Chapter 293

I doubted my ears. If I hadn’t heard incorrectly, it was the bell that Arethusa had given me. Once again, the bell rang and the giant monkey’s movements stopped.


The huge paw that was falling toward this place was put away. At the same time, the shadow that came from the darkness was also taken away. The giant monkey’s eyebrows soared as high as the sky as he frowned. Then a question came from above.

[...Where did that bell come from?]

Only then could I get rid of my blank expression. I seemed to know what was going on. No way, the monkey in front of me right now was...

Next to me, Solar urgently appeared. “Atlas, my little brother.”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is revealing his presence!]

Prometheus descended into Solar’s body and opened his power. The surrounding area was filled with the power of the sun. There was a cry of sadness and excitement as the older brother found his younger brother.

[...Brother? Is it truly you? Prometheus?]

“Yes, it's me. Atlas, I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long.”

[Ahhh, it’s really you! Brother—!]

Prometheus swelled in the form of Solar and Atlas came forward as he confirmed Prometheus’ face. Prometheus’ hand carefully wrapped around Atlas’ neck. The two of them held each other and cried loudly. It was a tearful family reunion. No, a reunion of brothers.

“...There would’ve been a serious problem if it wasn’t for Arethusa’ bell.” I sighed with relief while watching the crying brothers. I didn’t know why Atlas currently looked like this, but for now, I would watch the reunion of the tearful brothers.

“Little brother. Huuung—!

“Brother! Huuung—!

...Don’t let your runny nose drip. The brothers both had the same big nostrils.

* * *

At a passenger ship departing from Fortren...

Mido, along with Kim Hyeonu, Eun Jeonghyeok, Park Taehyeon, and other Icarus Guild members, boarded a ship heading to the Parta Principality. The rough waves splashed over the bow.

“You aren’t motion sick?”

Mido turned as she heard the voice coming from behind her. It was Kim Hyeonu who spoke. He was always full of kindness and worried about her who suffered from motion sickness.

“Yes, it’s okay for now.”

“I'm glad.”

Mido tried to go straight to the volcanic area by using the magic tower’s teleport to go to the Parta Principality. However, the magic power stone still wasn’t replenished and as before, she was forced to use the airship. Then the airship broke down, so she was forced to move to the Parta Principality by water.

“You still can’t contact your grandfather?”

“Yes. Well, he’ll be fine. I asked my mother and she said he ate breakfast well. I left a note with my mother so he’ll see it soon.”

“Then it seems like it is nothing. I don’t have to worry too much.”

“Yes. There is no need.”

However, this was a lie. Mido was worried about her grandfather, who had been out of contact for three days of this world’s time. What area was he in that whispers couldn’t even be received?

‘Teacher-nim said he doesn’t know where Grandfather is...’

She didn’t know why, but Park Muyeol was very stiff when talking about her grandfather. Well, based on what he posted on Arkstagram, the two of them must’ve fought again.

‘It has happened more than once or twice.’

Mido didn’t pay much attention to it because she knew the two people would reconcile. Right now, she was thinking about playing with Arkstagram for a bit. It took a week to go from Fortren to the Parta Principality by boat and there were three days left.

“I will go in for a while and rest.”

“Yes. Go in. I’ll enjoy the sea a bit more.”

Uh, yes.” 

Mido left Kim Hyeonu and entered the cabin where people were gathered. Many people were there sleeping while waiting to arrive at the destination. Mido went to the corner where the Icarus Guild members were sleeping and sat down. It seemed that the seawater hadn’t dried up yet because the bottom was damp. Right next to her, Park Taehyeon was drooling while sleeping. Mido almost burst out laughing.

Cough. Shall I check?’

She smiled and immediately opened Arkstagram.

[Choi Mido (22 years old) [South Korea]

[Posts 4] [Followers 5,873] [Following 128]

-Cutie, sexy, precocious Midostagram♡]

Now she was almost at 6,000 followers. However, it was still too hard to catch up to her grandfather’s almost 20,000 followers. Three days had passed and there was already more than three times the difference.

Wow, isn’t this a foul?”

Mido grumbled as she checked the posts she had uploaded.

[(Photo) Metheus’ starry night view.jpg]

[(Photo) Proud Icarus Guild members.jpg]

[(Photo) The airship arrived but I couldn’t get on because it is being repaired.jpg]

[(Video) Cute Mido who is excited to get on a boat.avi]

There were many things, but she was curious about the reaction to her most recently uploaded video. Kim Hyeonu had excitedly shot a video of himself on the boat, but Mido had appeared cutely so it was a very satisfying video.

[[(Video) Cute Mido who is excited to get on a boat.avi]

♡ 5,118 people currently liked it.

@Choi Mido_ Exciting ♡

#Port Fortren #On the way to the Parta Principality #Going to see Grandfather

#Invincible Icarus #Complete Mobilization #Gazua

#Cute #Midostagram

-View 2,667 comments]

Oh, isn’t this the hottest response to everything I’ve uploaded?”

