Chapter 335

Two days had passed since she left the dokkaebis. Mido finally entered the vampire territory but the thing waiting for her was a series of hardships. The vampires woke up and kept pursuing her due to the thick smell of blood from her weapon, the Bloody Butcher. Mido experienced the life of a fugitive.

On the third day...

From early in the morning, Mido wandered through the black forest repeatedly hunting and avoiding vampires. The vampires persistently chased after her. At times, they turned into bats to chase her, while other times they pursued her in the form of humans. Right now, Mido was surrounded by vampires in a forest full of thorns.

Huhuhu. We finally caught you, human girlie.”

“I heard there was a vampire hunter these days. It turned out to be you!”

"What nonsense! Aren’t you going to get lost?” Mido threatened the vampires approaching with the Bloody Butcher, but they just came over with a smile like nothing was going on.

“Just obediently get caught. You will be an offering to Lilith. She told us to bring you alive, so it is better for you to stay still.”

Ah, go away! Can’t you hear me?” Mido screamed as she checked her remaining magic power.

The shadow ink soldiers that she had already summoned disappeared without being much help. The vampires had a high level so they weren’t monsters easily hunted. They weren’t only strong. They also had the habit of going around in groups, so it was best to kill them when they were on their own.

Mido looked over at a huge castle overlooking the black forest. She could feel Monet’s energy over there. It was obvious that he was trapped there, but there was no way to reach him if she didn’t sort out this place.

Uhh, if this happens then I have no choice. Come on all of you! I will overcome you with my own strength!”

Mido’s bluff made her gain some momentum, but the vampires just looked at her and shrugged. The vampires didn’t think they were going to lose. Additionally, Mido didn’t think she was going to win.

‘My goal was right in front of me...!’

Mido strongly gripped the sword she was holding. Her back cooled down like cold sweat was flowing. The vampires finally came near her. Mido was raising her hand high to swing the sword when her eyes suddenly widened. 

Suddenly, flashes of light appeared and the vampires turned to gray ash. Then there was a thump as someone showed up next to her. 

Uh... Hi?” It was her ex-boyfriend who was waving awkwardly.

* * *

After a while, Mido followed James to his secret hideout. In fact, the hideout was located right behind her. It was because, just behind the thorns that were blocking her way, was the location of the hideout. It was surrounded by thorns so no one could enter. It was only possible for James. She could only come here now due to his shadow ability. Inside there was a cozy, old wooden house.

Wow, Lee Eunsung has become successful. Successful. Are you making a living here?”

“It is a bit shabby, but come in. Would you like something to drink?”

Gasp, you have drinks?” Mido had a blank expression as her mouth dropped open in amazement. She hadn’t eaten properly since leaving the dokkaebi village. The combat rations and biscuits had almost run out, but James appeared and saved her.

“Y-You must’ve been very hungry. Haha...James found it cute the way Mido nodded fiercely while drooling.

‘Yes, she loved eating before and now. It is no wonder why she went to the snack bar every break.’

James said with a smile, “Wait a bit.”

James went to the kitchen and started making something. It might not be as good as her grandfather, but he wanted to make a decent dish. As a senior who came to this place first, he wanted to do something.

A dish was made quickly. It was just simple cooking. “Now, eat it. My cooking skills aren’t as good as your grandfather’s cooking, but this is delicious even if just simply cooked. It should be okay.”

Wow. Where did you get all this wild boar meat?”

“I bought it from the capital, Beatrice, that is nearby. Vampires don’t always drink human blood. They often eat animal meat like this as well. Of course, they eat it completely raw to replenish blood.”

Uh. It is disgusting.” Mido’s expression distorted after hearing that it was eaten raw. James found even this cute.

Mido spoke while eating the meat, “Then how did you buy the meat? Is there a concept of currency over there?”

“Of course, I secretly stole it.”

Ah. Indeed.” Mido nodded again and kept eating the meat. It was simply cooked with salt, but it was better than she thought. Of course, it was naturally far inferior to her grandfather’s food, but it was more delicious than hard biscuits.

In exactly 10 minutes, Mido devoured all the meat.

Ah, I think I’m going to live.”

“Was it delicious?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Mido held out the clearly empty plate to James who started washing the plate. Mido stared at James’ back. He was a more domestic man than she thought. Then James asked her a question as he was washing the plate, “Why are you alone? What about other people?”

Ah, that...” Mido scratched her cheeks like she was embarrassed. It was just as James finished the washing and turned back around...


“I came alone...”

“What? You came to this dangerous place alone?”

“Yes. It happened to turn out like this? Hahaha...The embarrassed Mido laughed.

James was so dumbfounded that he could only chuckle. “No, how did you get here? It must not have been easy to find the way.”

“I have a map skill.”

Ah, that’s right. You are a painter?”

Mido’s cheeks puffed up as she sent him a pointed look. “What is with that tone?” 

