Chapter 297

At a dormant volcano on the west side of the Vulcan volcanic zone...

There was one secret here. It was the presence that lived on top of the dormant volcano. This place was called ‘holy nest’ and seemed to prove that its existence was sacred.

Huhuhuhu.” There, a man appeared with a wide smile. He was called the Apostle of Sloth.

[The demon king, ‘Lazy Jade Flame,’ is growling and showing his teeth.]

Lazy Jade Flame was originally a cow in charge of plowing the fields of the heavenly palace. He had the title of ‘Heatwave’ in the past and immediately after Ragnarok ended, he fled to the demon world and was kicked out of the position of the 12 Zodiacs. His original nickname was ‘Follower of the Flame.’ His true name now that he became a demon king was ‘Belphegor.’

“Lazy Jade Flame, Ignur’s nest is here.”

It had been a long time since he abandoned the title of ‘Heatwave.’ To be exact, he gave it to his son, Minotaur. However, his son, Minotaur, was killed by a human. How angry was Belphegor at the time? The Apostle of Sloth had barely managed to calm his anger. 

[The demon king, ‘Lazy Jade Flame,’ wants to descend as soon as possible]

“Please wait a bit. It will happen soon... Huhuhu.”

The Apostle of Sloth laughed slowly and started to climb to the top of the dormant volcano. The reason he was here was to open the door of the demon world. Gaia’s ‘taboo’ was guarded by the constellations of the four seasons protecting the east, west, north, and south. The Apostle of Sloth had come to kill one of them, Ignur, who was protecting the west.

Originally, it was an immortal existence and would be born after death. Still, at the moment of death—

The plan was to lift the taboo curse for one minutes. During this period, the prepared army in the demon world would come over and the seven demon kings would descend into the bodies they had prepared for a long time. There was just one question...

‘How does he know how to get rid of the taboo curse?’

How did the Apostle of Pride know how to break the taboo curse?

‘Well, it is enough if we can achieve our purpose.’

Everything else wasn’t important. The Apostle of Sloth just had to take Belphegor into his body and get revenge against the humans who killed his son, Minotaur, as Belphegor wished. Therefore, he decided to just think about his purpose now. Belphegor wanted revenge on the human who killed his son. It was consistent with Pluto’s desire to color the world with death. How long did he walk?

[The strong smell of death is vibrating.]

There was a voice of rebuke from somewhere. The Apostle of Sloth arrived at the sacred nest at the top and threw off the robe covering his face. It was a huge body with two huge horns protruding from his forehead. The two axes on his back were very threatening.

The Apostle of Sloth looked up. A very old bird was flying there. Ignur, also known as a phoenix, was flapping his wings and showing off his presence with blazing eyes.


[The phoenix star, ‘Ignur,’ is watching you.]

The lava in the dormant volcano wriggled once again and burned hot as if it was becoming an active volcano. The Apostle of Sloth laughed while looking at the mighty Ignur. Then he raised the power of the jade flame that Belphegor had given him. He spoke as he watched the power of the hot flames gather in front of his face. “Today’s meal is chicken. Ohuhuhu. Jade Fire Breath.”

At the same time, the Apostle of Sloth opened his mouth and a hot breath of jade fire flew out toward Ignur, piercing one wing. Ignur flapped his wings in pain.

[Keuk, you...!]


Ignur cried out.

* * *

“Gasp. Gasp.”

“Pant. Pant.”

Mido and David led the group and managed to wipe out the undead around them. Most of them were low level undead. There were one or two intermediate and high ranking undead mixed in, but there was no significant damage. Fortunately, there were priests of Lupeon here. The priests of Lupeon gave their companions the power of the stars by buffing their companions’ weapons, allowing their companions to defeat the undead. The lower ranked undead succumbed to the power of stars and collapsed helplessly.


Right now, David was leaning against a tree he had summoned. He gasped while calling for Mido. He had a constellation nicknamed the ‘Throne of Nature.’ It was the power of Mercedes, who was called monarch of the elves.

“What is it?”

Mido also recovered her breathing while watching David. Only the members of his guild were allowed to rest in the shade of the trees he had summoned. They fought together, but there was no feeling of comradeship.

“I heard that old man is coming. Then why isn’t he here?”

“Aren’t you going to control your words? You should call him Grandfather.”

“This is my heart.”

“You, really!” Mido turned red and jumped up. She strode over and seized David’s collar as he sat resting.

Uh, hey, Mido. Hey. What are you doing?” Park Taehyeon approached Mido’s right side. 

“Mido, let go of your hand. This person did something wrong, but you can’t be too agitated.” From the left, Kim Hyeonu’s gentle voice stopped Mido.

Mido stared into David’s eyes and let go of him. Then she spoke a sentence to him. “King Arthur is bullshit.”

Mido left with these words as she turned around and headed for the Icarus Guild members. David could only grit his teeth at Mido’s intimidation. He couldn’t say anything because he felt it would be a difficult fight if they had a battle here. ‘Shit. If she didn’t have an ability...’

