Chapter 49

In fact, I thought it wasn’t necessary. This was a really useless skill and I thought I would just ignore it. Now that I thought about it, this was a really useful skill. It was due to the current circumstances.

“Burning Firesword!” A giant flaming sword energy flew toward me. Of course, I could block it with Rising Sun but what if I blocked it? How would I deal with them after I blocked it? It would definitely be hard with Sujeong’s strength. I was forced to choose a different approach. How? Like this.



Kim Sujeong’s eyes widened as she watched me. She was looking at me like she wanted to say ‘Why?’ but she could only scream.



A lot more screams rose up to where I was standing. It was good hearing the loud echoes. Supreme Fire Dragon and his men were looking at me with dumbfounded expressions. “Why would you do this...?”

Why did I do this? I kicked the sword energy to raise some smoke and threw myself off the cliff. There was the sound of fluttering clothes meeting a strong wind. The wind was blowing and I couldn’t open my eyes. The air resistance was more intense than I had expected. I didn’t know that virtual reality could be so real. I was only able to open my eyes after wearing the mask Chen had made. I looked around as I kept falling.



In fact, I was initially sorry to hear it. However, the two people were acting this way and I involuntarily burst out laughing. A human and a dog were screaming in harmony. The funny thing was that the duet worked well. By the way, why was Cer peeing...

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is laughing.]

...Rotten guy. Perhaps the reason he took me here was because he wanted to see this. So why was the urine heading my way? Go away! Go away!! This dog!

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is holding his belly and falling down from laughter.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is telling you to quickly use the cobwebs.]

“I know. Daaaaam!” I opened my mouth and a tremendous amount of air came in.

...Shit. I couldn’t even speak. Fortunately, the catastrophe of pee entering my mouth was avoided. I quickly fired the cobwebs. A cobweb was fired from my right hand and hit her shoulder. I quickly pulled the line and dragged her toward me. It wasn’t easy because of the wind but Kim Sujeong started to approach me like she felt the power pulling her. She was surprisingly strong. An ordinary woman would probably be crying out of fear or be unable to control her feelings, but she showed no such reactions. After all, she was the one I thought of as a prospective daughter-in-law.


“Hold on to me tightly or you will fall!” 


She held onto my neck tightly. The ground was getting closer. My body moved instinctively at the thought that I would 100% die if I hit the ground. The cobweb was stuck on a sturdy rock on the cliff. My arm seemed to be torn from the sudden, devastating recoil.



The cobwebs seemed to have some limitations in its durability. I looked at the cobwebs that were starting to break a little bit and called out, “Stop! Please!” 

After a while, the cobwebs barely managed to stop us.


“I barely lived.”

I sighed with relief. All the nerves in my body seemed to be loosened. At this moment...

“Oh my!”


She accidentally dropped the cage in her arms. I saw Cer falling and my eyes widened. I quickly stretched out a cobweb to save Cer.

Kim Sujeong smiled happily. “Sorry~! Cer~!”

* * *

“What the hell were you doing?!”

Supreme Fire Dragon was extremely furious. His burning eyes were filled with the flames of a berserker and he seemed like a demon from hell. However, he had nothing to say. It was natural since he missed the meat in front of him. Sigh, it is true that the old man has far exceeded expectations. You have suffered.”

“No, Big Brother. We’re sorry! We'll do better!”

“Yes, let’s start by scattering and looking for the items that the old man and woman dropped.”


His men bowed and started to disperse.

‘Damn old man! Don’t think that this is over. My revenge is starting from now!'

In this way, the bad relationship between Supreme Fire Dragon and I began.

* * *


Sujeong wondered, “There doesn’t seem to be any way to go up from here?”

“Yes, I think so too.”

After falling off the cliff and landed, we searched the surroundings together for a way to climb up. However, no matter how much we looked, there wasn’t a path. It seemed to be isolated...

Kim Sujeong questioned, “What will you do now? I think the only way to leave here is to die.”

“No, that isn’t necessary. I can get out of here.”

Huh...? Do you have a return scroll?”

“A return scroll...? What is that?”

Sujeong explained the return scroll to me. A return scroll was a magical piece of paper that allowed the user to be transported to a designated village or place. It was said to be an expensive item that could be moved to a designated location. The body would disappear in an instant when the scroll was torn.

