Chapter 339

Hah, understood. If that is what Your Majesty desires, then I will change it.”

Helena sighed and touched her forehead. Anyone who saw it would call it disrespectful, but I had no intention of acting superior to people just because I was king. It had been a long time since I cared about things such as other people’s rudeness toward me.

“It is time to get ready.”

“It is already that time?”

I slowly opened my eyes. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to use the massage chair a bit more. No, I wanted to sit on the massage throne. Uhu, so refreshing. I seemed relaxed from my head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. Ah, I want to stay here a bit longer.”

“No. You have to go. You are the king of this kingdom.”

Groan. I didn’t think much of it. I was forced to accept the position. Can’t you just be the ruler?”

I dug at my ears as Helena’s nagging followed.

“What are you talking about? Get up quickly. Right now, all the people are gathering to look at Your Majesty. Yet you say you aren’t going to do it?!”

Ah, you nag too much.”

Over the past period of time, the people of the Atlan Kingdom had constantly increased. The things I had done so far had become a hot topic among the common people and players. The uploaded videos spread through SNS and people from all over the world gathered. Fortunately, Helena was filled with foresight and expanded it to a city ahead of schedule. Therefore, security was well-maintained. Rather, there were a few cases where users stepped forward to maintain security and gain contributions.

In any case, I happened to rise to this position. It was because some people started calling me His Majesty. This spread among the people and everyone started calling me that way.

“Additionally, can you stop cooking so much? Your Majesty’s dignity...”

“That isn’t possible.” I stood up slowly from the massage throne while firmly drawing a line. Then I turned to Helena. “I am a Weather Chef. It is my symbol. That is the one thing I can never give up. Don’t try to stop my hobbies.”

Due to my assertiveness, Helena stepped back and sighed. Hah, understood. Still, please agree to only do it once a week. Haven’t you been continuing to make it in the meantime? It is very huge as well. Do you know how hard it is to clean up the remnants of the building? The buildings that had been destroyed so far...!”

Sigh, I’ll be careful.”

As the nagging continued, I immediately interrupted her. In the meantime, I had been using Weather Cooking to cook various dishes. It was like experimenting. It was because I also learned the magic of the dokkaebis.

...Who would’ve thought I had a dokkaebi horn? The dokkaebi king said he felt the energy of the dokkaebis from me and that he would teach me magic. I hadn’t known it, but the material for the Shadow Dagger was the dokkaebi horn. In any case, this was why I was able to learn magic.

The magic could make anything big and I used it in my weather dishes. However, I was so inexperienced and it grew so large that it broke a few buildings. The food was given to the people who gathered and there was no waste, but a large amount of money was lost through extensive renovations. The people misunderstood and praised me for being a king who generously offered food.

Meanwhile, I was scolded by Helena behind the scenes.

“If you keep being like this, I will talk to Great Magician Park Maksun...!”

“I’ll go first.”

I used a moonwalk for the first time in ages to leave the room.

* * *

I left the room and strolled through the palace in a slightly different outfit than usual. It wasn’t the Belphegor cooking suit made by Drain. It was a dignified, kingly appearance. The clothes I was wearing now were made by Drain to celebrate my ascension as a king. I wore a simple gold crown and slowly descended the stairs of the palace.

Next to me, Helena was following me like an attendant. I was descending when I suddenly heard a laugh. “Puhahaha! What is that appearance?! Uhahaha!

I moved my gaze to the place where the sound was heard and I couldn’t help frowning. It was because Park Muyeol was pointing at me and laughing.

“...Don’t laugh, you rotten guy. I know it doesn’t suit me either.”

Puhuhu! Kukukukuk!” Even so, Park Muyeol kept laughing while holding his belly.

I couldn’t help sighing while behind me, Helena was angry and rebuked Park Muyeol, “What insolence is this before His Majesty? No matter how much His Majesty hates politeness, you should maintain your dignity!”


I saw Park Muyeol, who couldn’t move in front of Helena, and couldn’t help swallowing back my complaints. Shortly after I became king, Helena often lectured people like she was a strict mother. I was the one who was scolded the most.

“Grandfather!” Then I heard a familiar voice and someone quickly walked over. It was Mido who was wearing a gorgeous dress.

“Princess.” Helena bowed politely to Mido.

Ah, hello, Helena.” Mido also bowed politely to Helena. In fact, Helena’s status meant she didn’t need to be so polite to Mido. It was because Helena was...

“Your Majesty.”

I turned my head again. Standing there was Aren, who had recently become the Merchant King of Fortren.

“Welcome. You became the Merchant King not long ago? Congratulations.”

“Everything is Your Majesty’s grace.”

