Chapter 292

At the garden behind the Temple of Clouds in Hesperides... 

It was a place where a variety of colorful flowers could be seen. It was named the ‘Garden of Clouds’ and was like a playground for the three Hesperides sisters. The garden was close to the golden apple tree, so it was a place for the three sisters to relax where they could take action at any time and any place. It was also a training ground to become stronger.

Haaap!” There was a short shout and Arethusa’s cloud sword stabbed at Park Muyeol. Park Muyeol was sweating and immediately let out a cry after being attacked by Arethusa.


Park Muyeol’s white wooden sword and the cloud sword met, making a huge sound. The surrounding trees shook from the clash of tremendous power and petals fluttered from the flowers in the garden. Spring was in full bloom and it was enough to stop the fight occurring here.

Pant. Let's take a break.” Park Muyeol suggested while dripping sweat and Arethusa had to nod with a dissatisfied expression. She wondered if he was going to run away again. In fact, Park Muyeol had previously ran away secretly, but Arethusa captured him again.

“The break is 10 minutes.”

Tsk. That is too cruel. Give me another 10 minutes.”

“Aren’t I already going easy on you? If you’re thinking of running away again, then you better forget it. If Hercules’ successor dares...”

Tsk tsk. The flowers are running out. It is too bad. Aish. Why is the garden like this?”

However, the human called Park Muyeol seemed unwilling to listen to her. Arethusa’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the back of Park Muyeol, who was moving away.

‘You are an unpredictable human. Come to think of it, he also liked flowers...’

As a young man, Hercules often gave her flowers. Of course, she knew it was fake now, but Arethusa had really liked Hercules at the time. She wondered how there could be such a lover in the world.

'By the way, that human likes flowers? There is really nothing about him that I like. I’ll have to push him harder next time.’

It was almost certain that Arethusa was obsessed with Park Muyeol. It was like getting revenge against Hercules who betrayed her. In any case, Park Muyeol was said to be on the old side among humans. Even though he hadn’t lived for 70 years, he screamed at her, saying at a woman as old as his granddaughter was so ill-tempered. For that reason, Arethusa had really pushed Park Muyeol with a killing intent.

‘By the way...’

Even so, why? She had the air like she would kill him, but she seemed to have no intention of killing him. No, it could be mistaken for teaching. The more Park Muyeol fought Arethusa, the more he felt his skill and strength were becoming stronger. It wasn’t an illusion.

Um, it is becoming harder to see.’

Park Muyeol shook his head as he walked toward the corner of the garden where the flowers had fallen. In fact, Park Muyeol had grown stronger as he repeatedly fought Arethusa. It was a characteristic of Hercules’ ability and the stat called ‘fighting spirit,’ which strengthened him the more he fought against powerful opponents. Once fighting spirit exceeded a certain critical point, his growth was accelerated and he became dramatically stronger.

‘The durability of the wooden sword has started to decline again...’

Park Muyeol saw a small crack on the white wooden sword in his hand. It hadn’t been long since he created it. However, this was also inevitable. He couldn’t blame anyone. The wooden sword he had now couldn’t handle his strength and the durability was decreasing. Sooner or later, this sword would be broken.

“Magic Power Germination.”

Park Muyeol touched the ground and used the magic that Choi Chuntaek had taught him to fix the garden. Aegle and Erytheia were pruning the golden apple tree and their eyes were shining at the sight. There were many branches in their arms.

“Wow! Human with a cloud on your face, you are an elf, not a human!”

The large Aegle stepped closer and pushed her face toward his. The face that suddenly approached was burdensome and Park Muyeol moved back slightly. He knew about elves. It was a high elf called ‘Flora’ who gave Chuntaek the germination magic.

“No, I am a human.”

“Then how can you handle the natural energy?”

Erytheia wondered and Park Muyeol replied bluntly, “I learned it.”


Wow—! The cloud human is a friend of the elves? Right? Amazing!”

Erytheia cocked her head with an expression that said ‘Is that so?’ while Aegle misunderstood and clapped her hands.

‘...Think whatever you want.’

Park Muyeol was exhausted from answering and sat down with his back against a tree. In fact, his heart was a mess of confusion despite his desire to rest. It was natural since he had been in a tense confrontation just a moment ago. Just then...

[The stick star, ‘Hercules,’ is interested in the branch that Aegle is holding.]


Hercules’ message appeared out of the blue so Park Muyeol shifted his gaze to the branch held by Aegle and Erytheia.


