Chapter 296

I was able to get out of the Labyrinth of Souls after three days.

Atlas said that this place might be made by himself, but if he carelessly changed the structure to let me out, the souls in the underworld could run wild. Therefore, Atlas couldn’t help. Inevitably, I wandered around the labyrinth again. Instead, Atlas attached himself to Jinny, like Prometheus did to Solar, and helped me out. Therefore, it reduced the four days by one. I was able to get out in three days.


Three days later...

The moment I stepped outside, the smell of sulfur that was unique to the volcanic zone rushed toward me in a welcomed manner. Additionally, the hot wind blew and sweat started flowing all over my body.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ has regained his natural strength.]

Hrmm. Come to think of it, Prometheus must’ve felt quite stuffy.

“Prometheus, don’t you think it is good that you got to see your brother?”

[The apostle, ‘Heavy Smoker Carrying the Sky,’ is laughing happily.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is holding up the sky with Atlas.]

Originally, Atlas’ nickname was ‘One Who Carries the Sky.’ However, the cloud snacks he created—

No, I saw the cigarette and teased that he was a heavy smoker. Thus, his nickname changed. I didn’t know I could change that.

“Atlas, can’t you just use your name instead of the nickname?”

[The apostle, ‘Heavy Smoker Carrying the Sky,’ says that he likes this nickname.]


Well, it was good if he liked it.


“Why call, reum~?”

I called out to Jinny who was right next to me. Jinny was as fluffy as touching a sheep. I climbed lightly onto Jinny’s back and sat cross-legged like I was sitting on a comfortable cushion. The world’s comfort invaded and I almost fell asleep.

Cough. I shouldn’t fall asleep. Jinny, depart!”

I shook my head in a hurry to shake off my sleepiness and rode Jinny into the sky at high speed. In Prometheus’ memories, Alexus used to ride Jinny like it was a car. Therefore, there was no reason for me not to do so.

“Stop for a minute. The east...?”

Jinny picked me up like it was familiar with this and took me to the volcanoes in the east, west, north, and south. I was able to gather the four Star Fruits here at a high speed. I collected one first grade, one second grade, and two third grade fruits. It was a satisfactory result. All that remained was meeting with Mido.

“Is she busy?”

I wasn’t just playing the game during the time I was in the Labyrinth of Souls. I left the capsule for a break in the middle. At that time, I received a note from my daughter-in-law that Mido asked her to give me. It wasn’t a big deal. She said the journey would take a week by boat, so she would contact me when she arrived in the Parta Principality. Other than that, she expressed her worry that I was in a whisper-free area. In any case, I had wasted my time in the Labyrinth of Souls, so it was good that Mido arrived late by boat.

“Today is a week...”

I pulled out what Atlas had given me from my inventory before leaving. It was an item called ‘Atlas’ Cloud Confection.’ Before I left, Atlas had given me a gift. It would help me a lot if I smoked it when in danger. I didn’t know why, but one of the first three gods, Neptune, the god of the land and sea, encouraged Atlas to do this if the punishment of holding up the sky was difficult.

[Atlas's Cloud Confectionery]

[Rating: Myth

Something that Atlas, the god of clouds and punishment, created in order to forget pain and loneliness. It is made from the cloud elemental JInny so it has no side effects. Rather, it has the synergistic effect of increasing stats.

-Once used, all stats will increase by 10% for 10 minutes.

-There is a sealed skill.]

It was a myth rated cigarette. Atlas told me to smoke this in dangerous moments, but smoking it in dangerous moments would only relieve my tension. Perhaps Atlas told me to smoke it in dangerous moments because it increased all stats by 10%. In any case, this is Atlas’ last confection. It was the so-called ‘last cigarette in a pack.’ There was no stats reduction so it was completely good.


By the way, what was the sealed skill?

“Well, I’ll see when I smoke it.”

The moment I was about to place the cloud confection in my mouth...

-Mido: Grandfather, please save us!

I almost dropped what I was holding.

* * *

At the western port of the perished Parta Principality...

This place was already a mess. David ran at the undead with 150 users. The users joined the guild called ‘Excalibur’ and fought together with a sense of belonging. Guild leader David’s wood dragon indiscriminately killed the undead while the members of the Excalibur Guild ran after David, the majestic King Arthur.

“Let’s go—!”

“Follow King Arthur!”

However, David was forced to frown. The speed of the undead’s resurrection was very fast. This speed was twice that of normal necromancers and it made David very tired.

“Damn, there is no end to them!”

There were only low level undead right now and the players were killing them easily. However, the number of people dying increased as intermediate and advanced undead came little by little.

“Everyone, hang in there! My grandfather said he is coming!”

David's head turned at the sudden shout. The voice belonged to Mido who was fighting with the Icarus Guild on the right. She was calling the shadow ink soldiers with the Star Fruit power she awakened during the World Competition. The number was so great that it surpassed the number of his guild members in an instant. Just, why were they all kitties?

