Chapter 290

After the simple account registration, I immediately lowered the screen and looked around. I was inside the Temple of Clouds in Hesperides. Currently, no one was here and it was very quiet.

“Where did they all go?”

I thought that they might be outside so I first decided to go outside. It happened as I was going to step outside.

[Someone is following you.]

[Someone is following you.]

[Someone is following you.]



A huge number of messages popped up like a bomb. I was so surprised that my eyes widened. I couldn’t understand what it was saying. “Follow? Ah, is it Arkstagram?”

In the midst of my words, the messages kept popping up. The messages rose at a terrifying speed. Aish, it was too noisy.

[Someone is follow...]

[Someone is following you...]

I tried to ignore the messages as I opened my account again.

[Choi Chuntaek (69 years old) [South Korea]

[Posts 0] [Followers 1,284] [Following 0]

-You’re sick.]

“What is this?”  

There were more than 1,200 followers, but I didn't know what it was. According to Yoo Minseok, he wanted to add a chat window function, but strangely, I knew why he didn’t.

“If it was here, I wouldn’t get any sleep.”

In any case, the number of followers kept rising. In the blink of an eye, it reached 2,500 in an instant, and the constant message notifications struck me. I turned off the notifications for Arkstagram altogether.

Phew. I can live now. By the way, where is that guy, Muyeol, and what is he doing?”

Then a message appeared in front of me.

[Your friend ‘Park Muyeol’ has connected.]

“You came.”

Speak of the devil and the devil would come. Park Muyeol immediately appeared near me. It was natural since we shut down the connection in the same place. Oh, Chuntaek. Happy New Year.”

“Yes. You too.”

“By the way, what is this? SNS system? Arkstagram?”

“If you don’t know, read the instructions and register your account. Then come out slowly. I’ll meet Arethusa outside first. I think she is probably outside.”

Like that, I left Park Muyeol like I was throwing him away and went outside. Behind me, I could hear Park Muyeol’s enthusiastic voice as he struggled. Should I help him a little bit? Well, it was fine. He wasn’t a child.

“Prometheus.” At the same time, a blue-eyed Solar appeared beside me. Needless to say, it was Prometheus who descended into Solar. “I need to know Atlas’ location.”

Bah. I know, old man.”

Perhaps it was because Solar now had both hands, but Prometheus seemed very arrogant as he spoke with crossed arms. To be honest, I wanted to beat him up, but I held back. The three sisters could be found not far away. The three sisters came over when they felt Prometheus’ energy.

“Uncle—!” Aegle, the most affectionate one of the three sisters came bouncing over. Honestly, I was a bit scared when she came running over with that huge height. “Cute uncle~”


Aigle tightly hugged Prometheus, who was in the form of Solar. It was like a bear doll caught by a four year old child and I almost burst out laughing.

“Aegle, stop. Uncle can’t breathe.”

Ah, sorry—!”

It wasn’t until Arethusa emerged from behind that Aegle let go of Prometheus. Prometheus gasped. Gasp. Gasp. No, I-I’m fine.”

It was the first time I had seen Prometheus in such a poor state.



I decided to cut straight to the point. “Can you tell me where Atlas is?”

Right now, I was talking to Arethusa, not Aegle or Erytheia. It was because at first glance, it was Arethusa who had the greatest decision making power among the three sisters. It seemed to be right...

“I’ll tell you. It is because I think Father will like it as well.” Arethusa nodded slightly. My complexion brightened instantly. It was the same with Prometheus. “Instead, there is one condition.”


Right at this time, I heard Park Muyeol grumbling as he walked behind me. “Groan, why is it so difficult? I can’t understand the brains of the developers. Why make such a useless thing? Tsk tsk.”

Arethusa stared at Park Muyeol and declared, “I want you to leave him with me.”


At an empty training ground in Metheus...

Mido connected after Choi Chuntaek and also completed registering her Arkstagram account. She enjoyed social media so there was nothing difficult about this. As expected, the number of people following Mido wasn’t small and she quickly turned off the notifications. Hah. It was always tiring to be a popular woman.

“Ah, that’s right. I have to follow him.”

Like any of the new generation, Mido immediately grasped the function of Arkstagram. She opened the search window. The first one she searched for was her grandfather. She wrote in the search box: Choi Chuntaek. A short time later, Choi Chuntaek’s profile picture appeared.

“Pfft. What? So cute.”

Choi Chuntaek looked very cute as he smiled while revealing his teeth. Mido immediately applied to follow Choi Chuntaek. Now she sent her application and could only wait. There was nothing difficult.

“Wow, Grandfather’s followers have already surpassed 5,000? Crazy.”

Mido looked at her own follower numbers. It was currently over 2,000. Mido was very shabby compared to her grandfather.

“Che. I will be as popular as my grandfather.” Mido grumbled and wondered how to make her account popular. Arkstagram was able to do many things because it was linked to a YouTube account. Things could be uploaded here, or they could take photos, or do live broadcasts. Mido had done many such broadcasts so she knew what was most important.

“I need new content. Is anything okay...?”

Mido thought about it for a long time before lightning flashed in her mind.

