Chapter 298

Louis Cassel was busy watching the situation of the battlefield through Lich’s Eyes. The skill Lich’s Eyes could see everywhere. The Lich’s Eyes could see everywhere there was an undead. Carlos’ side was no different. Louis Cassel gained a stronger power of death thanks to Pandora’s power and he was able to observe every step of the way through the dozens of Lich’s Eyes. It was a very satisfying sight.


The advancing army of death that trampled on every living thing was a very suitable scene for the King of Death.

Hahaha. Dye everything with death, my army...!’

Now his name, Louis Cassel, wouldn’t be forgotten. He had no doubts. He believed that, on the Ark Continent, he would become the King of Death, ‘Nekron,’ who was at the peak of everyone. The users who were filled with fear and awe would look up at him and shout. By this time, his madness had reached the climax.

-Stop the undead army for a moment.

A sudden message from Carlos was delivered through Lich’s Eye. Nekron frowned slightly before soon discovering the reason. ‘Choi Chuntaek?’

He scoured the battlefield through the Lich’s Eyes and found Choi Chuntaek, who was standing among the players in the distance. He couldn’t help sighing. Ha...!

He hadn’t expected to meet so soon. Nekron gave a low, mad laugh. The plan to capture his granddaughter and take her hostage was disrupted, but a disaster turned into a blessing since Choi Chuntaek was his purpose in the first place. All that was left was revenge.

The Pandora bead around his neck started to resonate with Nekron’s feelings. An eerie sensation filled his body like he was facing endless death and darkness. Simultaneously, the rising power gave Nekron an unmatched sense of satisfaction.

Haah...! Ha...!

It felt like he had taken drugs. Previously, he hadn’t understood why the drug addicts seen on TV did something so bad for their health. Now Nekron seemed to know the reason.

“I can’t miss this golden opportunity.”

Nekron wielded the skeleton staff he was holding and exchanged positions with a skeleton on the far end of the battlefield. Soon, a black cloud covered his entire body. The place he appeared at was the very end of the battlefield seen through the Lich’s Eyes. Upon arrival, he heard a useless quarrel between Carlos and Choi Chuntaek.

“Did you come to be beaten again?”

“You damn old man!”

“Today, you and those skeletons behind you will be beaten!”

“Don’t regret it!”

He stopped his army just for Carlos to do this? Nekron felt annoyed again and glared at the back of Carlos’ head.

“Full force. Charge—!”

Fortunately, Carlos reached out and issued an assault order like he was planning to fight again. Nekron was upset since it felt like he was following Carlos’ orders. Still, he had decided to hold hands with this person for a while in order to catch Choi Chuntaek.

[Pandora’s power has strengthened the power of death and darkness.]

[The undead around you are resonating with Pandora.]

[The summoned undead have a sense of belonging to the ‘army of death.’]

[Currently, you are the leader of the ‘army of death.’]

Nekron saw the powerful undead’ stats and then his gaze turned toward Choi Chuntaek. The old man was standing there stupidly, smoking a cigarette to greet the army of death.

‘He is relaxed enough to smoke. Today, I will break that arrogant nose and flatten it!’

It happened as Nekron made up his mind...

Suddenly, a huge cloud ravaged the area in front of it and rushed in a straight line.


The dullahans and death knights in the path were mercilessly destroyed and Carlos, who had stepped forward, was logged out without even making a single attack.

* * *

Uh, um...

At the sudden situation, the battle entered a brief lull. The rushing death knights and dullahans encountered Atlas’ Cloud Confection. They couldn’t withstand the destructive power of what I called ‘Yeouicho’ and shattered. The sheer size and power caused the users’ mouths to drop open and attracted attention from everywhere.

“W-What is this...?”

Mido was so surprised that she stuttered. However, I didn’t have time to care about her as a message popped up in front of me.

[The starting words ‘Grow, Yeouicho’ are registered.] 

[From now on, Atlas’ Cloud Confection will be your weapon every time you shout these words.]

Oh my god. I hadn’t expected it to be a weapon. It was an ability resembling the famous Sun Wukong’s weapon, the Golden Cudgel. Why was this hidden in Atlas’ Cloud Confection? I didn’t know the reason. I could ask Atlas later. In any case, he gave me such a huge cigarette. I was really thankful.

“...It is great, Atlas.” I muttered in a small voice that no one could hear.

[The apostle, ‘Heavy Smoker Carrying the Sky,’ is shrugging with a satisfied expression.]

Just then, a shout was heard from one side. Everyone started to chant my name with disbelieving expressions. The name ‘Choi Chuntaek’ spread like wildfire.

Wow, Grandfather!” Mido also shouted with disbelief. It was a touched, thankful, disbelieving, and excited expression. Mido gave a thumbs up as usual. “As expected, Grandfather is truly the best! Completely awesome! I am recording right now. The moment it is uploaded, the views will be huge!”

