Chapter 294

[I don’t know how to explain it.] Atlas scratched his neck with an awkward expression.

I kept thinking he was a real monkey because he acted like this. Well, this wasn’t important. “Don’t tell me, you don’t have Jinny?”

[It isn’t like that. I do have Jinny...]


Then what was the problem? Prometheus and I exchanged looks and laughed. Then Atlas spoke again. [Jinny is in the cave below my feet. If you rub the lamp there, it will come out. Just don’t be disappointed if it looks a bit different.] 

Prometheus and I moved directly into the cave that Atlas spoke of. Even so, I couldn’t erase my anxiety. What was this? I couldn’t figure out why he said it looked a bit different in such a hesitant manner. Finally, we arrived at the entrance of the cave.

[There is something else in there beside Jinny that will help you. Look closely at the wall.]

I nodded at Atlas’ words and entered the cave without hesitation. A brief darkness struck me, but there was Prometheus in the form of Solar, so I could see inside like it was bright daylight. The place where we arrived at was a huge space.

“Old man, here.” Prometheus pointed somewhere with Solar’s small hand.

There was the lamp we were looking for. I walked straight up to it and rubbed the lamp as Atlas told me. I rubbed it hard with my sleeve like recruits on their first vacation rubbing their army boots. How much time passed? Clouds poured out of the lamp’s snout and started to lump together. The one that came out of it was naturally the cloud elemental, Jinny. However, it was quite different from the original Jinny I knew.

“Hello? Did you call me? Where is Atlas, reum?” 


It was just a cloud. To describe it, it was a cloud with eyes, a nose, a mouth, and small hands. It looked like Solar. Originally, Jinny wasn’t a cloud. What happened?

“...Are you Jinny?”

“Yes. Then who are you, reum?”

Jinny nodded while answering my question. The round eyes were quite cute. Originally, Jinny was an arrogant person with hair in a long ponytail who looked down at the world arrogantly with folded arms...

“I think something is wrong.”


Both Prometheus and I were in a state of anxiety. Additionally, I saw that Jinny was only level 251. I knew Jinny’s original power and this level was very far away from it. Still, it was better than nothing so I would have to take Jinny with me.

“Jinny, come with me. Let’s go out of here.”

Huh? Who are you, reum?”

“Alexus’ successor.”

“Alexus? The Alexus that I knew, reum?”

“Yes. I am a Weather Chef. Do you see Solar next to me?”

Ah, right, reum! You are Solar reum! Nice to meet you, reum!”

It was a big cloud. Originally, it didn’t look like this. Even so, there was still a huge sense of weirdness. It was weird because Jinny talked in a bit of a country dialect. [1] 

"I'll follow you, reum!"


[The cloud elemental, ‘Jinny,’ will follow you.]

I sighed as I watched the messages that popped up. Jinny was wandering around Solar and chattering, while Prometheus was bothered and was busy running away. It would be a very noisy combination when combined with Solar. In any case, I achieved my intended purpose in coming here. Now all that remained...

“... Is this.”

The wall behind the lamp contained the useful thing Atlas told me about. It was a mural about clouds. It showed details of the cloud recipe and Cloud Flying Kick Technique.

“I didn’t expect it to be here...”

I slowly approached the wall and started reading the mural. Behind me, Jinny and Prometheus were still bickering.

“Go away. Just a little bit!”

“Solar, it’s been a long time, reum~

* * *

The community was turned upside down. It was due to the unbelievable news from users in the Parta Principality.

The Internet and various media outlets were busy competing for rankings with real-time search terms such as ‘the Parta Principality’ and ‘undead’ rising up and down. Foreign reporters were busy trying to fill the front page of newspapers with this amazing news.

[The Parta Principality, fall to the undead!]

[Zombie hordes are engulfing the kingdom of engineering.]

[The residents of the Parta Principality have lost hope and scattered.]

[Are the undead trying to build a kingdom?]

[The unbelievable army of death, who is behind it?]

Most users who saw the article were shocked. One question was brought up from the testimony of players in the Parta Principality. According to them, the undead were revived if they were killed. Maybe there was a necromancer controlling them from behind.

Was it led by Louis Cassel, who was currently the first ranked necromancer? Opinions were divided, but no one thought he was strong enough to do this type of thing. Therefore, no one thought it was him. Perhaps there was a huge boss monster they didn’t know about.

-Wow, I never dreamt that the undead would destroy the Parta Principality.

