Chapter 341

At the celestial palace, Uranus...

[It seems they’ve done quite a lot of preparations for us?]

[I think that dish looks very tasty.]

[Huh. As expected of Alexus’ successor.]

Maya, the goddess of rain and abundance; Huera, the goddess of the wind and resurrection; and Cadiya, the goddess of snow and trials—all three of them spoke with admiration. They were looking down at the human world and expressing different views. In particular, they were paying attention to the weather dish made by the human who was known as Alexus’ successor. The weather dish he created captured the hearts of two out of the three goddesses.

[The smell of the food on the breeze is very good.]

[The red beans on top of the snow look very delicious.]

The two goddesses were Huera and Cadiya. On the contrary, Maya was showing a sad expression. It was because he hadn’t obtained the rain recipe yet. Maya thought that when she descended, she would give the human the power that Alexus had entrusted to her. Maybe that man could become a constellation that would bring peace to the Ark Continent again. It was a great joy for her who controlled abundance.

[Oh my~ what are you smiling at while watching?]

Just then, Hecatiana, the goddess of moon and magic, approached from behind. She was late for over two hours because she was choosing a dress to show off her beauty when descending to the human world. Huera smiled at Hecatiana.

[It is interesting, Hecatiana. You watch as well.]

[Hmm, what is it~?]

Hecatiana looked down at the human world with a look of interest. However, she didn’t have a hobby regarding food. All she cared about were beautiful things. It was something that would make her beauty more glamorous.

[What? It is cooking? I’m not interested~ How about me? Aren’t I pretty~?]

Hecatiana boasted about her dress as she spread open her arms and turned to the side. The fluttering dress was very luxurious. Huera laughed.

[It looks very good on Hecatiana.]

[Ohohoho! Maya, Cadiya. What do you think?]

Then Maya spoke, [It feels like too much skin is exposed...]

[Oh my~ don’t you know? These clothes are prevalent in the human world these days.]

Cadiya spoke lightly and nonchalantly, [If you’re just going to wear a straw mat, then I recommend you don’t wear it at all, Hecatiana.]

[Bah. You don’t know anything. Sigh, you and I are in different places.]

Hecatiana showed her back as if it wasn’t worth dealing with them. Then she waved her hand. She was facing the clouds that lead down to the human world.

[Everyone, aren’t you going~? There is one minute left. Oh, you haven’t forgotten Jupiter’s words?]

[Of course.]

[Yes, I know.]

[I understand.]

The three goddesses nodded in turn. The three goddesses and Hecatiana had felt Lupeon’s vacancy when they met the great Jupiter on his behalf. They didn’t know why, but Jupiter asked them to bring Alexus’ successor to the celestial palace. It was a command to send him alone because Jupiter wanted to talk to him alone. Even 500 years ago, Jupiter had loved Alexus very much. It was natural to also favor his successor.

‘Does Jupiter want to make him a constellation?’

Hecatiana fell into deep thought and shook her head. It wasn’t impossible, but it was up to Jupiter, the king of the celestial palace to decide. It wasn’t possible for sub-gods to do this.

Then five-colored lights started to wrap around the goddesses’ bodies. It was a signal that the taboo was completely released. The clouds moved slowly and started to descend into the human world. The taboo set by the original god Gaia was lifted after 500 years.

* * *

At the sea that occupied the center of the Ark Continent...

There was a large hole in the deepest area of the Atlan Sea. It was very dark and nothing could be seen. Therefore, no monster could survive there. Therefore, it was a prohibited area. It was the same with the merfolk and fishermen living in Atlantis. In this place called the deep sea, there was Torres whose constellation was Deucalion, the water jug zodiac. He was looking down at the deep abyss from the head of Blash, his water dragon, with the mermaid’s scale in his mouth.

...Um.” Torres frowned deeply. “I think I will be eaten if I keep looking at this.”

Certainly, a forbidden area was a forbidden area. He felt horror the moment he looked into the deep sea. A void with nothing. There was a fear he would be eaten by it. He got goosebumps as he felt a creepy energy enveloping his body. Torres’ legs were numb.

Then his eyes widened. “This...?”

Torres quickly directed the water dragon Blash closer to the pit.

“Demonic energy...? Is there really a demon king here?”

Torres was here now due to his constellation, Deucalion. Deucalion had to defend Atlantis and his mother, so he was unable to leave. Torres came to investigate this place instead.

[The water jug zodiac, ‘Deucalion,’ says to investigate a bit more.]

Hmm, it is this.”

Torres started gulping from the bottle of alcohol hanging from his waist. It was underwater, but Deucalion was a constellation that governed water. His ability meant drinking in the sea was nothing and it was the same for Torres.

Kuhah! I really hate ghosts.” Torres, from Spain, believed this wasn’t a world without ghosts. He had seen the haunted statue and fire as a result of the poltergeist phenomenon several times on TV. In any case, he just hated it.

