Chapter 343

The place where the home of the gods, the celestial palace, was located, was very high. Choi Chuntaek fell from such a place to the Atlan Sea. The thunderbolt that Jupiter had bound him with still stung his body and he had no strength. It was like paralysis, so Choi Chuntaek fell into the sea without being able to take any action. Unfortunately, it was one of the three great forbidden areas in the Atlan Sea known as the Whirlpool Strait.

[You have entered the Whirlpool Strait, one of the three great danger zones of the Atlan Sea.]

[This is a place where rapid currents and torrents rage.]

[Whispers aren’t allowed in this area.]

[Currently, you can’t breathe underwater.]

[If you can’t breathe in a minute, you will die here.]

He entered the water and saw the messages in front of him. He hurriedly swam and tried to get out. The problem was that this place was the Whirlpool Strait, one of the three forbidden areas. Water and white bubbles covered the view in front of him. At the same time, he felt like something was trying to drag him deep into the sea as if there was a lump of lead attached to his ankle.

‘My body is too heavy.’

It was like being caught by a water ghost. It seemed he would only be able to play the game up to here today. Choi Chuntaek gritted his teeth as he recalled Lee Geonmyeong’s face. ‘...I have to stop him.’

Choi Chuntaek didn’t know what he was going to do, but there was obviously a plot. It might be the disaster that Dr Kang Jaeseong warned about. It was clear that everyone, including his family and granddaughter, would be in danger. He was too relaxed.


Unfortunately, luck didn't seem to be on his side. Choi Chuntaek couldn’t breathe. At the same time, his eyes rolled and his vision blurred. It happened as he was closing his eyes and accepting death...

“Old man, how can you sleep in a place like this? Open your mouth.”

Suddenly, he felt something enter his mouth. At the same time, the chills in his body went away and he felt something created around his neck. Choi Chuntaek slowly took a breath. He touched his neck and carefully opened his eyes.

“This place...?”

“I’m sorry to do this as soon as you wake up, but hold on tight. I’m being chased now.”

“What? Who are you... huup!

His body leaned back from the sudden inertia and he hurriedly grabbed something. Looking closely, it was something he had seen before.


He slowly turned to the person speaking to him. Torres quickly turned and grinned, showing a gold tooth. Then his expression stiffened.

“Shit, hold on tightly, old man!” 

At this moment, something eerie passed over Choi Chuntaek’s head. He turned to see where it came from There were hundreds of grotesque frogs and a combination of an octopus and crocodile chasing after them with sharp teeth.

“Are these your friends?”

“Are you joking right now? Do you see them as friends?! Additionally, don’t talk to me. I’m drunk driving, so I have to concentrate hard.” Torres waved his hand in a signal not to speak and focused his attention on controlling Blash.

Choi Chuntaek slowly reviewed the situation. Not long after, his thoughts were cleared up.

‘He is being chased.’

It was simple. Torres saved him from being drowned and Torres was being chased. The first thing was to get rid of the damn fish baring their teeth.

‘This is the sea, so the power of the sun can’t be used.’

He took out Yeouicho and carefully approached Blash’s tail. Then he shouted at Torres who was driving hard behind him, “Stop!”

“No, old man. When did you go there? Quickly come back! You will die if you stay there!”

“Stop this guy!”


Torres wondered for a moment what the old man was thinking and stopped Blash. The moment Blash paused, Torres ran toward the tail. “No, what the hell are you...”

“Grow, Yeouicho.” 

The giant Yeouicho stretched out from Choi Chuntaek’s fingertips and reached the largest guy in the distance. Leviathan looked nonchalant as he blocked it with one hand.

[You must be Alexus’ successor who fell into the sea. You survived in the sea. Get caught easily.]

Leviathan grabbed Yeouicho with both hands and started to squish it. Yeouicho was easily distorted like squashing aluminum. However, this was what Choi Chuntaek intended. He deliberately didn’t make Yeouicho hard and sent it over. Just then, Yeouicho burst like a pudding and became clouds that melted into the sea. It produced the same effect as a smoke bomb and Choi Chuntaek turned back to Torres.

“What? Aren’t you holding onto the steering wheel? We have to quickly run away in this gap.”

* * *

Thus, Torres and I arrived in Atlantis. The moment we arrived, Torres shouted at the merfolk in charge of the defense. “Start the barrier right now! The helcurts are coming!”

The merfolk raised the barrier according to Torres’ words without any protest. A pale pink hemisphere-shaped barrier was overlaid around Atlantis. It was literally a shield.

“Prepare the magic water guns!”