“That’s right! There is that method!”

Mido’s eyes grew big as she made an amazing thought. It was literally ‘Eureka.’ Why didn’t she think of this earlier? She thought she was a genius.

[Your friend ‘Kim Hyeonu’ has connected.]

[Your friend ‘Eun Jeonghyeok’ has connected.]

[Your friend ‘Park Taehyeon’ has connected.]

Ah, the oppas came?”

The Icarus guild members connected at the time of the appointment. However, that wasn’t the important thing right now.

Huhuhu. If this content goes through, then I’m not the only one who will hit the jackpot. It is Grandfather as well.”

Mido dreamt of a jackpot as she smiled and sent a whisper to her grandfather.


At this time, I was alone outside the Hesperides area. It was possible because Aegle used the power of the protection clouds to open the door. The only one next to me was Prometheus, who had descended into Solar’s body.

[Un] [Cle] [Go] [Well] [♡]

The entrance of the barrier contained letters written in the clouds. It was believed to be done by Aegle. Prometheus and I both laughed the moment we saw it.

“It’s good that you are popular.”

“They are tiring nieces.”

“Still, it is nice to see.”

“Well, we are family, right?”

Prometheus shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal. It was a bit awkward because he was doing it in Solar’s body. Um, by the way...

I opened my mouth. “I feel dejected thinking about going back.”

“It can’t be helped. I really didn’t know Atlas was there.”

The location of Atlas that we heard from Arethusa was very surprising. There was some unexpected bad news.

“Atlas has become the god of clouds and punishment...” Prometheus spoke in a very serious manner with Solar’s face.

I really couldn’t adapt to it.

“It is a very harsh punishment to hold up the sky at the Send-off Volcano.”

Atlas was said to be guarding the entrance of the Underworld on Send-off Volcano. There, he was doing the work of determining the punishment of souls. As punishment for stealing the clouds, he had been holding up the sky for the rest of his life.

“Jupiter...!” Prometheus gritted his teeth.

I could feel his thoughts coming to my head. There was a mixture of anger, sorrow and sadness. In any case, I knew Prometheus was very angry right now. He was so angry that the sun felt hotter.

“Go quickly. Atlas will be waiting for you.”

“Sigh. Yes.”

“I will be running in the wind so go back,” I told him.

“Bah. I was going to do so.”

The flames scattered and Solar disappeared.

“Tsk. Look at the rude manner of talking.”

Solar must resemble Prometheus. Solar’s bad speech habits were all because of this guy. Now Prometheus would talk to me again through indirect messages.


As I used Blade Wind and raised the magic of the wind, a small typhoon formed around both legs. Now my body felt lighter. Let’s go...

-Mido: Grandfather!


-Jackson: Yes. Have you already arrived at the volcanic zone?

-Mido: No! I am going there now with my oppas. By the way, why aren’t you following me back?

-Jackson: Following you back?

-Mido: If you apply to follow me then we will be paying attention to each other. Tap the magnifying glass at the top and search for my name to find me.

-Jackson: Ah, really? Wait a moment.

I opened Arkstagram straight away. "Eh? When did I get so many followers?”

It was amazing. My followers on Arkstagram was quickly reaching 6,000. No, what was the point of following me like this? I couldn’t understand the minds of young people these days.

“Let’s see...”

I first did as Mido said and wrote the words ‘Choi Mido’ in the search box at the top. I searched for her and easily found my granddaughter. It was a very cute photo that showed off her milky skin and round, red cheeks.

“Huhu. She is cute every time I see her.”

I followed my granddaughter with a smile.

[You have followed Choi Mido.]

[You and Choi Mido have become followers of each other.]

[From now on, you can see posts by Choi Mido.]

“Hmm. What does this mean?”

I didn’t know why it was so hard. Can I really communicate with young people with this? Yoo Minseok insisted that I should communicate with as many users as possible to prepare for the coming disaster but I honestly wasn’t confident. The number of followers might be increasing right now but there was no guarantee it would last a long time. I honestly wondered if young people would want to communicate with such an old man.

...Well, Park Muyeol might be different. That guy was an insa. Come to this of it, that guy. Was he doing well with Arethusa? I remembered selling Park Muyeol to Arethusa. I still couldn’t forget Park Muyeol’s dazed expression as he was dragged away by the cloud rope.

“Aish, he should be doing well. Arethusa said so. In addition, if it is really dangerous then he can use that.”

In any case, I was sorry. How bad were the words that Muyeol yelled as he was being dragged away? Haha.

-Mido: Oh, we’re following each other now!

-Jackson: Haha. Yes. I see.

Was it so pleasing? I didn’t know.

-Mido: Grandfather. What post are you going to upload now?

-Jackson: Post? Let’s see. I haven’t thought about it yet.

-Mido: So why don’t we try a concept and broadcast together? I will make Grandfather an insa! Wouldn’t it be very interesting if you did it with Grandfather Muyeol as well? Isn’t this a completely great idea? Kyaaaak—♡ How about it? How about it? 

I looked up at the sky. Crazy.

...This child, did she eat the wrong food today?

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