Chapter 344

Neptune reached out to the air. Blue sparks occurred and there was the feeling of something slipping out of me as Prometheus was sucked into Neptune’s grasp.


In the blink of an eye, Prometheus was grabbed by the neck and he struggled in Neptune’s hands. Neptune was one of the three gods in the beginning. This might be the sea and Prometheus might be a sub-god, but it was surprisingly that the god of fire and prophecy could be treated as a child.

[My son-in-law is in high spirits.]

A sense of majesty descended to the palace of Atlantis. It was a conversation that would make anyone think they were a close father-in-law and son-in-law, but Neptune’s voice contained anger. His voice resembled the vast sea. It was gentle, yet cold.

[Kuek. Father-in-law...]

[You are still calling me father-in-law after making your family like this?]


[Foolish guy.]

Neptune threw Prometheus strongly to the ground. The floor was broken and a pit appeared around Prometheus. Prometheus coughed and rubbed his neck.


Meanwhile, I couldn’t move. I probably would’ve been like this if Mido was married and my grandson-in-law did the same thing. Neptune’s actions made a lot of sense.

[It isn’t because you are my son-in-law that I’m sparing you now. It is to prevent the disaster in the future.]

Prometheus didn’t answer and just slowly nodded with a red face and bloodshot eyes. Neptune’s anger slowly subsided and the turbulent currents calmed down. As expected, one of the original gods who dominated the land and sea should have this degree of majesty.

Then I felt a sharp gaze. Neptune was looking at me. His eyes seen through the blue light of majesty were very deep.

[...Indeed, very similar.]

“What does that...?”

Neptune ignored my words and turned to Clymene next to him. He nodded slowly. [Bring him.]

[Father, he is a criminal who entered Atlantis’ forbidden area.]

[It is fine, so bring him. Then I will talk alone with this person.]

[...I understand.] Clymene replied and stepped back politely.

Deucalion similarly gave a polite goodbye and withdrew. Prometheus, Neptune, and I were the only ones left. Tension and cold silence descended here. After a while, I heard footsteps and the door opened. The person who came in was completely unexpected.


* * *

It was around 10 minutes ago. Joseph finished a meal served by a perfect little mermaid of Atlantis and slept in the accommodation they provided. It wasn’t only Joseph. His companions had also been arrested.

Hah, I can’t sleep. What are their intentions?”

Not long ago, Joseph thought he would die when he was first captured. The first place they were brought to was a prison. He expected to be executed and logged out. Atlantis wasn’t designated as the resurrection place. If he died then he would probably go somewhere on land. If so, the hardships he had been through so far were useless. However, he had no way to escape from here.

Joseph and his group were about to give up when they were taken to the queen. By chance, they met Neptune, the god of the sea and the land. Then surprising words came out of Neptune’s mouth, [Release them and take them to the VIP room.]

They were very surprising words. Neptune’s decision got the backlash of Queen Clymene and many of Atlantis’ ministers.

Then Neptune spoke, [This is a place that I designated as a forbidden area. I said I will forgive them. Who will dare to stop my decision? How rude.]

It was a decision full of the majesty of the original god. Joseph couldn’t forget the gaze of Neptune he saw that day through the majestic light. His face couldn’t be seen but strangely, it felt like a loving expression. Due to this, he had an even harder time getting to sleep.

Joseph had been staying here and sleeping for a few days.

Knock knock!

There was a knock on the door.

“Yes, come in.”


The door opened and a merman soldier holding a small spear entered. He was Joseph’s guard so they were quite close. Then the words that came out of the guard’s mouth were surprising. “Neptune is looking for you.”


“That’s right. He said to bring you quietly.”

Joseph didn’t understand Neptune’s actions at this point of time, but this was still one of the three gods showing favor to him. Thus, it was worth meeting him. Maybe if Joseph explained his circumstances, then Neptune could help. Joseph thought this was an opportunity. “I will go straight away.”

Joseph arrived at the royal palace and came to the throne room where Neptune was currently located. The guards protecting the palace opened the door and stepped inside. As Joseph walked, he heard a familiar voice in the distance.



The moment they saw each other, joy and confusion crossed their faces. Their expressions were saying, ‘Why are you here?’

Neptune looked between the two men and burst out laughing.


His laughter caused the currents around him to shake again. Neptune’s laughter caused the palace to shake and he coughed like he was embarrassed. Choi Chuntaek and Joseph were frustrated by the sudden situation. Prometheus was still standing in a stiff manner.

