Chapter 48

I could see her hanging from a tree, tightly tied up, and I gritted my teeth. She was struggling and Cer, trapped in a cage next to her, was also struggling. Ironically, a fire was lit under them.

Oof! Ooof!

“Kwal! Kwal kwal!”

They were scared of falling down. Virtual reality didn’t have the same pain as reality but some pain still existed. I looked at Supreme Fire Dragon in front of me. This bastard dared...

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ hates sweet potato-like situations.]

“What do you want?”

Hah~ aren’t your words good? What do we want?”

I saw his lips curling up as he spoke and my blood boiled. However, I endured it as much as I could. It would be good if we could solve this through talking. “Is it my death?”

“It is too easy to just kill you~ how much did we suffer because of you? You guys, what are you doing?”

His men started to surround me. They seemed to be his elites and there were twice as many as before. I would have to use Rising Sun. I carefully started the footwork of the sun. I tried to use Rising Sun but a voice was heard clearly from the distance.

“Wait!” It was a voice that caught my ears. It was Supreme Fire Dragon. He stood at the tree where Sujeong were tied up and positioned his sword over the rope. “You better not use that fire kick unless you want to see this woman burning.” 

...Cowardly bastard. I didn’t know how many times I gritted my teeth today. Perhaps I would need another implant.

Oof! Ooof!


I looked at the shivering Sujeong and bit my lip. Cer was growling in a vigilant manner.

Supreme Fire Dragon said, “Just try to live. What are you jerks doing? Attack!"



They all rushed at me at once. It was a huge number. Even so, I believed in my basic skills. I could beat these guys even if I wasn’t using Rising Sun.

[You have suffered 26 damage.]


Fast. These guys were completely different from before. The thing that made me even more flustered was ‘Four Fires’, who cut at me. “Old man, did you level up? The damage is only up to here?”

At the same time, dozens of blades struck at me. I started to concentrate to avoid it as much as possible. Then paaat! I could see the world slowing down for 0.1 seconds. This? It was like being in a different world alone. I knew exactly what this was and I didn’t want to miss it. Of course, it was possible because my ability backed it up.


The faces of those holding their weapons were red and baffled. I was also perplexed. Super sensitivity... 

I held the dagger in my hand and was thrilled by the different sensation.

[You have received the apostle’s buff.]

[All stats are increased by 20% for 30 minutes.]

I felt the explosive force and swung my dagger.

[The murderer ‘Thirty-One Fires’ has died.] 

[Your fame has risen by 100.]

I started to freely move between them. Some were beaten, some dodged, and those in front of me were mercilessly cut. From the thigh to the ribs, I stabbed and cut without mercy. There was a succession of terrible sounds but the loudest thing was their screams.


Ack! My leg!”

"Damn! Catch him!"

I dodged without looking at any messages. I just poked at the thighs in front of me and slashed at people again. I reflected on how I said that super sensitivity that lasted 0.1 seconds was a waste of time.

I could use this really well. It was an indispensable stat. I was grateful that I had it currently. It was a lifeline for me right now! I ruthlessly extended my dagger and killed people. My kicks also didn’t stop. 

[The murderer ‘Forty-Seven Fires’ has died.] 

[Your fame has risen by 100.]

[The murderer ‘Seven Fires’ has died.]

Supreme Fire Dragon’s voice could be heard in the distance. “Hey, you bastards! Is this the only thing you can do? Do it properly!”

Shit. They had entered the fray and that guy’s voice couldn’t be heard. I was probably the only one who could hear him. My hearing had risen considerably thanks to super sensitivity.

“Old man!” At this moment, Supreme Fire Dragon raised his voice. Once again, he was trying to cut the rope with his greatsword. Damn. I couldn’t do anything because of this guy.

“Don’t use that knife! Don’t use it! Shit! Can’t you hear me?”

“This bastard...” I had already gritted my teeth three times. The lid, which hadn’t opened for a long time, was completely shaking. I glared at Supreme Fire Dragon and placed the dagger on the ground.

“Just be caught obediently, old man.” 

There was a smile on Four Fires’ face as he came near. However, they overlooked one thing. I had knocked them down with kicks in the past. How? Like this.


Four Fires fell and his face was covered with dirt. He opened his mouth but I had no intention of waiting. I started to beat them up by mixing punches and kicks. I didn’t forget to use Lion's Roar.


[The aura of Lion's Roar has threatened the target in front of you.]

“Damn! Why can’t I move my body?”

“Go and attack!”


[The murderer ‘Eighty-One Fires’ has died.]

[The murderer ‘Fifty-Two Fires’ has died.]

[The murderer ‘Sixty-Six Fires’ has died.]

* * *

The Fire Dragon party had goosebumps. Despite not using a dagger, the momentum of the old man didn’t decrease at all. It was especially shocking to see the sharp kicks that seemed to be thoroughly trained.

‘What the hell is this old man? His skills aren’t ordinary...?’

Last time, they were flustered from dying in one blow and couldn’t confirm the strength of the old man. Now they realized the true ability of the old man in front of them

‘This standard of movement isn’t based on level but the old man’s actual ability. In reality, he is definitely better than Big Brother... no, he is the best in South Korea.’

“It might be cowardly but it can’t be helped.”