I muttered, “Hoh, it would be convenient to have.”

“It is convenient but it is expensive. It is like flying in our country. It is why magicians who can learn portal magic are a popular class. They can open portals to the desired area or village for money. The class is popular because they are good at hunting and can earn extra income.”

Um, I see.”

It was no wonder. If I had known this, I would’ve chosen a magician. Shit. I should’ve been a magician.

“By the way Father, I have a question. Can I ask it?”

Huh? Tell me.”

“What type of Star's Beloved are you?” [1]

Asking this question was a bit...

I suddenly blushed and started to stutter. Cough, I don’t do that, I mean... stocking...”

Pfft! I’m asking what star name you received! It is in the status window!”

Ah, damn pervert! At this moment, my face was so red it looked like it was going to explode. I answered with a cough, “Cough. I am Dipper Star's Beloved.” 

“Oh my god.”

Damn. Dipper Star's Beloved. I said it with my mouth but... it was true. So why was she so surprised? She told me, “Have you ever seen this message? Something like a true legend hidden in legends...”

I pondered over her words for a moment. That reminded me, there was a message like this...

“I think I’ve seen it.”

Wow! Amazing!” She looked even more surprised. “Father, do you know that you are very famous among players right now?”


“Yes, it is crazy right now. Union is frantically trying to find Father. They released a bounty!”

I snorted at the words. A bounty. It was ridiculous. “How much is it?”

“Five billion.”

“What??” These crazy guys. It was five billion. I worked my entire life and never earned that much money. Now that money was hanging over me? Why?

“Father, who else knows about this?”

“You’re the only one.”

“Then don’t tell anyone. I’ll take the bounty later. Hohoho.

Hmm, I didn’t know why but it would be a real hassle if I was known...

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is telling you to hide your identity.]

It had been a while since he said something correct. “I don’t want to be known to people right now. I’ll give you a chance to say it later, so keep it a secret for now.”

“I understand. Is it a promise?”

“Yes. Understood.”

I nodded at her.

She asked, “Then what now?”

“Go up.”

“Are you going to use the cobwebs like before?”

“No, I’m going to climb up.”

Huh...? How?”

She was puzzled and I showed her in action.Well, I didn’t think it would be a surprise since it wasn’t new anymore. I started climbing straight up the wall.

[Spider Climbing has been activated.]

“...Is this a skill?” 


"When did you get it?"



30 minutes later...

I was climbing up a cliff where I would die instantly if I slipped. The wind was blowing but Spider Climbing didn’t shake. I really never thought I would be using this. I looked down and Crystal was a small dot. I once again reflected that those four hours hadn’t been in vain.

“By the way.. how deep did I fall?”

I had been climbing for 30 minutes but I still couldn’t see the end. I looked around for a place to rest. It was because Spider Climbing consumed one magic power every 30 seconds. At this moment, I saw something conspicuous. “What is that?”

There was a huge iron gate attached to the cliff. In front of it was a large space where a person could step on. I hurriedly decided to move there. If I didn’t rest, I felt like my magic power would run out and I would fall. In this way, I reached the iron gate.


The iron gate was carved with the figures of brave knights. It was embossed with their brave appearance as they fought monsters and I was briefly distracted by the majestic appearance.

Great. Who made this? It was comparable to the artwork of Saint Petersburg that I saw when I had gone to Russia with my family. Looking around, there were plenty of statues. They were all statues of knights. I was looking at them when one statue stood out. “This...”

A statue of a knight wearing colorful armor. The statue looked high in status and was the only one not holding a sword. This was written underneath the statue:

-The Warriors of the Wind are sleeping here.

“Is this a tomb?”

It was surprising. There was a tomb in a place like this. Who made a tomb here?

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is surprised.]

Huh? What’s wrong with you?”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is telling you to read the slab.]


I immediately started to read the slab under the statue.

-The Warriors of the Wind are sleeping here.

Waiting for the day when the sleeping King of the Wind to wake up and regain himself. We will once again share glory with him.

“King of the Wind...?”

 [1] Can also mean something like sexual love. MC took her question in the wrong manner.

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