...Oh, she was recording. Well, it wasn’t my business. I listened to Mido’s compliments as always and felt good. I didn’t need anything else. My granddaughter’s compliments were the best. Life was no big deal.


In the midst of the cheers around me, I grabbed the end of the stretched out Yeouicho and lifted it to shorten the length. It was a cloud so the weight was really light. Yet for the enemies, there would be nothing heavier. It was originally made with Jinny’s clouds so it clearly distinguished between enemies and allies. This meant...

“Everyone, charge! The cloud won’t damage allies!”

The moment I shouted, the players around me rushed forward at once.



“Kill them all!”

A battle broke out between the players and the army of death. In fact, momentum was important in such a battle. I realized it in the past when I was the leader of Legless Bird. Momentum was important when wiping out street rogues and various organizations. In other words, we would win if we rode this flow.


I waved Yeouicho with a loud shout and smashed the undead in front of me. However, the enemy’s counterattack couldn’t be taken lightly. The undead used the tremendous resurrection speed to keep rising after they were killed, pushing the users. The Immortal Knight showed a very strong power that troubled the users. David summoned a wood dragon to restrain the Immortal Knight.

...That guy was here? David seemed to be having a hard time as he dealt with the Immortal Knight. The shattered wood fragments of the badly damaged wooden dragon scattered everywhere.


The black night swirled around me, turning the sky and ground black. On the black ground, Fenrir stood with his arms crossed.

“Please take care of that place over there!”

“Grrruk! That guy again? He has become stronger. I will tear him apart again!”

Fenrir rushed toward the Immortal Knight as if he had been waiting for this moment. The Immortal Knight was a bit flustered when Fenrir joined in. There was the wooden dragon so it seemed to be balanced to some extent. The most important thing was to get rid of the summoner. If I didn’t get rid of the summoner, the Immortal Knight could rise again at any time. It was a very important manner.

“...Where is he?” I killed the undead with Yeouicho while my eyes moved from side to side to look for the summoner. Obviously, there was only one person who could summon the Immortal Knight. The name was ‘Louis Cassel’... “Dammit. This troublemaker.”

However, the troublemaker was nowhere to be found. There was no reason for him to stand at the forefront. If so, he must be in the rear. I immediately took off in the air using Stepping on Clouds. Several users looked up from below with wonder. I tried to ignore it and kept climbing in the air. The moment all the undead filled my field of view, I raised my super sensitivity and gazed at the rear.

Meanwhile, the wooden dragon and Fenrir were fighting fiercely with the Immortal Knight. Surprisingly, the wooden dragon and Fenrir were being pushed. The Immortal Knight was this strong. It was almost as if...

Aish, it can’t be.”

For a moment, I wondered if Pluto’s army of death that had fought in Ragnarok in the past had been resurrected. However, it didn’t make sense. Recently, dark lights had soared into the sky. This strength was possible if he had collected the Pandora fragments.

“It is here.”

Just then, my vision that was enhanced with super sensitivity saw the necromancer controlling the undead. The familiar outfit showed he was the same guy I saw last time. However, I could see the endless energy of death flowing around him. This was definitely Pandora’s power.

...Hmm. It is really like this.”

I looked up at the sky while stepping on the clouds. I was looking at Atlas and Prometheus.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is looking at you.]

[The apostle, ‘Heavy Smoker Carrying the Sky,’ is looking at you.]

“I need a strong shot. Can I borrow some strength?”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is nodding.]

[The apostle, ‘Heavy Smoker Carrying the Sky,’ says he knows.]

At the same time, Solar and Jinny appeared to my left and right. Their eyes were blue. Needless to say, the two gods had descended. I lifted Yeouicho high into the sky. “Grow, Yeouicho.” 

Yeouicho was made up of clouds and the clouds became thicker. Still, it wasn’t to the level that I wanted. The summoned Jinny’s clouds were added and the thickness of Yeouicho increased tremendously. It was just a little bit, but I felt some weight. It wasn’t to the extent of being unbearable. It just felt like the sky had become a bit darker. The users fighting below raised their heads at the shadows that suddenly poured in.


It grew to a certain extent before I made Jinny stop. Then Solar was waiting. No, I nodded to Prometheus. The wise Prometheus knew what I was going to do. Prometheus, who descended into Solar, hung at the end of Yeouicho. Yeouicho literally became a huge cigarette that burned brightly. Maybe it was because he often saw me smoking cigarettes, but Prometheus concentrated the energy of the sun at the end of Yeouicho.

“This is what young people call...”

I moved Yeouicho in my right hand and leaned back as much as I could. It was like I was taking the posture for a perfect pitch.

“Is it called burning the skin with a lit cigarette?”

The Yeouicho in my hand was thrown down with all my might.

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