-It must be a lich.

-There is no necromancer who has the power to destroy a nation yet.

-I heard that other cities have issued a warning order in case the undead will come.

-It is said that the Orca Kingdom will set up a subjugation squad.

-Yes, I heard it too. Damian is the captain.

-Wow, amazing. As expected of the leader of the Zeus Guild.

-I will go there now.

-I want to go too. 

The Orca Kingdom quickly received the news and formed a subjugation squad made up of players. However, the problem didn’t end here.

* * *

At the Temple of Pluto, the god of darkness and death...

A black hawk landed on the arm of a man in a black robe. It was the black hawk that Pandora’s followers had given to Louis Cassel. They told him to contact them through his hawk if he shared their will. Now the black hawk had a note from Louis Cassel tied around its ankle. The man with the robe read the note straight away.

[I share your will. Wait for the destruction of the Parta Principality.]

The man wearing the black robe smiled, showing only the corners of his mouth. It was like a crescent moon was hanging upside down in the night sky. In front of him were six Pandora followers in the same outfit. The man immediately took off his robe and showed his appearance. The moonlight made his blond hair stand out.

The moment the handsome blond man appeared, the others also took off their robes. Most of them were men, but one was a woman. The important thing was that there were NPCs, not users.

“...The immortal human called Nekron has decided to follow our will. Now it is time for us to leave. Who will break the taboo first?”

A low bass voice echoed in the temple and messages appeared in front of them.

[The demon king, ‘Commitment to Greed,’ is laughing as if it is funny.]

[The demon king, Gluttonous Disease,’ wants to make the world sick.]

[The demon king, ‘Angry Liar,’ is stroking his horn.]

[The demon king, ‘Abyss of Envy,’ is touching his fins.]

[The demon king, ‘Queen of Desire,’ says she isn’t interested.]

[The demon king, ‘Lazy Jade Flame,’ says he’ll step up!]

“Then the Apostle of Sloth will open the door to the demon world.”

Huhu. I know, Apostle of Pride.”

The large man called the Apostle of Sloth disappeared with ferocious eyes. They had the power of the seven demon kings who stood on Pluto’s side and were driven out of the demon world. The NPCs called Pandora’s Apostles followed Pluto’s will and received the power of the seven demon kings from Pluto. In the past 500 years, they had been quietly collecting the Pandora pieces in accordance with Pluto’s will, but Pluto had only told them to wait.

[The demon king, ‘Pride’s Claws,’ is growling and showing his teeth.]

However, they had already waited long enough. It was better to dye the world with death and make it Pluto’s world. First, they would begin with breaking Gaia’s taboo and opening the door to the demon world.

Huhuhuhu, hahaha. Hahahaha—!”

The Apostle of Pride grabbed his face and laughed wildly. His blond hair and blue eyes shone in the moonlight as if he was insane.

* * *

Meanwhile, I succeeded in getting the cloud recipe. The cloud recipe was actually nothing special. There were few dishes that were done with weather cooking in the first place. The most important thing was Jinny, the cloud elemental. Snow, rain, etc, had no elementals, so Jinny absorbed their power.

In other words, Jinny could be the snow elemental or the rain elemental. It could be called an all-rounder.


This time, I watched the murals with the Cloud Flower and started to imitate it. The name was ‘Stepping on Clouds’. In the first place, the Cloud Flying Kick Technique was related to the footwork of the Flying Weather Dance.

[The Flying Weather Dance ‘Stepping on Clouds’ [Passive] has been acquired.]

I jumped straight up and pretended I was stepping on air. Then the clouds around me gathered and became a small platform. From now on, I could walk and run in the air. This would bring tremendous progress to my kicks.

Um. it is good.”

I kicked several times before landing lightly with a smile of satisfaction. I immediately went outside with Prometheus in the form of Solar and Jinny.

Atlas greeted us with a nice expression. [Um, hasn’t Jinny changed a lot?]

“Isn’t it more than just a lot? What happened?”

Prometheus glanced at Atlas with a curious look. Then Atlas sighed. [It is because holding the sky up is so hard and difficult.]

As he spoke, Atlas pulled something out. It was something I was familiar with. Atlas placed it in his mouth. Cloudy smoke billowed from his mouth and nose.

“...A cigarette?”

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[1] Jinny adds ‘reum; to the end of its sentences, which is the second character in the Korean word for cloud ‘Gureum’ 

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