Chapter 291

The Parta Principality was the headquarters of magic and science. It was the place where mechanical civilization had developed greatly. There was no word that someone ruled here. There was only the huge energy core containing the essence of magic engineering that judged and moved on its own, as well as various robots running the Parta Principality. Therefore, the Parta Principality was a great place to do illegal things unless they were detected.


In the basement of an abandoned building in the Parta Principality... 

The screams of a familiar man rang through the underground laboratory. It was similar to the sound of torture.


However, the man who was being tortured was holding on with bloodshot eyes and gritted teeth. He was the man called the beast master of Brazil. It was Carlos.

“Huhu. How is it, Carlos? Is it worth it?” The PCC boss, Willian, made a meaningful smile.

Carlos growled as he stared at Willian. There were various machines moving around him, cutting his body, sticking things to his body, and carrying out a body transformation. The appearance was very cruel. “Can... hold on.”

“Amazing. You still haven’t lost consciousness.”

Carlos was here because he had suffered a disastrous defeat in the World Competition. Carlos was threatened by the PCC in reality, not a virtual world, and he had no way of defeating Brazil’s largest mafia organization. He was kidnapped in reality and at the same time, he received an unexpected offer from Willian.

‘...It is ridiculous. A puppet of the PCC. Ugh!

The pain of his bones being cut was once again felt from his back. Carlos gritted his teeth.

“It’s great. You have amazing regeneration. Hahaha—!

Willian laughed at Carlos. It was after he learned that the identity of the lights that shot up this time were Star Fruits. He wanted to build a secret weapon to take them.

‘Old man, I will definitely get revenge!’

This proposal also wasn’t bad for the party involved, Carlos. Looking at it, the reason he was now a puppet of the PCC was because he was weak. The culprit was the old man called Choi Chuntaek.


His body was filled with a thrilling pain and there was an electric shock. Light poured out from the mechanical arm behind him that seemed to be welding him. He soon became a werewolf and then a crescent moon bear.

“Gasp. Gasp.”

It felt like all the beasts in his body were running wild. Maybe he could endure it right now because all the beasts were with him. Otherwise, he would’ve lost his mind.

“Now, my secret weapon. Carlos. The body modification is just beginning. Imagine yourself being different when you wake up. Huhahaha—!” Willian’s terrifying laughter echoed for a long time in the basement. At the same time, the machine’s arm sprayed something on my face. Carlos felt like he was falling asleep. He could hear Willian’s voice from far away. “...Let’s use the energy we discovered this time.”

“Yes. We’ll prepare it.”

What? What else were they going to do? These were the last words Carlos heard. He felt his head slowly falling as he fell asleep. Carlos just hoped he wouldn’t have nightmares.


At the Vulcan volcanic zone near Send-off Volcano... 

Around this time, I rode the wind and arrived at the entrance of the Send-off Volcano. The first thing that greeted me was the hot wind mixed with sulfur unique to the volcanic zone.

Ugh. It smells.”

I frowned and formed a curtain that blocked the wind around me. Then I moved the wind inside to make it cool. At the same time, I manipulated my magic power to purify the bad odor and fine dust, turning it into cold and fresh air. It could be said that it acted as an air purifier and air conditioner at the same time.

Oh. Isn’t it cool?”

The effect was very satisfying.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ hates your actions.]

“Do you think I’m the god of fire like you? I am a human. This guy. Uh, it’s hot, hot. It is completely like summer.”

I couldn’t help feeling hot even if my fire resistance was 100%. However, Prometheus still didn’t like it and shouted at me, asking me to remove the ‘air conditioning’ shield. I was annoyed and just ignored him. Then I opened Arkstagram again to check the number of followers.

[[Choi Chuntaek (69 years old) [South Korea]

[Posts 0] [Followers 7,869] [Following 38]

-You’re sick.]

“...There is another 1,500. Ah really.”

The number of followers was climbing up like a runaway locomotive that couldn’t be stopped. I followed Park Muyeol as I learned from Mido before and Park Muyeol also followed me. I was following 38 people including Zhen Sulong and others I was close to. Among them were the Zeus Guild members, the Icarus Guild’s troublemakers, and a few members of the Korean national team.


Suddenly, my eyes shook. Park Muyeol’s post was at the top like it was just uploaded. What type of photo was this?

[[(Photo) This isn’t a bouquet, it isn’t a wooden sword.jpg]

♡ Choi Mido and 4,921 people liked it.

@Park Muyeol_ Choi Chuntaek is a bad jerk.

#Grandpa over flowers #insa #difficult

#Choi Chuntaek #I will kill you if I meet you #I hate clouds

-View 3,861 comments]

Huh. Mido taught him in detail earlier so I guessed he learned everything quickly.”

