Chapter 374


Lee Geonmyeong silently watched Han Hyeyeon disappear with a blank gaze. His eyes were red. According to Kang Jaeseong’s words, he couldn’t use any strength here, but I couldn’t understand what was happening. Lee Geonmyeong laughed bitterly and his dark red hand returned to its original appearance.

“The replica key has been exhausted with this command. It is useless now. It is all over...”

“I’m asking what you just did!”

I grabbed his collar and shook him strongly before punching him in the face. Lee Geonmyeong’s cold eyes met mine. Then he raised the corners of his lips in a sneer and stayed silent. Just then, Kang Jaeseong’s voice started to be heard along with a crackling sound.

-...der, Elder. Can you hear me?!

“I hear you. Speak.”

-I was caught off guard! He just used the replica key to order Gaia to self-destruct! At this rate, the core energy in the headquarter’s control room will erupt with the power of six nuclear bombs sweeping over South Korea! Other countries will be fine,...

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