Chapter 375

2 years later.

In the hot sunlight, the cries of cicadas came from everywhere. Under the hot sun, there was a woman who placed a white flower in front of the tomb.

“Grandfather, I'm here.”

She was Choi Chuntaek’s granddaughter, Choi Mido. Next to her were Park Muyeol and Park Seongchan. In front of them were the graves of Choi Chuntaek and Yoo Seonyeong. Next to the large black gravestone were letters and words of gratitude from many people to Choi Chuntaek on various post-it notes. All of them were written in commemoration of Choi Chuntaek. Choi Chuntaek, who died after saving South Korea, wasn’t buried and the government made this in return.

“Chuntaek, this jerk. You had been unknown, but you have become very famous after death. Why are there more letters than last year?” Park Muyeol looked at the black gravestone and grumbled.

Mido just laughed.

“I’m glad it ended at this level. The government said it would give him an order of merit and transfer him to the national memorial hall. Since we refused that and the memorial service, the citizens stood up and petitioned the Blue House. The number was over 10 million, so we had to do something like this. If we didn’t do this, people would swarm like bees and we don’t know what they would’ve done. Even now, reporters are blocking the door. If I didn’t do this, wouldn’t it be noisy and Grandfather would be unable to sleep?”

Park Muyeol showed...

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