone going on a slime king raid?”

“I’m going to hunt ogres in Behel Forest! Gather!”

It was bustling with people as always. I showed up in Windia’s square, which had the largest concentration of users. According to Sujeong, Arkstar was basically a game aimed at party hunting. Of course, I hunted alone but I thought I was strong. Then in the distance, a voice could be heard, “Broder~!”

Drain, who I had previously contacted, ran over.

“Miss Kim...?”

“She’s safe.”

Phew, I’m glad. Godu jobu!” The thumb he raised was extraordinarily large. I saw the calluses that showed he did sewing very seriously.

“By the way, there’s a problem.”

“Problem? Did something happen to Miss Kim?”

Drain’s eyes wavered. I shook my head. “The problem is that she is too safe.”


I told him about how Sujeong was trapped below the cliff. Then I carefully asked if he could lend me some money to buy a return scroll. Then...

“Oh mai god. I'm sorry, Broder. In fact...”

Drain started telling me about how he had been scammed. He was angry and tearful as he talked about his resentment. Damn. Everything had become twisted up. “Tsk. That’s why you should take a good look before buying.”

Drain’s shoulders slumped. Tsk, saying sorry and then getting huffy...

I told him, “Stay strong. I’ll definitely catch that guy.”



Drain’s face was rosy.

I had to find another way. I decided to ask someone who looked like a magician. Drain went to the market, stating that he would somehow find a return scroll. Meanwhile, I spoke to a woman, “Excuse me, young lady.”

"Yes, grandfather. Are you going to hunt ogres?”

Her name was Christine and she was holding a large wooden staff in one hand. At first glance, she was obviously a magician.

“No, I want to ask you something.”

Ah, yes. What do you want to know?”

She seemed like a friendly lady.

“I heard that magicians have something called portal magic. Can you use it?”

“Portal magic? That magic can only be used at level 200. I can’t use it yet. It is probably the same for all the magicians here? There shouldn’t be anyone over level 100 here.”

Oh, it was a failure.

“What’s going on? I’ll help you if it is possible.”

“Well, actually....”

I told her about the situation. As we talked, I learned that she was an American player and hadn’t been playing the game for long. Still, she knew more than I did. After all, young people were different.

“There are three ways. Die and return to the village, have a magician open a portal, or use a return scroll... that will probably be hard to find. I heard that some are being sold at the black market in the next town, Fortren. In addition, perhaps the lord here has it.”

The lord? Edward instantly passed through my mind. Yes, that little guy might have it.

She continued, “However, I’m sure your friend...”

“Thank you, young lady. See you again.”

I put a delicious roast spider leg in her hand and ran toward the lord’s residence.

* * *

I arrived at the entrance of the lord’s castle and spoke to the guard, “Open the door for me.”

Huh? What’s going on?”

The guard called Ralph looked baffled. It was understandable. I seemed to have acted a bit hastily.

“I’m here to see that guy.”


Whoops. I habitually used no honorifics.

“I can’t forgive you if you insult the lord, even if you are an elder!” He was looking at me with a furious expression.

Kuek. Sorry, I spoke incorrectly. I’m here to see the lord.”

“I can’t let you in.”

“That’s not what I meant. Look...”

“Please go back.”

Damn guard. For a moment, I wondered if I could sneak in over the walls. There was Spider Climbing so it was possible. Then I soon abandoned the idea. If I did that, I would be treated as a real thief. It wouldn’t help Sujeong. Hrmm. Then...

“An orc!!”

“O-Orc?” Ralph’s eyes widened. I thought that my performance just now was worthy of a best actor award. It was worth looking at a performance award despite my age. The moment he turned, I quickly started running toward the lord’s room.

“No, this old man...!”

However, there was one fact I didn’t know. It was that Windia’s soldiers were proficient in wind magic. Among them, there was the spell Haste that increased movement speed.

“Haste!” Ralph started to catch up to me at a tremendous speed. I was astonished by his speed.


In the end, he caught me. I desperately tried to persuade Ralph but he didn’t budge, like a stone buddha. He was like a deep-rooted tree.

“You can absolutely never enter.” Shit. He spoke too solemnly. I was thinking about my next step when I remembered Kerenos. That damn person. Didn’t he say to meet him at the lord’s castle and then left first? This bad guy...

"What is going on?"

Speaking of this person...

Kerenos showed up behind Ralph. Ralph stepped aside at the appearance of his superior. The moment I saw Kerenos, I started nagging him, “You! Why only show up now?”

“Jackson? When did you come? You should’ve contacted me.”

“You! How can I contact you?”

Ah, haha. I see. By the way, what’s going on? Ralph.”

Ah, well...” Ralph’s expression was flustered. He probably didn’t know that I was friendly with Kerenos.

“It isn’t a big deal. I’m here to see the lord.”

“I understand. Follow me.”

Kerenos walked forward. I patted Ralph’s shoulder as I followed Kerenos. “I'm sorry."

Ah, no. I'm more sorry. I didn’t expect you to actually know...”

“No, you did your job. Keep doing it in the future.”

Ralph looked quite moved. In fact, I did something that was natural but it was a bit daunting for him to look at me so blatantly. I turned carelessly.

* * *

Knock knock. “It’s Kerenos.”

“Come in!”

We entered and I saw the little lord busy with his duties. I couldn’t imagine the boy who had a stunned look earlier. Next to him was a young woman who looked like a secretary. He really was a lord...

“My lord, Jackson is here.”

Eh?! Jackson!”

Edward came forward with a bright face. Now he looked like a child again. I was immediately polite.

“I greet the lord.”

“Did you save me and the knights of Windia?”

“Yes. Um, that is what happened.”

I thought about answering humbly but this seemed unlucky. I decided to admit it coolly. By the way, ‘cool’ was a word I learned from Drain. I was becoming more and more informed.

“I really thank you! I was able to keep my knights thanks to you. I almost lost the knights that have been around since my father’s time due to my incorrect choices. I really thank you.”

“No, I just did what I had to.”

“Did you say you're a chef?”

“That's right.”

“Will you become my exclusive chef?”


[Lord Edward of Windia has asked you to be his exclusive chef.]

[Would you like to change to the hidden class ‘Chef of Windia’?]

...I don't think so. “I’m sorry. It is much better to go exploring around the world.”

[You have rejected the offer of Edward, lord of Windia.]

Che, it can’t be helped. Then what do you want? Tell me.”

Things were working out well. “I would like to have a return scroll to Windia if you have one.”

“A return scroll? Is that really it? You don’t need anything else? For example, a weapon.”

I was troubled for a moment. I wondered if it was better to get a good weapon. However, then I wouldn’t be able to save Sujeong. My worries didn’t last long. “That's right.”

Um, just wait.” Edward walked toward the treasure chest behind him and started rummaging through it. He quickly pulled something out and pushed it toward me. “Take it.”


[Windia's Portal Return Stone has been acquired.]

Portal return stone?

[Windia’s Portal Return Stone]

[Rating: Heroic

A return stone to Windia containing portal magic. The middle of the stone is engraved with the wind engraving that symbolizes Windia.

-Number of times available to be used: 95/100

Cooldown Time: 5 minutes.]

Wasn’t this an unexpected gift? I just needed a plain return scroll yet I received a return stone with portal magic. There were even 95 uses remaining. I had a blank expression because I didn’t know what to say. Then the words of the little lord followed, “Jackson.”


“From now on, I’ll appoint Jackson as the chief of the pioneering town in the east.”


“Work hard! I won’t accept your refusal!”

[You have become the chief of an unnamed pioneer village to the east of Windia.] 


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