One Fire fell behind and looked at Supreme Fire Dragon.

* * *

Supreme Fire Dragon was deep in thought when he saw the signal from One Fire.

During this period, he and his younger brothers had been working hard. They once again determined each other’s ranking in the organization and gained experience from sparring in the organization as well as outside. The old man might’ve leveled up but he wouldn’t be able to go up against Supreme Fire Dragon’s younger brothers, who had undergone Spartan training. There were some aspects of reality that could apply to virtual reality to some extent. Therefore, the old man couldn’t compare to them in technical aspects. 

This was what he thought.

‘I hadn’t expected there to be such a big difference in skill.’

“Dammit. Who the hell is this old man? I wanted to capture him and do the same thing to him but... it can’t be helped. We have to use our last resort.”

* * *

I instinctively clenched my fists and kicked them. I knocked down the guys blocking my way one by one. Then I heard Supreme Fire Dragon’s voice again. “Old man! Don’t fight! Don’t fight! This girl and dog will die! Uh? They will really die!”

“This bastard is really...”

Supreme Fire Dragon once again placed his sword to the rope and was threatening me. The lid on my old self was opened properly. Had it been a few decades? I thought in my head dozens of times, ‘How can I kill that bastard?’

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is telling you to use Shadow Play.]

Shadow Play...

I kept forgetting that skill. I had only tried it once but I had to use it. I dodged one person’s blade straight away. It literally missed me by the width of a piece of paper.

“You rat-like old man!”

I saw Six Fires’ distorted face and subconsciously frowned. This guy, was he always so ugly?

“Everyone, use your skills! Charge of Anger!”

Shit. I hadn’t expected him to use it. He seemed to be using a skill. Once he shouted, everyone called out ‘Charge of Anger!’

The moment I saw it, I cried out a skill name. “Keen Insight!”

[Keen Insight is still on cooldown.]


I was forced to move my body using my instincts. I moved brilliantly as I twisted in the air, seeking out the gap between knives and fists. Lion's Roar was on cooldown and I couldn’t avoid it all, but my vital points were missed. Actions that were impossible in reality were being made possible in virtual reality.


“Isn’t this a scam?”

“What the hell is this old man?”

“Please just accept the beating. Please!”

These damn bastards. I wasn’t invincible. Before I knew it, my health had dropped down to 15%. I was breathing violently when my eyes suddenly lit up. The shadow dagger was seen in the distance. I freed up some space by kicking and picked up the shadow dagger. Then just as expected, there was a familiar voice. “I told you not to use a weapon! Didn’t you hear me? Do you want them to die?”

It was too dirty and noisy. Truly. I crouched down and placed the dagger on the ground. Supreme Fire Dragon laughed and mocked me when he saw it. Hahaha! Old man, did you finally give up? Kuhahaha!

He had a truly annoying voice. He would see in a moment. Son of a bitch.

“Shadow Play.”

Once again, I entered the land of darkness. Every time I entered, I felt cold and my toes were numb. I looked at the shadow clone that was attacking on my behalf and started the footwork of the sun. My feet started to burn the moment I found Supreme Fire Dragon’s shadow. I overcame the world covered in darkness with my own two feet. Finally, I was able to see the shadow of Supreme Fire Dragon. There was a floating sensation as I appeared behind Supreme Fire Dragon. This guy was in a good mood as he cocked his head and laughed, “Kuhaha!




“W-What?! Shit!”

“Shut up.”


There was no damage...?

Kuock! This old man is really dirty but I’m ready this time.” 

Crazy guy. It was impressive that he made such preparations. I heard an explosion in the distance and saw the men rushing. Che, they already figured out it was a clone.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ recommends to run away first.]

It couldn’t be helped. My health was too low. I quickly broke the rope and started to run away with Sujeong and Cer. Cer was still trapped in the cage and it rattled every time we ran.

“Father, I’m glad you’re alive!”

“Leave the greetings for later. Run!”



We headed for the mountains. We fled for a while but were eventually driven to a cliff. The place we were standing now was the edge of a cliff. One more step and we would fall off a cliff. The falling debris proved it. Sigh, these leeches.”

Pant, what are you going to do old man? Pant. Will you be obediently caught now?”

I called out, “Hey, salamander.”

“It is fire dragon!!”

Supreme Fire Dragon’s face was flushed with rage. I questioned him, “Would you be captured smoothly? You stone-headed bastard.”

“This damn old man!”

Kim Sujeong next to me spoke with a desperate expression, “What are you doing provoking him?”

She looked desperate. She seemed to have given up because there was nowhere to escape. Supreme Fire Dragon said, “Hey, old man. Do you have Ifrit’s Bracelet?”

“Ifun’s Bracelet?”

“Ifrit’s Bracelet!”

“Yes. Ifun’s Bracelet. I have it. Why?”

“I’ll spare you if you give it to me.”

“...F*ck you.” An angry Supreme Fire Dragon released killing intent. Kuock. Then die! Burning Firesword!”

I saw a large crescent made of flaming sword energy fly toward me. Sujeong closed her eyes like she didn’t want to see the end. However, it was too early to give up. That’s why I came here. “See you later, Sujeong.” 


I pushed her off the cliff.

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