Chapter 372

At Union, the underground control room...

Lee Seokjun stared at the face shown on the screen with a shocked expression. It was Yoo Minseok who supported him. Yoo Minseok looked at Lee Seokjun and sighed like it was expected.

“How is my father... alive?” Lee Seokjun rubbed his eyes slightly. It was so absurd he didn’t know if it was a dream or reality. It was shocking that his father, who he thought was dead, was actually alive and was appearing as Jupiter.


Lee Seokjun stared at the screen with a disbelieving expression. Jupiter had the face of his father and took people around the world who enjoyed Arkstar as hostages. If this was known publicly, he, who would be the next chairman of Union, would have nothing to say if he was held accountable and put to death. It wouldn’t be strange if a riot broke out.


Lee Seokjun’s face paled as he turned to the other researchers. They avoided Lee Seokjun’s eyes in an embarrassed manner. Kang Jaeseong was busy operating the supercomputer in front of him. The only one who didn’t avoid his eyes was Yoo Minseok. The moment Lee Seokjun opened his mouth,...

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