Cough, please prepare some of the good alcohol of Atlantis for me.”

[The water jug zodiac, ‘Deucalion,’ says he knows.]

Kuhuhu. Then I will go in.”

Torres slowly drove the water dragon, Blash, into the abyss. He clearly felt the demonic energy becoming thicker. The entrance was full of darkness and felt very small. At the same time, he felt a chill.


The frightened Torres was shocked. 

‘The water temperature has changed. No, this is...’

The water temperature hadn’t changed. Torres slowly looked around.


Thousands of eyes were glowing red in the abyss of infinite darkness.

“It is bad luck.”

* * *


I was staring up at the sky. After the message that the descent of the gods had begun, the clouds split apart and light poured down. Everyone present was looking up at the sky. Finally, something appeared in the sky.

“Look over there!”


“That cloud!”

“The gods. The gods are descending!”

At first, the group was flustered because they didn’t know what it was. Then someone cried out that it was a god and they started to bow to the sky. It was the goddesses who were descending from the clouds. There were familiar faces among them. Huera and Cadiya. Was that Maya next to them? Then she must be Hecatiana. I could tell with one glance that the woman in the gorgeous outfit was Hecatiana. It was as Crescent said. She seemed to really like dressing up.

Soon after, the clouds descended. Cheers poured out as the goddesses finally entered the human world. The goddesses looked slowly at the humans and waved with different charms. Then Hecatiana approached me. [Hmm~ are you Alexus’ successor?]

Hecatiana looked me up and down with a meaningful gaze.

[Jupiter wants to see you.]


My eyes widened at her words.

[You have to go to the celestial palace. Right now.]

Huh?My mouth dropped open and I looked stupid. It was a meeting with Jupiter. I thought I would meet him one day, but I hadn’t expected it to be so soon.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is frowning.]

[The third apostle, ‘Atlas,’ is sighing deeply.]

[Oh my~ there are Prometheus and Atlas here? Have you been well?]

Huera came over after hearing Hecatiana’s words.

[Prometheus, I missed you very much. Are your nostrils still wide?]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is flaring his nostrils.]

[Huhu, Prometheus is always a funny god.]

[The third apostle, ‘Atlas,’ is asking if she wants to see him.]

[Of course, I wanted to see you as well, Atlas.] 

[The third apostle, ‘Atlas,’ is snorting.]

Prometheus and Atlas were surprisingly close to the goddesses. Well, it was Jupiter they hated, not the gods.

[Prometheus is sealed in that human’s body and Atlas is still holding up the sky?] Cadiya talked to the sky, her eyes indifferent.

Then Maya approached. It was a benevolent smile reminiscent of the grains of autumn. [It has been a while, Prometheus and Atlas. Have you been well in the meantime?]

Prometheus and Atlas greeted Maya after a long time.

Then Hecatiana urged me, [That’s it. Jupiter is waiting. If you go up this cloud, then you’ll quickly reach Jupiter.]

I nodded and immediately stepped onto the cloud. It felt like being on top of Jinny. At my sudden behavior, the reporters smelled something and let out a burst of camera flashes. The ground couldn’t be seen due to the lights from below.

[How rude. Daring to dazzle the goddesses’ eyes.]

Cadiya beckoned and sharp pieces of ice formed in the air, exploding the lights. The reporters became flustered. Fortunately, the cameras filming didn’t light up so they weren’t destroyed. They couldn’t help gulping. Tsk tsk, these guys would have a hard time in the future.

I told Park Muyeol and Park Maksun behind me that I was going to the celestial palace. They nodded and told me not to worry. I moved through the sky on the clouds and finally arrived at the celestial palace. The door opened with a bizarre sound.

“Is this telling me to come in?”

I slowly stepped inside. Finally, I could hear Jupiter’s voice, [You have come, Alexus’ successor.]

I slowly got on one knee and lowered my head. I didn't know why, but I felt an unbearable majesty above my head.

[Raise your head.]

I slowly looked up at Jupiter. The body in the sky was very large, but the face still couldn’t be seen. Jupiter, the god of light and the sky, was shrouded in a majestic light. It was as Prometheus once said—the three original gods hide their faces behind a pure white light. Then at this moment...

[This is the first time we are meeting like this, Choi Chuntaek.] 


My body shook and the white light from Jupiter’s finger reached me in an instant. I felt flustered by the power I couldn’t resist. Then something happened.

[You have started to lose the power of the snow.]

[You have started to lose the power of the wind.]


Something slipped out of his body like a haze. In an instant, the power of snow and wind was pulled out. No, how did he know my name? I asked Jupiter with a surprised expression, “Who are you?”

I didn’t get an answer. Jupiter continued to laugh.

[How long have I been waiting for this moment?]

Slowly, the light covering Jupiter’s face faded and started to disappear. It revealed a face that I knew. At the same time, my body trembled with disbelief. Why was he here when he was known to have died?

“...Lee Geonmyeong.”

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