Chapter 345

Mido felt a sense of pride as she watched her grandfather heading up to the sky on a cloud. Beautiful goddesses descended to Metheus and her grandfather ascended to Heaven due to the call of Jupiter, one of the three original gods and the one who could be called the king of the gods.

Her grandfather was now called the best Arkstar player in the world. She smiled at the thought that today’s events would be talked about. It was the glory of the family. The glory of her grandfather was the glory of Mido and her family.

“There are days like this when you live.”

“Yes. I didn’t know my grandfather would be such a great person.”

Park Muyeol stood next to Mido and stared up at the sky where Choi Chuntaek had risen. He smiled as the past crossed his mind.

“This guy was like that too back then. He was always indifferent even if he became a bigshot. Thinking about it now, there didn’t seem to be any greed or obsession. However, fate always led him to a higher position than anyone else. He was born to lead people, as if it is his nature.”

Hehe~ are you jealous of my grandfather right now?”

Mido poked him in the side with her elbow and he gave a slightly bitter smile.

‘...Jealousy. What does that mean to me now?’

In fact, when Choi Chuntaek left Legless Bird and Park Muyeol became the new boss, there had been many twists and turns. He thought about it in his heart. Why couldn’t he be like Choi Chuntaek? Why couldn’t he reign on top? Strong power brought peace and Park Muyeol also wanted to have that power. He didn’t think he was jealous of Choi Chuntaek.

At that time, all Park Muyeol could do was make money. Park Muyeol collected money from various businesses and managed to protect Legless Bird. For him, money was power.

‘...It was a fierce life.’

He just collected money without looking back. Still, he had a conscience so he didn’t touch illegal activities. He made money in a proper way. Therefore, in his old age, he lived a wealthy life with his grandson, Park Seongchan, in a good home. However, as the years passed, Park Muyeol realized that it was greed. It was only after abandoning these thoughts that Park Muyeol had realized it.

Choi Chuntaek was Choi Chuntaek and Park Muyeol was Park Muyeol. It didn’t mean anything if he didn’t stand upright.

‘I realized it too late.’

Park Muyeol smiled and stroked Mido’s head.

“Mido, what type of person do you want to be in the future?”

Um, let’s see? It is hard. I don’t know yet.”

Huhu. I see.”

Mido asked with a curious expression, “What type of person do you want to be?”

“Let’s see... I also don’t know.”

Ha, what is this?”

“In fact, I don’t have long left to live. There is no time to be someone else. Still, I know one thing. It is what I really want to say to you now.”

Mido stared at Park Muyeol with a serious expression while Park Muyeol’s expression was warm like he was looking at a granddaughter. Park Muyeol said with a smile, “It doesn’t make sense to earn a lot of money and live well. I hope you will find out the fun of achieving things little by little by working hard every day, no matter what you become.” 


Mido looked impressed and nodded as she thought about Park Muyeol’s words. Just then, Park Maksun, who was to the left of Mido, grumbled, “Shit. You are a saintly gentleman when grown up.”

“Why are you still arguing?”

Bah, be quiet. Jupiter is descending.”

The moment she spoke, Jupiter finally stepped into the human world in the form of a human. With the blessings of all humans in the world, the priests wept emotionally with joy. Now they had no doubt that the human world would be peaceful. They thought these beautiful and strong gods would protect them. However, it didn’t take long for this faith to shatter.


Jupiter’s hand pierced the chest of Maya, the goddess of rain and abundance. Metheus’ square was instantly engulfed in stillness. Then people started screaming.


“What is this? What is going on?!”

“W-Why is Jupiter doing this?”

People were literally confused and stared at the altar blankly. A blue energy came out from Jupiter’s fingertips.

[The power of rain. Beautiful. This should be enough.]

Jupiter slowly absorbed it into his chest. Maya collapsed like she fainted. The other three goddesses were flustered by the sudden situation but they didn’t stand still.

[Jupiter! Why are you attacking us?!]

[Wait! Stop. Cadiya...!]

Despite Hecatiana’s dissuasion, a sudden cold and snowstorm swirled around Cadiya. The sharp icicles formed in the air flew indiscriminately toward Jupiter. It was an attack by Cadiya, goddess of snow and trials. The altar collapsed.All the people in the area started to flee.

Metheus was chaos itself. All that remained were high level users, but no one dared to challenge a god. It was obvious with one glance that it was a battle between different types of existences. However, Jupiter wasn’t hit by the attacks at all.

[How ridiculous. You are just a vessel to hold my strength.]

