Chapter 371

The beautiful yellow trajectory flew through the floating castle. The structure of the floating castle was simpler than I thought. Columns made of sturdy crystals were visible on both sides. In rare cases, stone statues were lined up.

I looked to the left and right warily, but there seemed to be nothing particularly special. I flew toward the huge light inside. After a while, I reached the end of the passage and couldn’t help frowning at the dazzling light. Then a voice was heard in the air.

[You came, Choi Chuntaek.] 

I turned my head in the direction of the voice. The familiar hills and trees of Hesperides were all around me. In the air, there was a small island where spring water was pouring onto the golden apple tree. Next to the tree was the man who took over Jupiter’s body.

[Lee Geonmyeong.]

I slowly floated into the air and faced him at a distance. Last time, I was struck because I didn’t know anything. Now I knew his identity and wouldn’t be fooled easily.

[I should’ve killed you at that time. You are good at interfering with my great work. By the way, what are you doing here?...

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