The merman who seemed to be the defense chief shouted and cannons appeared on the walls protecting Atlantis. However, they weren’t cannons. They were giant guns called magic water guns. At the end of five or six magic water guns, water and magic power gathered together. From outside the shield, they started to indiscriminately fire at Demon King Leviathan and the demonic energy polluted helcurts.

Leviathan’s face distorted in a resentful manner. The helcurts following him were helpless as they collapsed and rose to the water’s surface while violet blood spread. It was truly a terrifying power.


Leviathan growled and gave a signal to retreat. Of course, the helcurts went with him.

Just then, I heard a voice from behind me, [You’ve worked hard, Torres. Here is what you’ve asked for.]

The approaching man threw something at Torres. It was a bottle of alcohol.

“...How many years?” Torres asked carefully, like he was dealing with a very precious treasure.

[30 years.]

Kyah, you truly understand!” Torres spoke in an excited manner and started singing. He opened the stopper and immediately gulped the alcohol.

After taking five sips, Torres exclaimed and hiccuped.

Kkuk! Wow, cool!”

I glanced at Torres in a speechless manner and saw the man who gave him the bottle of alcohol. It was Torres’ constellation—Deucalion, the water jug zodiac.

“You’ve come, Your Highness.” 

[It is the queen’s order to raise our defenses to full strength.]

“I am pleased to do so.”

The merman who seemed to be the captain of the guards bowed his head and shouted, “Strengthen the defenses.” There was a sense of tension here like they were on the verge of a war. It was Prometheus’ message that broke the tension.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is coughing.]

Deucalion felt the energy from the message and his eyes glared at me, his face distorted in an unhappy manner. Of course, it was an expression directed at Prometheus, not me.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is coughing again.]

Then Deucalion opened his mouth, [You are really shameless.]

Deucalion growled toward the sky before gesturing with his chin for me to follow.

[The queen is looking for you. Follow me.]

I slowly followed Deucalion. He was a polite young man. The problem was that Deucalion was Prometheus’ son. Prometheus, his flesh and blood, didn’t move and I couldn’t say anything.

Torres followed while sipping from the bottle of alcohol. I checked the information on the bottle and saw that ‘30 year old Atlantis High Quality Liquor’ was written on it. In any case, if this guy became a monster, then he would definitely be a drunkard.

Shortly thereafter, we were able to enter the royal palace of Atlantis. Deucalion stopped outside a luxurious door and spoke, [Torres, wait here.]

Hiccup! Ahh, yes. I will be drinking outside. Work hard, old man.” 

Sigh, this smell. It was truly a single man.

“Yes. Stay awake.”

Huhu, understood.”

Torres leaned sideways against the wall and staggered. He looked completely like a drunkard from the back. Deucalion shook his head. [Let’s go.]

I nodded and Deucalion opened the door wide. The moment I entered, I saw a spacious interior and a throne on high ground. It was naturally the queen who was waiting there.

[Welcome. I’ve been waiting.]

Then there were sparks above my head and messages started to appear.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is sweating as if sitting on a thorn cushion.]

[The third apostle, ‘Atlas,’ is calming Prometheus.]

It was natural for Prometheus to react like this. The queen in front of me was Prometheus’ wife. Was her name ‘Clymene’? In any case, this guy couldn’t do anything. Despite having a wife and child, he ran away from home and chased after Camille. I clicked my tongue and shook my head.

[You are Alexus’ successor. And...] Clymene, queen of Atlantis, glared at the air above me. To be honest, I thought lasers would come out from her eyes. Clymene’s face was that disgusted. [A seed that should never be passed on...]

Clymene gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. 

Prometheus, you are dead now. I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect him anymore. What he did was 100% wrong.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is avoiding Clymene’s gaze.]

[You know you did something wrong? You are really shameless, Mr Husband.]

Clymene said the same thing as Deucalion. It was truly a mother and child relationship. I first coughed in order to change the mood. “Cough. I want to know why you called me here.”

Clymene closed her eyes, took deep breaths, and spoke to me after she had regained her composure, [There is someone who wants to see you.]

“See... me?” I wondered who would want to see me. It was Atlantis, where I had no acquaintances. It was also a person who could make the queen use honorifics. Who was it?


[You’re here.]

Water flashed in front of Clymene. She stood up, clasped her hands respectfully together and turned to the side of the throne. On this throne, the presence inside the water looked down at me with crossed legs. Behind him, a blue light of dignity that was different from Jupiter shone brightly.

[He is my father.]

One of the three original gods like Jupiter appeared in the spray of water. He was also Clymene’s father. Neptune, the god of the land and sea who defended Atlantis. He glared about my head.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ has shaking legs.]

For reference, he was Prometheus’ father-in-law.

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