Chapter 28

Killing the gnolls went smoothly. They had level 20 stats and moved quickly and nimbly, but they were no match for me. I had beaten the goblin chief so these dogs were a piece of cake for me.

[Gnoll Claws 22/50]

I was almost half-way there. I turned my head as I reached a stream. In order to avoid attracting the attention of users, I went hunting in places where humans were rarely seen. The sound of water was so sweet that I closed my eyes. Then I heard a monster.



Another gnoll...

“Kwal kwal!”

Um? Why was there a loud barking game...? Rather, the sound of the dog got closer as it approached this side. I turned my head in the direction of the sound.


...A bulldog? That’s right. It was definitely a breed of bulldog. I remember watching a program called ‘Animal Farm’. Yes, this was a bulldog. Moreover, it was a bulldog with a group of gnolls behind it. The number was close to 50. “What is this...”

“Bark! Bark bark!” 

The gnolls were crying out loudly.

“I’m going crazy.”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ wants to save the poor dog.]

Save it? I thought for a moment but since I had to fight the gnoll anyway, it was better to save the dog. I checked to see if anyone was around and started dancing.

“Flying Weather Dance.”

The Flying Kick Technique that burned the goblin chief was activated at the tip of my toes. The flames soon sparked on both feet and the target was the gnoll trying to bite the bulldog.

[Experience has been acquired.]

[Gnoll Leather has been acquired.]

The gnoll couldn’t even scream as its head burst and it died. In the ensuing carnage, the place filled with the sound of dogs.




It might feel a bit pathetic but they were monsters. I was a man who showed no mercy for monsters. My burning foot pierced a gnoll’s chest. I could see the gnolls around me crying out at the same time.

“Bark! Bark bark!”

“Yes. Come here. Come here!”

Anything that blocked my way fell. It didn’t matter if it was a gnoll or a goblin. I just felt the pleasure of fighting and moving forward. I finally brushed off my hands lightly. “Rotten guys.”

All the gnolls around me were turning to ash. They dropped all sorts of junk and items so they definitely seemed better than the goblins. Then I heard gasping from below. Hak hak hak hak.

A cute guy. The bulldog had a pretty small body. The dog had been running for a long time and ran out of breath. Suddenly, it approached and started to whine at my feet.

Keke.” I couldn’t help laughing at the unplanned affection. It was boring to be alone... this was great.

At this moment, a notification window appeared.


[Lost Puppy]

[An unnamed puppy has become lost in the Windy Hills. You can expect a small reward if you find the owner. Save the puppy from the dangerous monsters and guide it to its owner.

-Completion Conditions: Meet the owner of the unnamed puppy.

-The quest will fail if the puppy dies.]

“You lost your way.”

[The quest has been accepted.]

[Dog with an Unknown Name]


[Current Status: Hungry.]

Hak hak hak hak.

“You’re hungry.”

I stroked the face of the unnamed dog. I felt good because the dog was hungry and my satiety was also low. Fortunately, the surrounding terrain was a good environment for eating. The unnamed dog and I settled near a creek.

“Weather Cooking.”

It was a strange sight every time I saw it. I didn’t know how to express the sight of flames appearing in a place without the slightest spark. I guess it was the feeling of creating something from nothing. Nothing could satisfy my curiosity.

“Kwal! Kwal kwal!”

The unnamed dog seemed surprised by the flames. It tried to run away the moment Solar appeared with a flash of flames. I couldn’t help laughing at the scared dog. Solar greeted me, “Hello, Master!” 

This person’s manner of speaking...

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is smiling benevolently.]

Tsk tsk. Its habit would get worse because he treated it like that.

“I see you again, Solar.” 

“What is going on this time? Hehe!

“Let’s cook.”

“I understand. I’m looking forward to it!”

I was worried about it speaking in informal language but I still threw the pot into the air. I was filled with emotions when I watched the floating pot. It was still amazing every time I saw it. A floating material. By the way, what should I make? After much deliberation, I decided to make a meat soup.

This seemed to be the best with the materials I had now. A dog could eat it and I liked that we could eat together. Who knew that the first dish I would cook for someone else would be food for a dog?

“I need to get vegetables...”

I looked around but couldn’t see anything similar to vegetables. I inevitably had to search the nearby grass. There were many vegetables present in the wild here in Ark Land. I moved busily to find something to eat.

Oh, this is the first time I’ve seen this.”