Huhu. What does that mean? I didn’t do anything. It was all due to yourself.”

Aren was handed the status of Merchant King by Kirius not long ago. Since he took control, the alliance between the Atlan Kingdom and Fortren was formed. Naturally, it was Helena who mediated it. She chose to stay here even though she could live in Fortren as the daughter of the Merchant King. It was a very thankful thing for me.

“Grandfather, will the gods really come down here?”

I nodded slowly at Mido’s question. “They will descend. There are still the demon kings.”

As I spoke, I shifted my gaze to the woman standing behind Mido. The woman looked down the moment she made eye contact with me. I couldn’t believe it, but she was Demon King Lilith. I immediately sent a whisper to Mido.

-Jackson: Lilith didn’t have any resistance?

-Mido: At first she did, but she couldn’t use any strength at all. Monet said that her soul is mortgaged. In any case, you can rest assured. She can’t attack anyone. Look at how well she listens to my words. She is like a summons. A summons.

By the way, Asmodeus was trapped in an underground prison under the heart of the city. It would be easy for him to get out with his strength, but he wouldn’t when Lilith was caught by Mido. It was clear that Asmodeus wouldn’t be able to get out. Not long ago, I asked if Monet could make more sealing paintings. Monet replied that it was a very special painting paper and he probably wouldn’t be able to do it again in his lifetime. 

I slowly turned to Mido.

“It is time to go out,” Helena approached and spoke carefully to me.

I nodded and turned toward the entrance of the palace. Now was the time to meet the people of Atlan.

* * *

At the square of Metheus, in the Atlan Kingdom...

Ohh, it is the king of Atlan!”

“The person next to him is Mido, the princess.”

“My children lived thanks to the dishes I got from him.”

“Hooray, His Majesty!”

The people of the Atlan Kingdom shouted ‘hooray’ and bowed their heads. It was naturally their king they were bowing to. In that place, Choi Chuntaek and Mido were standing. On their left was Park Muyeol and on the right was Commander-in-Chief Leslie and Park Maksun. There was also Demon King Lilith, who was hiding her demonic energy and pretending to be human.

Meanwhile, Demon King Lucifer hid his demonic energy and changed his appearance to a human. He wore a hood and watched Lilith in the crowd. The power of his ability to manifest his imagination made his identity unknown to everyone. Now he was a handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes. It was the appearance of his former apostle.

‘It is completely beyond expectations that Lilith is in their hands.’

Lilith and Asmodeus’ capture was one of the most famous stories in Atlan, so it quickly entered Lucifer’s ears. At first, it was unbelievable, but it seemed they had caught Lilith’s weakness. Maybe she was useless now.

‘Asmodeus can’t be helped since Lilith is caught. Hrmm.’

Lucifer was touching his chin thoughtfully when Nekron, who was wearing a hood like Lucifer, opened his mouth while watching Lilith, “Right now, Lilith is captured by the woman called Choi Mido. It is a type of sealing magic. It is one of the most advanced dark magics.”

[Do you see the soul?]

“...It is annoying but I am now a lich. It is nothing for me who will become the god of death.”

Nekron’s eyes shone brightly under the hood as he met Lucifer’s gaze. After dying four times, Nekron was completely transformed into a lich and now realized the full power of death.

[...Control your strength. The energy of death is overflowing.]

Lucifer clicked his tongue like he was annoyed and concealed the aura of death around Nekron. Fortunately, no one had noticed. Nekron’s low laughter was heard. “Huhuhu. I can’t help being full of strength. It isn’t easy for me to control Pandora’s power either. It seems I’m going to become a god soon.”

Lucifer inwardly laughed arrogantly as he watched Nekron.

In the meantime, Lucifer has collected the Pandora fragments scattered all over the world as well as those he distributed to the demon kings. Apart from the ones in himself, Ashtar, and ‘Abyss of Envy’ Leviathan who was still at sea, all the Pandora fragments were gathered. 

There was just one thing Nekron was mistaken about. In the first place, Lucifer had no intention of making him the god of death. Nekron was just a tool to bring Pandora when ‘He’ descended. Nothing more and nothing less. Pandora’s power slowly gnawed at the person who possessed it, so holding a lot of the pieces could be dangerous for Lucifer.

‘Are you still mistakenly believing that you can be the god of death? Human beings are truly arrogant and easily deceived.’

Nekron didn’t know Lucifer’s thoughts and was staring at the sky with shining eyes. There was a light coming down from there. It was clear that the descent of the gods would soon begin.

Huhuhuhu. Pluto is finally coming to me!”

Nekron’s laughter spread loudly, but nobody here knew that it would be a sign of the disaster that would begin soon.

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