Jupiter beckoned and the snow and sharp icicles falling around him headed toward Cadiya instead. It was the power of the snow taken from Choi Chuntaek. Additionally, Lee Geonmyeong added the power of the thunderbolt to it.


Cadiya was flustered and allowed the attack to hit. She didn’t have the power to stop the attack of one of the original gods that combined snow and thunderbolts.


Cadiya slumped to the ground. What followed was Huera’s attack. She quickly created sharp winds and swiftly attacked Jupiter from all sides. Yet even with Huera’s power, it was impossible to penetrate the skin of the original god. It was just a little tickle to Lee Geonmyeong.

[It is a trifling wind.]

Lee Geonmyeong once again beckoned and the wind scattered. He added snow and thunderbolts to the wind. The so-called thunder snow storm started sweeping through Metheus’ square. It was like the scene from a disaster movie.

[Ugh! Humans, you must avoid it!]

It was only a matter of time before Huera’s delicate cry became a scream.


In this way, Huera fell without any strength. Hecatiana was also swept along and fell down. Metheus’ square became pandemonium as the millions of people gathered in it started running to escape. Fortunately, Metheus had been doing road expansion work. It was so spacious that there were no accidents. There was good luck in misfortune.

[Trivial humans.]

Jupiter raised his hand and revealed the power of rain stolen from Maya. Dark clouds started to form in the sky of Metheus. It was another disaster. Hecatiana, who was swept away by the thunder snowstorm, looked up at the sky and frowned.

[I have to stop it.]

Hecatiana, the goddess of magic and the moon, started to raise the magic power of the moon. She was known to have infinite magic power and immediately cast large scale protection magic. It was large enough to protect all the humans in Metheus.

The rain that poured down was acidic. If it touched them, the humans would melt helplessly. However, Hecatiana’s shield protected these humans. Lee Geonmyeong scoffed with indifferent eyes as he stared at Hecatiana, who stood in front of him.

[You are doing useless things.]

[W-Why are you doing this? You...]

[...Lupeon also asked that before he died. Of course, I wasn’t actually there. Haha. You remind me of Lupeon.]

[No way, are you behind Lupeon’s death...?]

Hecatiana trembled with a disbelieving expression.

[Well, you can say that.]

Jupiter shrugged like nothing happened. Hecatiana felt a deep sense of betrayal as she watched Jupiter talking casually. Perhaps Jupiter had been preparing this for a long time.

‘We have to leave here first. The humans are going to get hurt.’

There were three injured goddesses in front of her. They were Huera, Cadiya, and Maya.

Hecatiana frowned and asked Maya, [Maya, are you okay?]

[...It is still okay. Not all my power has been taken away.]

The power of rain once again came from Maya’s hands, but it was much weaker than before. She had most of her power taken by Jupiter. Hecatiana spoke to the goddesses, [We have to get out of here. The humans will get hurt.]

The three goddesses nodded at the same time while Hecatiana started casting space magic. It was instant. As expected of the goddess in charge of magic, her casting speed was very swift. The sphere-shaped magic power surrounding Jupiter, Huera, Cadiya, and Maya started to emit a pure white light.

Hecatiana was using space teleportation magic.


In the place where they disappeared, only a large crater in the shape of a hemisphere remained.

* * *


Joseph and I were listening to some hidden truths from Neptune, or Dr Kang Jaeseong. It was a very shocking story. The first thing we heard was the process of how Dr Kang Jaeseong became one of the three original gods, Neptune. A shocked Joseph asked again with a disbelieving expression. “Lee Geonmyeong sent someone to kill you?”

[...Yes. I couldn’t do anything else. I would fall into a coma, but I calculated that he wouldn’t chase me to kill me any longer. After sending my consciousness into the game with a secret app that I developed, I decided to live as one of the NPCS. It was Neptune, one of the original gods.]

Joseph stared with a blank expression at the unbelievable words. Silence fell for a long time. The hidden truth came out in such a shocking manner. However, I wanted to ask him the most important thing.

“...My wife.”


“My wife, what happened to her? Is she Gaia? Gaia came to me when I first started playing. She told me that she had been waiting a long time. I heard that my wife was the successful one in the illegal experiment. If your words are true then she must be Gaia. Both Joseph and I thought so. Is my guess correct...?”

I asked Kang Jaeseong in a trembling voice. I wanted to hear it directly from his mouth that my wife was Gaia and she had been waiting for me for a long time.

[I think you have misunderstood something.]

However, the truth had another twist.

[Your wife isn’t Gaia.]

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