The shadow ink soldiers she created made a significant contribution in sweeping away the undead. Every time they died, she drew them again and stronger soldiers appeared. It only took time since the ink didn’t run out. Her soldiers couldn’t be ignored.

‘Indeed, wasn’t there an ink dragon last time? She was the one who drew it.’

David decided to put up with it since she might draw that great thing again. It happened as David was touching his throat and shaking off his displeasure...

Ah, o-over there!” Someone shouted and everyone’s heads turned in the direction they indicated. Then everyone got goosebumps.

“This... damn!”

“Everybody, prepare for battle!”

There, dullahans and death knights were running on horseback. Louis Cassel’s immortal knight, seen in the World Competition, was also marching with full force.

“Immortal knight?”

“No way, Louis Cassel is trying to kill us now?”

“What? What the hell is happening?”

However, it was too much of a luxury to answer the question. The enemies were almost in front of them. Just then, someone shouted again.

“Carlos! The beast master is in the lead!”

Once again, heads turned in the direction where dust was rising. Indeed, Beast Master Carlos was running there with glowing red eyes. However, his appearance was quite different from before.

“What? Why does he look like that?”

“A machine? Is he a cyborg?”

“Shit. What is happening?!”

Everyone sounded terrified.

Hmm, it seems like that rotten guy came to be beaten again.” Suddenly, a man on a cloud appeared in the sky.

* * *

By the time he arrived at the battlefield, there were already many undead. Choi Chuntaek frowned at the surrounding terrain that had been turned into a land of death.

“It looks terrible.”

Choi Chuntaek soon arrived at the battlefield at the speed of light. Jinny’s speed was very good so he probably wouldn’t have to move using the wind for some time.

“Grandfather!” Mido discovered him and ran toward this place.

Choi Chuntaek didn’t pay attention to her as he stared straight ahead. “The situation looks urgent.”

“Yes. The undead are very powerful. The resurrection speed is also very fast. It was already hard for us to handle the lower ranked undead, but the undead coming right now...” Mido swallowed down the rest of her words. 

Choi Chuntaek immediately saw the death knights and dullahan with his super sensitivity. Besides, running in the front... “Why is he a robot?”

It was Carlos. It was so terrible to see. It was impossible to know if he was a machine or an animal. The rushing undead troops suddenly stopped advancing. Then the distant Carlos suddenly stepped forward. “Old man!”

Carlos also learned that Choi Chuntaek appeared in front of him due to the vision that had improved after he became a cyborg. He wanted to take Choi Chuntaek’s granddaughter hostage to attract the old man. He was very happy that he was saved from the trouble of doing so.

Hahahaha! Did you come knowing your grave is here?”

It seemed Carlos was quick to anger. Choi Chuntaek stepped forward and shouted loudly toward Carlos, “Did you come to be beaten again?”

This time, Carlos’ eyebrows twitched. Keuk. Damn old man...!”

It seemed it wasn’t over yet. Choi Chuntaek continued speaking, “Today, you and those skeletons behind you will be beaten!”

Carlos raised one corner of his mouth and shouted toward Choi Chuntaek again. “Don’t regret it!”

Carlos spoke and nodded at the eyeball floating on his shoulder. It was Louis Cassel’s ‘Lich’s Eye.’ He was probably watching everything here. Carlos was able to stop the undead army because he asked Louis Cassel through the Lich’s Eye following him.

“Full force. Charge—!”

Carlos reached out a hand and the undead army started to move once more.


The death knights and dullahans on their dead horses charged toward the living things in front of them with a terrifying momentum. Carlos also followed them like he wasn’t going to lose. The goal was naturally Choi Chuntaek.


Choi Chuntaek sighed as he watched the charging undead army with folded arms. There was already slight tension around the users. Choi Chuntaek glanced at the faces of the other people, including Mido. Then he took out Atlas’ Cloud Confection that he didn’t smoke previously and placed it in his mouth. It was mentioned earlier that there was no need to light it with a fire.


The smoke from the cloud confection went down his throat and around his lungs. Then it climbed up his throat and exploded through his nose and mouth. The refreshing scent filled his entire body. “It tastes like sugar. How strange.”

[Atlas's Cloud Confectionery has been smoked.]

[All stats are increased by 10%.]

All his stats rose as expected. The sound of the horseshoes was heard at a closer distance, raising tension. It was at this moment...

[The apostle, ‘Heavy Smoker Carrying the Sky,’ says he will help a bit.]


[The skill that is sealed in Atlas's Cloud Confectionery will be released.]

[You can use this as a weapon from now on.]

Sparks flew in the air as Atlas taught him how to use the cloud confection using ‘memory transfer.’ The performance of the cloud confection when used as a weapon was clearly depicted in his mind. Wait, was this perhaps...?

[Please set the ‘starting words’ when using it as a weapon.]

[The cloud confection can only be used as a weapon when the starting words are spoken.]

Choi Chuntaek grabbed the cloud confection that he was biting with his index finger and middle finger and pulled it forward. Then he murmured quietly toward the running undead, “Grow, Yeouicho.”

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