[Big and Mottled Coal Fungus]

[Rating: Normal

It looks like a poisonous mushroom but it is actually an edible mushroom. The more you chew, the deeper the flavor.]

...Big and beautiful. I packed the mushrooms with a smile. Then I started to move again.

[Edible Grass has been acquired.]

[Onion Weed has been acquired.]

[Dandelion Seed Salt has been acquired.]

All the things that were labeled as edible in the information window were collected. Since I was getting ingredients, I would save some for the dishes next time. Thus, I searched everywhere. Of course, there were some duds.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ recommends not to eat it.]

...I guess not everything was edible. By the way, how did that guy know all of this? I had questions but I should first return to the location of the pot. I thought it would be good to ask him if I had a chance later.

“Solar, boil the water.” Solar smiled and moved under the pot.

I saw the water start to boil and laughter burst out. As expected, having a fire was a great thing.


I threw the materials into the air and slashed at them. Then I saw a window that showed my increased proficiency. It was fantastic to see all the vegetables fall into the pot in smaller pieces. I had invested all the remaining stat points into agility and couldn’t help shrugging. In fact, it was a stat I only became alert to after the battle with Zigma but I felt it was useful in many ways. Such convenience was no longer surprising.

I took out the Dandelion Seed Salt that I hurriedly obtained due to a lack of seasoning and blew them. The seeds flew through the air. I thought it would be too salty if all of them were added, so I only added a little bit and tasted. It was quite a scene to see the flower seeds melt into the soup.

“...It is a bit bland.” It was a natural salt that grew in the wild.

The bulldog was running around beside me. I tried to ignore it and spoke to Solar, “Solar, move a bit closer to the pot.”

“Understood, Master!” 

The meat soup started to boil at a rapid pace. As expected, the speed of the sun’s fire was different. I instantly tasted the meat soup again.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is wondering what it tastes like.]

“It is okay.”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is grunting.]

No, was there a beggar in this guy’s belly? I wondered if he was really a god. Why did such a guy stick to me? Tsk tsk. I shook my head and slowly started to stir the soup with the scoop that Zalmergus gave me.

Some time passed.


[Rich Soup! Goblin Meat Soup!]

[Hunger is the best sauce.

For the starving unnamed dog, it is bound to be delicious even if it doesn’t taste good.

The unnamed dog will drool over this dish and follow you better.

-Star Taste: ☆☆

-Expiration Date: Three days.

-Health Recovery: 100 Magic Power Recovery: 100

Efficacy: People who eat this dish will double their goodwill with dogs during the day.

Health recovery increased by 20%.

Movement speed increased by 5%.

All dog-breed monsters won’t attack first.

* Sun’s Blessing Strength, defense, fire damage, and fire resistance is increased by 10% for 30 minutes.]

[The proficiency of the Weather Cooking skill has increased.]

[The Workmanship stat has increased by 6 points.]

[The Sensory stat has increased by 4 points.]

[The level of the sun elemental has increased. You will be able to control the fire a bit more.]


I used the goblin meat and only a bit was left, but it seemed quite successful. The information window in front of me proved it. Best of all...

“The buff has improved.”

It seemed that the ‘star taste’ was a measure of the food’s rating. The more stars there were, the better the dish and the better the buffs. At this moment, my stomach growled.

...I was hungry.

Hak hak hak hak!” The bulldog was desperately jumping up onto my legs. The smell piercing its nose was unbearable.

Keke. Please wait a little bit.” I put a bowl with plenty of meat in front of the bulldog. “Eat a lot.”

Hehe! Eat a lot! Pretty dog!”


The bulldog was in good spirits and started to bark at me. This was the taste of cooking. This was the most rewarding moment when it came to cooking. Giving someone delicious food to eat. It was the best tribute to the chef. My joy couldn’t be concealed even if it was a small and weak dog.

Lick lick lick lick. Slurp slurp slurp.

By the way, this dog found it really delicious. I kept on receiving messages that its goodwill was rising. I wondered how delicious it was that it could raise goodwill.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is drooling.]

Sigh, I understood this guy. I handed Solar a bowl of meat soup. Once Prometheus’ message was heard, Solar immediately used the fire sacrifice and the soup evaporated. I was forced to laugh at the strange sight.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is smiling with satisfaction.]

It must be delicious. Then should I try it too?

“Eat deliciously, pretty master!” 

I had a pleasant smile on my face as I heard Solar’s energetic voice and tried the soup. Then...

I started to hear suspicious sounds from the bushes next to me. 

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