Chapter 300

I used my super sensitivity to expand my vision. I seemed to become the wind and the surroundings passed quickly. The moment I raised my vision to the limit, I felt a slight pain in my head. However, I didn’t have time to care about a headache.

“...An egg?”

It was an egg, It was very small and looked just like Aiolos’ egg from before. By the way, it was burning.

“Wait, what is this?”

I used Stepping on Clouds to run through the air and headed toward it. Shortly thereafter, I was face to face with the burning egg. The strange thing was that the egg didn’t move, as if it was waiting for me.

[???’s Egg]


[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is telling you to use Insight.]


I reached out for the egg like this and the crimson flames on the surface of the egg scattered and disappeared. The information revealed was truly unexpected.

[Phoenix's Egg]

“......!” I was so surprised that my eyes widened. If it was a phoenix...

“No, why is this here?”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ says to take it first.]

Ahh, yes. Of course.”

In this abrupt situation, I took the phoenix’s egg in a dazed manner. Then I came back to Jinny’s cloud. The group was waiting.

“Grandfather, where did you go all of a sudden?” Mido asked as their representative.

I shook my head like nothing happened. “Nothing happened. I just went for a walk.”

Ah~ you did it again. Haaaaah~” Mido yawned and stretched while the other guild members started doing their jobs. Mido rubbed her eyes and spoke to me, “We are still some time away from arriving, right? I’ll sleep a little bit, Grandfather.”  

Ah, yes.” I left Mido and created a personal space by using Jinny’s clouds to make a wall. In a place where no one could see, I took out the phoenix’s egg. It was a very elegant-looking egg with a golden emboss on its red surface. It happened at this moment...


A girl with white hair in a white sweater entered this place. She raised her index finger to her mouth and signaled for me to be quiet. Who was this? It was the first time I saw this person in the Icarus Guild?


Shh.” She leaned against the wall and looked outside. She told me to be quiet with deer-like eyes and I could only be quiet. Still, what was she doing here... “I’m hiding, Father.” 


Did I hear incorrectly just now?

“I found you!” Then Solar suddenly surprised the girl with white hair.

The white-haired girl yelled with surprise. “Kyak! I hate Solar! Father! Solar keeps trying to burn Punghee’s hair!”


“Father. Father~? Father—!”

It was nonsense. When did she...?

* * *

Time passed quickly.

We left the Vulcan volcanic zone and returned to Metheus. Meanwhile, the Arkstar communities and Arkstagram were engulfed in fear and shock due to the sudden emergence of Pandora’s followers.

The first day...

Pandora’s followers worshipped Pluto, the god of darkness and death. They suddenly appeared and destroyed the Parta Principality. The formidable power that the demon kings showed for a short time was enough to make users terrified.

Meanwhile, Union held a press conference. They insisted the current situation was a natural progression. In the first place, Union was never involved with any of the quests of users and NPCs, and it would continue to do so. On TV, there was a lot of discussion about whether the degree of freedom was good or bad.

The second day...

There was news that the advanced subjugation team formed by the Orca Kingdom had set off to prevent the gradual advance of the undead and demons. The members included players from many guilds, including Damian and the Zeus Guild. Each guild leader led a group of players. Most of them had been active in the World Competition.

The third day...

The news that Leonardo, the king of Orca, had burned the leader of the Siriya Church, created a stir on the continent. The residents claimed that the king was being a dictator because he burned his political rival Siriya without any cause. Then there was news that the first advance troops of the subjugation army were defeated. It was said that the subjugation army were now on their second day of confrontation in the Vulcan volcanic zone, but were gradually retreating. It was the third day out of the 10 days given by Lucifer.

The fourth day...

Mido’s video received a high number of views. It achieved a huge 100 million views. The Arkstagram of Mido and I became famous all over the world. The actions I showed in the video caused my name to appear in the real-time search terms again. Recently, I started a program with my granddaughter and it was called ‘Chuntaek’s Dishes.’

Then it was finally the long-awaited fifth day...

I was currently carrying out a food show in the middle of Metheus.

“Grandfather, how much sesame salt should I add?”

I pretended to look dissatisfied at Mido’s question. The reason I had this expression was because Mido asked me to go with this concept. She said it would be funny if I did this. In any case...

“This much.”

“Father said to put in this much—!”

The white-haired Punghee shouted loudly and the famous celebrities and chefs cooking with us laughed loudly. The Arkstar broadcast ended very successfully.

* * *

I returned to the lord’s office after all the work was done and lay on a bed made of clouds in the corner. Resting on the most comfortable cloud in the world really relieved the fatigue of my body and mind. If I could, I wanted to bring it into reality.

Ouch, my joints.” I immediately raised my upper body. “Sure enough, I shouldn’t have agreed to do the broadcast.”

I patted my shoulders and looked around the room. The phoenix’s egg floated in the air and welcomed me.


