Chapter 336

At Dark Moon’s capital, Beatrice...

Mido and James succeeded in entering the capital. The method was very simple. James first infiltrated the capital and bought jewelry that could transform them into vampires. He also carried garlic with him in order to erase the smell of humans. Thanks to this, the two humans could easily walk around the capital and reach the castle.

Surprisingly, Beatrice was in the middle of a festive mood right now because Demon King Lilith announced her marriage. The other person was Demon King Asmodeus. The vampires in Beatrice seemed very excited about the wedding of Queen Lilith tomorrow.

“Why does it feel like we’ve become wedding destroyers?” Mido had a slightly apologetic and bittersweet expression.

However, James spoke firmly to Mido, “Wake up. They are the ones who have captured your constellation.”

“I know that.”

“Then let’s go in. Grab my hand.”

She might not be willing to hold hands with her ex-boyfriend again, but Mido had to hold James’ hand. Only then could she disappear into the shadows.


James noticed Mido’s uncomfortable expression and held out his little finger. Mido grabbed James’ little finger with her index finger and thumb. The two of them disappeared into the shadows at the same time. Then they reappeared in a dark, old castle.

Wow, it is like the Middle Ages.”

“There is no time for admiration. We have to move quickly.”

Uh, you nagger.”

James smiled at Mido’s blunt response and slowly climbed the stairs. At this moment—

[You have been caught in the trap ‘Dream Temptation.’]

[This trap is only effective for men.]

[Your magic power is sealed for a while.]

A message appeared in front of James’ eyes and then he got a huge headache. He felt dizzy and there was the sensation of the entire world overturning.

Kuok...!” James held his head and complained of pain.

The startled Mido supported him. “Hey! Are you okay?”


James still complained of pain. If a trap had been set up, then it was obvious that the person who set the trap would soon appear.

‘It is probably the demon king. Lilith.’

The good thing was that the trap was only effective for men. Perhaps Mido could escape.

“Run... away.”

“What? How can I leave you and run away?”

“It is a trap that only works on men... there is no time. Go quickly!”

James violently flung away Mido who was supporting him. Mido was worried about James but now was the time to think calmly. If it really was a trap, then the demon king would appear here soon. Then what should she do? Mido hesitated for a bit.

“...I’m fine. I have a way. Haven’t you seen it? I’ve killed vampires with one blow. Lilith is the vampire queen, so it will definitely work against her. KuekOh, take this with you.” James endured the pain and handed out a pistol to Mido. It was pretty old. Inside were six light attribute silver bullets loaded. It seemed to have been prepared for her. “It has been used before, but if you are in danger, shoot with it...”

Mido was a bit relieved after hearing the words that James barely managed to say. Indeed, James had killed the vampires with his bullets of light. It was clear that he could inflict serious injuries on the vampire queen. She was convinced that even if it was a bit dangerous, he wouldn’t easily die. “Hang in there. Understood? I’ll come find you after saving Monet. Just hold on a bit!”

“Ye...s. Go ahead.” James nodded. Then Mido got up and ran upstairs. James smiled slightly as he saw Mido moving away in his dizzy vision.

* * *

At Lilith’s castle in Beatrice...

[Eh? Someone really broke in?]

Lilith’s eyes widened with surprise as she stared at Asmodeus. Asmodeus nodded slowly as if he knew this would happen.

[My guess was correct.]

[Aren’t you great? How did you expect it?]

[Huhu. The purpose of the vampire hunter is definitely the death of the nobles. If so, I thought he would definitely aim for you. It is certain from the appearance and clothing in the reports that the vampire hunter is a man, so I used your ability to create traps.]

[Oh my, what to do? My best husband?]

Lilith sat down on Asmodeus’ lap while speaking. Asmodeus gazed lovingly at her before setting her aside and standing up. Both of them were in their human form, so they just looked a bit unusual if anyone saw them.

[Where are you going?]

[I can’t let go of the guy who is targeting my bride.]

[Then I’ll go!]

Lilith stepped in front of Asmodeus but he slowly shook his head.

[No, you stay here. If he is frantic about targeting vampire nobles then he certainly has the means to kill you. It is right for me to go.]

[Huhu, don’t be too late. You know the wedding is soon, right?]

[Of course. It won’t take long.]

[You are truly reliable.]

At Lilith’s words and coquettish appearance, Asmodeus left the room with a smile filled with killing intent. He started to slowly descend the stairs. The castle that consisted of five floors boasted a pretty old-fashioned atmosphere. The grand wedding of Lilith and himself would be held here under everyone’s blessing.