Park Muyeol once again closed his eyes. Earlier, the two sisters said they were going to prune the golden apple tree. If so, that tree branch was a ‘Golden Apple Tree Branch.’ It was the branch of a tree that produced the mythical golden apples. Then what if he made a sword from it?


“Why did you call me, Cloudbeard?”

Suddenly, his name became Cloudbeard. In any case, Park Muyeol suggested with eyes shining with greed.

“If you don’t need that, give it to me.”

* * *

The situation on the Ark Continent changed rapidly. The first users from each kingdom who noticed it moved and held a competition or sieges to win the Star Fruits. Users with castles near the Orca Kingdom fought fiercely day and night to occupy the castles where lights were shining.

The method was either clumsy or vicious. Then the lights that emanated went out. The situation that they thought would calm down experienced an earth shaking change again. A divine message was given to each kingdom’s temple. The divine message started with the Orca Kingdom.

[Orca Kingdom, Jupiter’s Temple]

“I am the god of light and heaven, Jupiter. Undying humans, search for the Star Fruits that have been spread widely over the Ark Kingdom. Join forces with the constellations to collect the Pandora pieces known as a disaster and save the world. The fate of the Ark Continent will be determined in your hands.”

The words of the priests who received the divine message spread widely and made the entire Orca Kingdom buzz.

[Magic City of Oz, Hecatiana’s Temple.]

“Witches, wizards, in the name of Hecatiana, stop the disaster called Pandora with the power of the Star Fruits. Your magic will protect the world.]

[Metheus, Huera’s Temple]

“Children of the wind, you have to gather the Star Fruits. If you don’t stop the disaster called Pandora, terrible things will happen to the world.”

[Orca Kingdom, Lupeon’s Temple]

“I am the king of the constellation, Lupeon. Immortal humans, gain the power of the constellations with the Star Fruits. Then fight against the calamity to come. Its name is Pandora. It is a wicked bead that will color this world with darkness and death.”

[The North Pole’s tundra, Cadia Temple]

“Siblings with cold eyes. Cadia, the goddess of snow and trials has spoken. Disaster will come, just like the trials of severe cold. You will have to prepare for it. The method...”

[Near the Southern Desert, Maya’s Temple]

“Listen! The goddess of rain and abundance said...!”

The priest dressed in Indian clothing cried out to the sky. Everyone around them bowed to the sky and memorized Maya’s words.

* * *

Meanwhile, I was wandering the Labyrinth of Souls.

“Shit. How long do I have to walk?”

Three days had passed since I entered this place. In fact, I was very confident when I first stepped in here. I had an excellent navigation system called Prometheus. However, my arrogance was quickly broken. “Prometheus, you still can’t use your strength properly?”

The problem was that this place wasn’t in the daylight. The name of this place was the Labyrinth of Souls. For the souls to stay here, the cold moon was more suitable than the hot sun. Therefore, the moon was always floating here. There were also clouds all over him.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ says yes.]


It had happened the other day, but it was really uncomfortable. Prometheus was more powerful during the day, but he was almost powerless at night. In particular, his ability to foresee the future was almost lost.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is making a gloomy expression.]

Tsk. It’s fine. Don’t become sulky because of this. I’m sorry.”


Chunza sat on my shoulder and let out a low cry to comfort Prometheus. It was currently night so it was more suitable to call out Chunza than Solar. I could confirm how powerful she had become. “Chunza, there is another monster.”


Chunza flapped her wings and flew quickly, easily killing a scythe wielding monster in the Labyrinth of Souls. It was a ghost monster that could be called quite tricky because it approached without making a sound and wielded the scythe. However, Chunza used the natural magic of the moon, the various sun magic she learned from Solar, and the various wind magic learned from Punghee, to fight. The monster screamed like a ghost and fell. It was a monster close to level 300, but Chunza easily killed it. Now she was very good at hunting.


Hahaha. This kid is really...” 

I lightly tapped Chunza’s nose. Now Chunza could be called out anywhere. I would have more to teach Chunza once I got the cloud elemental. Then Chunza would become stronger again.

“It has been the three days Arethusa mentioned. When will I reach the exit...?” I lamented.


Suddenly, a loud exclamation emerged from my mouth. It was the exit and there was a huge monkey in front of me. No, a gorilla? It looked like the King Kong I saw in a movie. The gatekeeper...? 

At the moment I thought so...

Suddenly, the monkey sniffed and his eyes brightened.

[Someone who shouldn’t have come in... this place is the Labyrinth of Souls. Only souls can pass through this place... I’m sorry, but you will have to die...]

The monkey suddenly said so before raising a huge paw to strike at me. At this moment, the bell that Arethusa gave me rang.


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