Chapter 370

[Kang Jaeseong?]

I immediately recognized the owner of the voice and focused on the words floating in the air.

-Haha, you recognize me. That’s right. It is me, Kang Jaeseong. I am contacting you through the supercomputer at headquarters right now.

[Headquarters? Are you back in reality? You are out of Neptune’s body? What happened to Neptune?]

-There isn’t enough time to tell you everything. In short, Neptune isn’t dead, but he is currently asleep. Before I left, I used my divine power to save the three goddesses. Then I injected the remaining power into the fork spoon that you gave me. The body is asleep.

[I see.]

I nodded as I realized why the three goddesses had suddenly appeared and why Clymene and Deucalion were holding my fork spoon. Additionally, I learned the identity of the alien energy in my fork spoon. My curiosity was resolved like a tangled thread was loosened. My expression cleared up and I asked the voice, [By the way, you are back at headquarters and contacted me. This must mean that you want to ask me something or you’ve found a way?]

-You are wise. That’s...

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