‘Daring to touch the woman I love. I can’t forgive you.’

For Asmodeus, Lilith was a woman worth giving up everything. Therefore, he was able to endure the long years, betraying the gods, and becoming a demon king. Some people would criticize him, but he could endure anything. Any place was home as long as she was by his side.

Asmodeus finally arrived on the first floor.

[...It is you. The vampire hunter who is aiming for Lilith.]

Asmodeus looked down at James who had fallen to one knee. It was a small, insignificant being. The sharp ears and exposed fangs made him seem like a vampire.

[I never thought the vampire hunter would be the same kind.]

“Shit. I truly have no luck. It isn’t Lilith. It is someone else.”

[Were you still aiming at Lilith? How disgusting. I will tear off all your limbs.]

Asmodeus’ body grew larger and started to change. Asmodeus’ upper body and head were the same, but the tails and legs of a black scorpion appeared. Sharp pincers also appeared on both hands. The surroundings were full of black sand.

In the midst of his dizziness, James barely managed to realize who was in front of him. Asmodeus finally completed his transformation. It happened as he was about to push his pincers at James...


Asmodeus’ movements stopped.

[Who is it? You...]



Mido was carefully wandering around the interior of the castle. Fortunately, there seemed to be no one guarding this place. She heard from James that vampires originally liked the silence, so they didn’t care about things like servants.

‘...Is he okay?’

Mido looked over the railing with a worried expression. It was toward the first floor where James was located. Just before, a man went down and the demonic energy felt from him wasn’t normal. At first glance, he was a demon king. 

Meanwhile, Mido was searching the third floor. She hadn’t found the place with Monet da Vinci yet. It was natural that he would be in danger if it continued like this.

‘I need to find him quickly.’

Mido moved faster to find Monet da Vinci. She had searched all of the third floor but only found old, empty rooms. Then Mido started searching the fourth floor. Then not far away, she felt a clear presence. It was faint, but it was definitely Monet da Vinci’s aura. Mido was connected to him so she knew it well. She ran all over the place and finally found Monet da Vinci. 



Monet da Vinci was painting alone in a small room. Mido approached him carefully. It was because she wondered if he would attack. Mido finally reached him and waved her hand in front of his face. His eyes were dazed and Monet seemed to be under mental control.

Mido saw the painting that Monet da Vinci was working on. "As expected, it was Asmodeus who went down earlier.”

The image depicted Lilith and Asmodeus having a happy wedding together. Mido moved her gaze around the surroundings. There were main paintings present. All of them had Lilith and Asmodeus as the main characters.

“…This crazy woman,” Mido angrily scolded Lilith. It was really infuriating to place people under mental control and make them paint. it was even more so because he was Mido’s constellation.

“I have to slap her once when we meet.”

Mido approached Monet da Vinci indignantly and shook his body. “Monet da Vinci. Hey! I came! Wake up!”

She hit his cheeks and shook his body, but he didn’t wake up. It seemed the mind control was quite strong.

Sigh, what can I do...?”

Mido bit her lip and hesitated over what to do. In this way, saving James and Monet would both be impossible. Just then—

“What is this?”

Mido’s eyes shone. A small note was placed by Monet da Vinci’s side. Mido opened the note and started to read it straight away.

-If you are reading this letter, then you’ve found me. However, the mind control is becoming increasingly stronger and the cycle in which I regain my sanity is shortening. By the time you find me, I might’ve already reached the point where I can’t regain my sanity. To the woman who is reading this letter, I believe that if you are really my Star's Beloved, then your painting skills will be outstanding. Of course, I don’t have any faith at all.

Ah, what is this? He is criticizing my drawing skills again. This jerk.”

Mido briefly shifted her gaze toward Monet. Then she soon regained her sense of reason and kept reading the letter.

-Look at your feet. There will be a hidden portrait. It is a portrait of Lilith.


Mido followed Monet’s instructions and found the portrait of Lilith.

“This is?”

She turned her attention back to the letter.

-This portrait has a sealing power. You have to draw the target to seal them in the painting. However, the portrait is still unfinished. Do you understand what I’m saying? My Star's Beloved, you must complete the portrait before you can seal Lilith. So draw Lilith and save me. 

Mido put down the letter she was reading and stretched out her arms. Then she once again stared at Monet.

“This is completely crazy...!”

A crazy man making her draw a crazy woman.

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