“That old man is coming?”

“You! Speak politely! He is my grandfather!”

Bah. In any case, the king here is me.”

“What nonsense! Let’s work together so we can survive here!” 

Inadvertently, the two forces formed an alliance against the enemy in front of them. It might be temporary, but it was the best way to survive here. David nodded and added his strength.

“It is a temporary alliance.”

“That is also what I’m hoping for.”

Kim Hyeonu knocked down an undead with his shield from where he was guarding Mido’s front and suddenly shouted, “The guild leader is me!”

* * *

On the walls of the ruined Parta Principality...

The walls of the Parta Principality, once known as the holy land of magic engineering, was originally the first defense against intruders. It had a structure to fire lasers from the walls to destroy enemies. Now it didn’t act. It was as if the mechanical civilization had lost its batteries and became a chunk of old and discarded scrap metal. The surrounding landscape was so devastated that it couldn’t be called the Parta Principality anymore.

“...Beautiful.” Louis Cassel murmured as he watched the undead army marching below the walls. Indeed, this was the perfect landscape for him to become the king of death.

“Huhu. Shall we move?”

Louis Cassel waved his staff again and high rated undead stood up under the walls. It ranged from headless dullahan to death knights. Additionally, leading them was the ‘Immortal Knight’ that he could now summon by himself. 

The community taunted the immortal knight, who always lost, and often ridiculed it as the hairless night. However, that was because it was weak at the time. The story was different now—the immortal knight was now a complete death knight, and it was gorgeous and terrible. The skeleton’s eyes fluttered with blue flames as it wore black armor and held a huge greatsword. This was enough to make the enemy tremble with fear.

“...Go. Lead the enemies to death.”

Louis Cassel ordered them to march forward with a happy face. The undead army would silence the users of the western port who were killing the lower ranked undead. However, there was something else important.

“Carlos, can you move?”

“Of course. Is it okay to kidnap and bring the granddaughter of the old man?”

Huhu. That’s right. She can be a very good card for us.”

“I’m going.”

Click. Snap.

Carlos, who was known as the beast master, was now a complete cyborg. The body of the werewolf that he frequently transformed into had become mechanized and looked very ruthless.


The cry of a wolf rang out under the darkened sky. Carlos swiftly jumped down from the wall, glanced at the battlefield in the distance, and rushed forward.

* * *

At a beautiful field of green...

This place was home to a variety of grasses and trees, like the Amazon, and was a famous greenery area on the East Continent. In the middle of the green forest was a village. In this place, a dark light descended and a man appeared. He was the apostle who served the demon king of gluttony, known as the Gluttonous Disease.

“W-Who are you? Kyaaak!”

Anake asked the Apostle of Gluttony who suddenly appeared, but she was already rotting like she was sick. Flies flew around Anake as the Apostle of Gluttony took out her heart and hung it on the scale in his hand.

...Huhuhu. Let them all rot and fall to pieces.”

The scale in the hand of the Apostle of Gluttony tilted to one side. At the same time, he used the skills of the plague army to spread flies throughout the village. Suddenly, his appearance turned into a giant fly. The sound of death echoed through the area.

“I will hang your hearts on the fallen scale.”

* * *

At a huge sea located in the center of the Ark Continent...

This place was called the Atlan Sea. There was a legend that in the past, Neptune caused a flood to destroy the Atlan Empire. In the middle of such a sea, a man walked alone into the great sea. He took off his robe and slowly sank into the water.

At the same time, his appearance started to change. He gained eight legs like an octopus, his head resembled a dragon and a crocodile, and he had webbed hands, sharp claws, and sharp teeth. In particular, the enormous size made him look more ferocious and cruel than any other marine life in the world.

“Fall down. The sea. The Abyss of Envy will consume you...”

* * *

At the king’s bedroom in the royal castle of the Orca Kingdom...

Leonardo, present king of the Orca Kingdom, was always living in anxiety. The sudden appearance of the immortal humans was always a threat to his throne. Additionally, despite being a religion, Siriya, the leader of the Siriya Church, was always restraining him politically. Leonardo saw a desire for power from Siriya. Leonardo’s had always been patiently enduring and enduring. Therefore, he was gloomy like he was blocked by something.


Leonardo lay in bed and looked like he was having a nightmare. Next to him was a man in a black robe. The man looked at the shining moonlight and took off his robe.


The curling horns rising from his head showed a goat’s appearance.

“He is truly perfect.”

The man known as the Apostle of Wrath gently placed a hand on Leonardo’s head with a compassionate expression.

“I will wake up your wrath. I am the second man of goodwill in the demon world. I abandoned the name Natas and got a new name, Satan. Leonardo, be angry. I will wake up the potential fury in you. Color the world with wrath.”

The eyes of the Apostle of Anger turned red and shone brightly under the moonlight.

Aaaack—! Aaaack—!”

Leonardo’s screams of horror filled the bedroom.

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