Solar turned red like a tomato. It constantly released the power of the sun and injected energy into the phoenix’s egg. The white-haired Punghee was watching with deer-like eyes. Then Punghee discovered me and rushed over with a brilliant smile. “Father—!”

Punghee ran to me and hugged me.

I still felt awkward with being called ‘Father,’ but it would probably work out with time.

Cough. Is there any progress?”

“Yes! I think the phoenix’s egg will be born with a bit more effort!”

Umm. Really?”

I looked back and saw the phoenix’s egg. It was as Punghee said. The phoenix’s egg was becoming increasingly crimson. For reference, Punghee could hear a voice coming from the phoenix’s egg the moment she saw it, speaking words she could understand. She said they were connected to each other. In any case, the phoenix’s resurrection had become a bit smoother because Punghee could understand him. Of course, the troubled one was Solar.

Huaaaah. It is hard.” Solar lost its fire like a candle that had gone out and approached me. Hehe. I want to eat the Meatballs of the Sun, Master.”

In any case, Solar was amazingly quick-witted. I took out the Meatballs of the Sun I had prepared beforehand and gave them to Solar. Solar was hungry and devoured it at a very high speed. So cute. 

“Father, I...?”

“I have yours as well. Go outside. It is on the table there.”

Hmm~ it smells good.”

Punghee sniffed and shot out the door. Outside was a table and chair made of clouds. There were many things that had become more convenient after gaining the cloud elemental, Jinny. I had tried a variety of things and could use it when cooking as well as in the form of a spoon, chopsticks, and bowls. It was a very useful cloud. For reference, in yesterday’s broadcast, all cutlery and bowls were made of clouds.

Hmm. Chunza, I’ve heard you are a cotton candy cloud...” 


I didn’t know what sweet dreams they were having, but Jinny and Chunza were sleeping well together on the couch. Strangely, the two of them had a good relationship. This place was like an animal kingdom. It felt like I was starting a zoo in my later years. Solar and Jinny weren’t animals, but a lot of people came to Metheus to see them. Thus, they were almost like animals trapped in a zoo.

“Come, let’s eat first.”

“I’ll eat well, Father!”

“Y-Yes...” The title of ‘Father’ was still very awkward. It felt like I got a young cutie in my later years.

“Then where is Sister Mido?”

Um? Uh... She has work to do and won’t be able to come for a while.”

“...I see.”

Punghee’s shoulders sagged and I spoke to console her, “I heard she would buy something delicious when she comes.”



It was still hard to believe that the little girl in front of me was the weasel. Of course, she could change back, but it would take up a lot of space. Therefore, she maintained this appearance. She had naturally acquired Polymorph a while ago. The funny thing was that there was Mido, so Punghee’s genealogy was twisted. Since Punghee was my daughter, she had become Mido’s aunt. Things had become firmly twisted.

Hah...” I was sighing when the door opened and a familiar face entered.

Helena greeted Punghee like a cute niece. “Hello, Punghee~” 

“Hello.” Punghee responded politely, gently raising her skirt like a dignified aristocrat. By the way, the clothes that Punghee was currently wearing were given by Helena. Helena still had the clothes she wore in the past and she said they would fit.

“You know your greetings well~? Ogu ogu. So cute.”

Oof! Uuuuck!

Helena played with Punghee’s cheeks and looked satisfied as she held out a piece of paper to me. “It is the cooking delegation you mentioned yesterday.”

Ah, that.”

I immediately took the paper. This was an extension of why Aren asked me to meet the Merchant King last time. Diplomacy would be solidified if I sent Helena as an envoy. However, this ‘cooking delegation’ was a very special mission that only I, as a cook, could do. I thought I was really smart to think of such a brilliant idea. I probably would’ve become the Chief Justice if I had studied.

“I think it is a really brilliant idea. You will be able to capture the heart of Fortren’s residents and nobles. It is really amazing.”

I replied, “Um, I’m glad you think so.”

Then Helena stated, “I will go with you this time.”

“...You too?” I stared at her with a shocked expression. If she wasn’t present, then who would look after Metheus?

“You don’t have to look like that. Now Metheus can run well without me. This is what I did.”

it was correct.

“Yes. It must be so if you are saying it. Let’s go together. By the way, why do you suddenly want to come with me?”

“Aren asked to see me.”


Come to think of it, I hadn’t fulfilled his request yet. I had to tell Helena that Aren was her father. Why did he want me to do this? Dammit.

Ah, there is also a letter from the Orca Kingdom. The content...”

“What is it now?”

“This is the duke’s decree to join the subjugation army.”


“Three days later.”

Um, I still have some time.” I sighed lightly. It wasn’t too late to meet the Merchant King and prepare slowly.

Punghee stood beside me with eager eyes. She was a very cute young daughter. “Father, can I go too?”

Well, there was no reason to refuse.

“Yes, I agree.”

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