“No. You use a sword so I was just mistaken for a moment. Then you know everything?”

Huh? What?”

James’ eyes widened slightly. “What is this? Did you come completely unaware of everything?”

“What are you talking about?” 

“Your constellation is trapped in the castle over there. Was the name Monet da Vinci...?”


“Come and save him with me.”

* * *

Three days had passed since I arrived in Dark Moon. It was immediately after summoning Park Muyeol and the others in the East Continent using Chunza. I went straight to find Mido but she wasn’t in Dark Moon. I sent her a whisper but she was in a place where it couldn’t reach.

According to Crescent, the dark fog of Dark Moon cut off communication with the outside. This meant it was difficult for Crescent and Chunza to find her. In any case, it was like this. To make matters worse, the black fog obscured the sun and I couldn’t use Prometheus as a guide. As a last resort, I left the capsule to look for Mido. However, my daughter-in-law told me that Mido had an appointment today and would connect from the capsule room for a few days. In other words, things had become twisted in many ways.

“She doesn’t seem to be here either?”

“It seems so.”

“What are you going to do with them?”

“Of course, I should put them to sleep.”

I glanced at the hundreds of vampires in front of me and gestured with my chin to Park Maksun behind me. Park Maksun nodded and the magicians used sleeping magic on the vampires. The vampires fell asleep without any resistance.


I closed my eyes and sighed.

Currently, other groups had scattered along with the constellations and occupied the castles of other vampires. It was just that the vampires were under the goddess of the moon and magic, so Hecatiana hoped they wouldn’t be harmed as much as possible. This was why sleep was chosen to neutralize them. The magicians were sent for this reason.

“Don’t you think it is too easy?”

Park Muyeol frowned at me like it was strange.


“According to Crescent’s words, there must be nobles reigning like lords in every castle. They are very powerful, so we should be careful. I was careful because I listened to him. The strange thing is that not even a single sign of them was seen.”

Hmm, I guess so.”

I stared up at the sky. Above me, Chunza was flapping her huge wings and flying around. She had returned to her owl form again, but the size was larger than I imagined. The present Chunza was flying in an ‘X’ shape over my head to tell me ‘no’. There were no vampire nobles here either.

“It seems as if someone has killed the nobles.”

“I think so too.”

“Who do you think it is?”

“Just ask and we’ll know.”

Park Muyeol awakened one of the vampires enchanted with sleep magic by slapping his cheeks. The vampire looked dazed before growling when he found Park Muyeol in front of him.

Uuuh, you guys, do you know who I am...?!”

“I don’t know. Let’s start with a beating.”

it was a time when Park Muyeol’s wooden stick was used for true education. After a while, the docile vampire had a gloomy expression as he explained why the nobles couldn’t be seen.

“A vampire hunter...?”

I cocked my head when I heard the story. Based on his words, it was definitely a human. Was it Mido?

“Where did the vampire hunter go?”

“I-I don’t know that. Just like a ghost...”

Park Muyeol once again grabbed his wooden sword.

“...The v-vampire hunter probably went to the capital. That human is only targeting nobles. The other castles have already been hit and only the queen in the capital is left. Yes...” The vampire stuttered out of fright.

In any case, if his words were true, then I wanted to hurry and go to the capital. The dokkaebi and vampires had been living together for a long time, so I could leave this place to the dokkaebi.

Uga! Living as a dokkaebi king has never been as rewarding as today. It is a day when we are trampling on the vampires’ castles. Uhahaha! Everyone, dance!”

Uga uga!


The dokkaebi king, Shokkobi was dancing with his fellow dokkaebi. I didn’t know if I could fully believe in them.

“There is us as well. You can go first.” Just then, Zhen Sulong walked over with Michael. 

I looked at Zhen Sulong and then turned to Michael next to him. Michael had a more relaxed face than ever. I heard he was betrayed by Antares. Originally, Inumusiki was the constellation I had wanted to pair up with Mido. Somehow, he had been paired up with Michael. Well, it seems as if Michael had found his master.

I looked back at Zhen Sulong. “I will go to the capital first.”

“I will follow you soon.”

I nodded slightly and turned to Park Muyeol. “Do you want to go with me?”

“Hmm, obviously.”

Just then, Park Maksun approached us while holding her staff as a cane. “Now. Where are you running off to?”

“The way this granny talks is too rude.”

“What?!” Park Maksun swung her cane at Park Maksun. However, Park Muyeol easily blocked it with his wooden sword.

Clack! Ttaak!

At first glance, they seemed to be dancing. Sheesh, these are their true selves.

Ah, are you going senile? Get on quickly!”

I got on the back of Chunza who descended while yelling. Park Muyeol sat near the right wing while Park Maksun sat near the left wing.



Park Muyeol and Park Maksun simultaneously turned their heads to the other side.

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