[I guess I can stop acting now.]



Joseph and Choi Chuntaek looked at each other and cocked their heads at the same time. Prometheus was still standing in a tense manner. Neptune slowly descended from the throne and stepped in front of them. He was smaller in human form and had a height similar to them.

The majestic light covering Jupiter’s face slowly faded. Neptune waved his hand and a small shield was placed around them so no one else could see or hear.

Ah, ahhh. Ahhhh...” Joseph confirmed Neptune’s face and trembled like he couldn’t believe it.

“It has been a while.”


Neptune had Kang Jaeseong’s face.

* * *


Leviathan lost all of the helcurts due to Atlantis’ counterattack and gritted his teeth with resentment.

[Damn Atlantis bastards. They are still annoying.]

Leviathan glanced at Atlantis as he ran away. It was once the home where he lived. Seeing that he wasn’t chased, it seemed they had no intention of going to war with him. They must be afraid that he had become stronger.

[Still, I can’t be careless.]

Leviathan’s distinctive red eyes shone. He didn’t mean to withdraw. It would be considered taking one step back for three steps forward.

[By now, the helcurt queen must be contaminated by demonic energy.]

In fact, Leviathan had only brought a tenth of the total number of helcurts with him. There were many more helcurts asleep in the deep sea and the queen of the helcurts who commanded them. Leviathan slowly contaminated the queen with demonic energy. This meant the helcurts were naturally contaminated with demonic energy. The number of helcurts reached the tens of thousands.

Leviathan chuckled in a bizarre manner.

[Atlantis, I will destroy you.]

He couldn’t forgive those who had oppressed him. This was why Leviathan held hands with the queen of the helcurts. The reason the helcurts were driven away from Atlantis and settled in the deep sea was because they harmed the marine ecosystem like himself. The helcurt queen accepted demonic energy on her own and gained a much greater strength.

Leviathan finally arrived in the deep sea and entered the endless darkness.

[Helcurt queen.]

Finally, the queen who was asleep on the deepest part of the deep sea floor slowly opened her eyes. Red eyes that were larger than Leviathan’s eyes radiated a light like she could see through everything.

[It is time.]

* * *

At Union headquarters, the monitoring room...

[Finally, Jupiter, one of the three original gods and the god of light and the sky is about to appear! Now in Metheus, the capital of the Atlan Kingdom, everyone’s eyes are on the sky! The descent of Jupiter has become the thing people from all over the world are most concerned about! Indeed...]

On the large monitor screen, the screen zoomed in on the upper body of the reporter specifically dispatched to the scene. The breaking news was constantly pouring out with subtitles. The content of the breaking news was naturally about the descent of Jupiter, one of the three original gods.

All the employees included Yoo Minseok and the next chairman Lee Seokjun saw the news displayed on the monitor. As expected, their eyes were shining. For them, the descent of the gods was an unexpected variable. They never thought that Jupiter, the king of the gods, would move so fast.

‘...I’m going out of my mind.’

Even now, the staff in front of Yoo Minseok were busy. They were busy extracting and calculating data on variables that would occur in sudden situations. However, Yoo Minseok thought there would be no danger. The descent of Jupiter meant the other original gods could come. It was fortunate for Union and Arkstar, the world in the game, that Jupiter descended before Pluto who was known to have caused Ragnarok.

[Ahh! Finally, Jupiter is revealed!]

Just in time, the huge body of Jupiter descending on the clouds appeared on the screen. After transforming his body into a smaller human form, he slowly entered the human world. It was an act that knew the human world wouldn’t remain if he descended with his full body.

[The original gods seem to be different even in dignity! The white light behind his back is so dazzling! It is so dignified that no humans can look up!]

As the reporter exclaimed, the people around him were busy worshipping and bowing to Jupiter. Finally, the goddess Heura, Cadiya, Maya, and Hecatiana knelt toward Jupiter and greeted him. It was a welcome befitting the king of the gods.

Yoo Minseok turned around with a smile. He was about to go get a cup of coffee from the vending machine.



“W-What is this?!”

At this moment, there was a sudden turmoil. Yoo Minseok turned back and moved his gaze to the large screen.


Yoo Minseok saw the screen and was shocked and afraid. The scene in front of him was unbelievable. He could guarantee that no data would’ve predicted this.

“This is crazy!”

The scene of Jupiter’s hand piercing the torso of Maya, one of the goddesses, filled Yoo Minseok’s eyes. It was chaos itself.

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