It would’ve taken a lot of effort for that machine hater to figure out the hashtags that Mido had told me about. I also learned a bit from Mido, but she said she would tell me more when we met. We should meet and first talk. In any case, that Muyeol guy stuck in something ugly. If we met then I would kill him. Haha. What a funny guy.

“Is he being bothered by Arethusa?”

It was just a guess. It was due to the last hashtag #I hate clouds.

“Well, it is fine as long as there is this.”

I fiddled with Solomon’s Ring on my hand. Before I sold Park Muyeol, I registered him as my friendship partner. This was originally one of the features of Solomon’s Ring.

-[Active] Friendship Partner: Summon one friend you share a friendship with. However, it is only possible for those of the same sex. Currently Registered Friend: Park Muyeol

If it was really dangerous then I could use this. Besides, I was going to be really busy from now on. I moved diligently and found the entrance of the ‘Labyrinth of Souls’ at the top of Send-off Volcano as Arethusa had told me. I took a deep breath as I watched the cave entrance that shimmered with heat waves. If she was right then Atlas would be beyond this.

“Let’s see. Where is the bell... Ah, it’s here.”

Normally, Atlas would kill any living person that wasn’t a soul, but if I show him the bell given to me by Arethusa, then Atlas would let down his wariness and not kill me. This was the promise between the father and daughter who met once every 100 years. I had Prometheus, but it was still good to have insurance. It was said that the bell would automatically shake when I met Atlas, so there was no problem.

Hmm. It will take around three days.”

The Labyrinth of Souls was said to be very complex. I wasn’t sure, but perhaps it was designed to allow the dead souls to organize their thoughts and get rid of their regrets about the world while going through the labyrinth to the underworld. In any case, it was complex enough that it was said to take three days to pass through.

“Well, I am different. Don’t you think so, Prometheus?”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is scoffing.]

I had a very good navigation system. I would never get lost.

“I’ll break through in a day.”

Thus, I threw myself into the Labyrinth of Souls.


At the land of the dead, west of the Parta Principality...


Louis Cassel looked at the pieces of light in his hand. They were given to him by the followers of Pandora who came. They collected every bead scattered in the land of the dead and handed them all over to him. Then just before they disappeared, they told him, “It is a bead containing the power of Pluto, the god of darkness and death...”

They recounted the past of the bead called Pandora. Pluto, the god of darkness and death, was said to have used it to fight against Jupiter. The surprising thing was that Louis Cassel’s profession, Lich KIng’s Descendant, originated from Pluto. It came as a shock.

‘...What should I do?’

They said that the Pandora pieces would make the power of death even stronger. The more pieces that were collected by someone, the stronger their mentality would be affected. However, the Lich King’s Descendant had mastered the power of death so there were no side effects. This was the only reason why they came.

Use Pandora’s power to fill the world with the power of death and kill Jupiter, the god of heaven. Furthermore, make himself the god of this world.

It was a fascinating proposition.

[Pandora Fragment x38]

Louis Cassel once again looked at the Pandora pieces in his hand. Pandora had a total of 108 fragments. It was said that the land of the dead had the largest number, and the rest was spread throughout the world. They said that collecting all the fragments would make him the god of death, but he honestly couldn’t believe it was real. They told him to feel the power of the fragments first if he was in doubt. Then they gave him a black eagle. If he had any thoughts, then he could contact them using the black hawk.

Right next to Louis Cassel was a black hawk pecking at a skull. The black hawk looked at him and cocked its head. 

‘...With this, will I be able to defeat the Parta Principality?’

They had certainly said so. If it was true, then it was a tremendous strength. One individual would have the power to destroy a nation as a whole.

“Well, I can just feel it...”

The desire to become the god of death really rose in Louis Cassel’s heart. He held the Pandora fragments and raised the magic of death. The Pandora pieces became one. There were still some missing pieces, but it was very easy to store.

“Huhuhu. Michael, Zhen Sulong, and Choi Chuntaek, I will surely bring the three of you down under me.”

Louis Cassel held the Pandora bead in his hands and gave a sinister laugh. Then he slowly felt the power of the beads. It was as if he was facing endless darkness. It was similar to the power of the Pandora followers.

‘No, more than that...!’

A stronger force of death exploded around Louis Cassel and soared into the sky. It became a dark light and pierced the dark sky. Louis Cassel felt the joy of the endless power of death.

Ahhh, I really can be a god with this power!’

Earthquakes started to hit the land of the dead and the moonlight was swallowed up by dark clouds. It was the army of death that covered the land of the dead.

Death echoed.

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