Maybe it was because a video was uploaded. Unexpectedly, people’s reactions weren’t bad. Mido immediately opened the comments and blinked. In fact, it was fun to answer them one by one at first. Then as the number of followers increased, it was very difficult to respond to every one of them. Ahh, the life of a popular woman was so tiring. Once again, there were areas where her beauty made her life too tiring.

“I should also check the likes.”

Mido skimmed through the comments before confirming who liked her post. It was a type of disease. She knew this was a princess’ temperament, but she didn’t want to pretend. It was because she was pretty. She believed that she wouldn’t lose to anyone except Reina, who she met not long ago at the party hosted by Union.

‘However, I won’t lose when it comes to my bust.’

Mido was proud of her upper body and checked for a while until her hand stopped at a certain point.


[James Lee (Lee Eunsung) has liked your post.]


She suddenly frowned. On Arkstagram, it was possible to like other people’s posts even if they weren’t following each other. Not long ago, he started liking her posts.

"What is this annoying thing?”

Mido was annoyed. In short, her ex-boyfriend was spying on her posts. Yet strangely, Mido couldn’t hate him. Perhaps there was still a bit of foolishness. Mido hadn’t forgotten how she had felt. She clearly saw him and felt her heart beating. She thought it would be okay now, that her feelings would be dull, but this wasn’t the case.

‘What should I do?’

Mido rubbed her numb arms. It was a habit she did whenever she couldn’t choose.

Ah, I don’t know.’

Mido followed James. Since they had already met, there were many things to say and a lot to resolve. If this was the case, it was best to follow each other.


Meanwhile, right across from Mido... 

James, who was pretending to sleep with a hood on, was looking at his follow request.

[Choi Mido has followed you back.]

James couldn’t help smiling. This one-line message was really welcome.

‘...Choi Mido.’

James looked at Mido biting her nails on the other side and fell into thought. It was after Michael arrived at Erebos Castle not long ago. The moment the castle was stabilized, Damian let James wander out into the world. He gave James a secret mission to go around the world alone and find Star Fruits. If he found that other players had the Star Fruits, kill them and take it away.

His first destination was the North Pole. He planned to change boats at the port of the island they would dock at a short time later and then head straight to the North Pole.

‘However, you and I already...’

Of course, James also felt excitement when they met. It was certain that an emotion still remained and that it was love. It was foolish, but even so, he looked at her posts and liked them. It was a silly act as an ex-boyfriend.

[Choi Mido has liked your post.]


Well, it was fine to like each other’s post first. James thought so while forcing his smile down. At this moment—

Ah—!” Mido's surprised scream rang through the cabin. All the people sleeping inside turned at her scream. 

Park Taehyeon wiped his saliva and frowned from where he had been sitting beside her. Ah, really. I was having a good dream. What’s going on?”

Even so, Mido couldn’t hide her surprise. Her eyes grew larger and shook. It was natural. The real time posts that were coming up in succession were full of incredible words.

“T-The Parta Principality—!”

* * *

The reunion that seemed like a dream didn’t take long. Atlas first explained how he turned into a monkey. Long words weren’t necessary.

Prometheus was sealed into the Star Fruit due to Gaia and disappeared shortly after. Jupiter was disgusted with Atlas, who stole the cloud, and changed Atlas’ appearance to a monkey. For the past 500 years, Atlas had been supporting the sky of the human world in the Labyrinth of Souls while determining the punishment of the souls.

Once again, the two brothers felt vengeful toward Jupiter.

Kuuack. Jupiter...!”

Prometheus was in Solar’s form and vented his anger by radiating the power of the sun in all directions. It was Atlas who calmed him down.

[Calm down, Brother. I am still satisfied with this life.]

"What is there to be satisfied about? Are you really satisfied? Is it good to only see your daughters once every 100 years? Isn’t it torture to hold up the sky like this?”


Atlas didn’t say anything. Perhaps it was an unspoken affirmation.

[You’ve met your nieces. How is it? Are they a lot bigger?]

Atlas changed the topic and Prometheus took a deep breath while trying to hide his disgust. “Sigh. They are a lot bigger. In particular, Arethusa grew up well.”

[Haha, that child has a commanding temperament.] Every time Atlas laughed, the sky that he was holding shook. [Ah, wait a minute. I think I need to let these souls in first.]

Meanwhile, a group of clouds came from somewhere. They came together and then spread out like they were trying to burn something. On top of them were various souls I had seen while passing through the labyrinth. The clouds were heading toward the entrance of the underworld behind Atlas. I saw the clouds moving away and cried out like I had thought of something. “Atlas!”

[...Uh, what is it?]

Atlas now felt favorable toward me. It was natural since Prometheus’ seal was released and they could meet in this way. Most importantly, Prometheus told him that I was a reliable human. Well, this wasn’t important now. “Where is the cloud elemental, Jinny?”

[Um, uh, that...]

Atlas held up the sky with one hand and scratched his cheek with the other. What was with this reaction?

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