Chapter 373

[How did you become like this? Look in the mirror. Your appearance right now...]

I couldn’t finish my words and frowned.

Lee Geonmyeong seemed to think I was laughing at him and shouted furiously, [Shut up!] 

Suddenly, a black and white beam of light shot out from Lee Geonmyeong’s mouth. The black and white beam of light contained the power of a thunderbolt and another power with unknown identity. As the beam of light flew, the space distorted with a fearsome momentum and my complexion rapidly changed.


I quickly gathered the power of the weather in one place and confronted the black and white beam of light with the seven colored Flying Circle Jewel. Once the two great forces collided, a strong wind blew and there was a roar like the world was bursting.

The surprising thing was that Flying Circle Jewel, which dominated at first, was gradually being pushed back. Soon, a roar burst from the black and white beam of light. The Flying Circle Jewel was gradually pushed away and scattered...

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